32 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Dinner with Nawatt

  1. Who is that girl next to Sam? She’s very tall. Sam looks lovely on this black dress. How tall is she ?

  2. They were having good time. Philippines and Indonesia made great impressions. Nawat seems to be down-to-earth afterall.

  3. Talk talk talk, then touch the hair.
    Talk talk talk, touch the hair again.
    They keep touching their hair 😶

  4. That nagging feeling about Indonesia–her physical presence is so MGI.

    • wait till you see her look when she won the title Miss Grand Indonesia before arriving in Thailand then tell me if it’s still MGI.

  5. Samantha Bernardo is definitely the best girl we’ve sent to MGI…. If Nawat ignores her then, it’s his loss…. Samantha could still continue her pageant journey and win Miss Supranational with a landslide….

  6. Remember that Eva Patalinjug also has a share of this event!

    But come finals night she wasn’t even accommodated to be in the Top 20!

    Don’t expect too much!

    • Veks, Eva messed up her preliminary performance so they found a way to boot her out… And let’s be real, Eva was never the MGI prototype.. Samantha will give the girls a run for their money…

  7. Mga glamazona! Still, my eyes went straight to Sam!

    Ecuador is blah. I am sick and tired of Indonesia’s lips. Yung plumpness nung lips nya ay way overboard. Nakakadistract (stalk nyo sya sa Instagram). Plus, sometimes, she’s all HAIR! Parang na overwhelm yung mukha nya (was it from yesterday’s event, I forgot). And without make up, ORDINARY! Walang laban kay Sam! Something about Mexico. Parang untidy and not flawless (again, Instagram). I know Argentina is not here, but what’s with the headdress yesterday?? NatCos na ba?

    Go Sam!

    • Veks pano pag nanalo si Indonesia? Im sure sasabihin mo dinaya si Sam. Stop the typical Filipino mentality

    • Kailangan ba talagang laitin ang ibang kandidata para lang umagat ang atin? Sam is bringing her A-game–and so are the others. Those girls are stunning, ano ka ba?

      I’m proud of what Sam’s doing–and I’m glad the competition is this tough as it pushes her to be undeniably committed!

    SamBer doing an Angelina Jolie “Look at my legs bitches” stunt. Brava!

    This reminded me of Gretchen Baretto showing her legs to go against Ruffa, Dawn and Angel during the press presentation of their shampoo commercial. “If they all look taller, regal and demure – I’LL GO SEXY BUT CLASSY!“

    SamBer really knows how to be different and noticeable. Outstanding job SamBer 👏👏👏👏👏

  9. 5’11 si mexico.sam b is 5’8 candidate 14 yan nun2018 puro sila 5’8

    • @ Fabian Reyes R u kidding, po? Dakdak nga ng dakdak, ‘eh. 🙂

      (You also said, I recall, that “Clenci is cloy”. Yet, she still was good enough for 2nd Runner-up. Recall the reaction of the candidates when it was announced? They thought Clenci was an inevitable win…)

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