14 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: At Wat Phra Kaew for Miss Grand International

  1. Samantha’s a complete package. She stands out. Her being a dancer and gymnast truly is a big advantage since it’s so natural for her to walk and carry herself with grace! I wish her all the best and I cant wait for the national costume presentation, pre-pageant and finals night! go Sam!!!!

  2. Good luck Samantha!!! Dalangin ko na sumang-ayon ang galaw ng mga planeta, bituin, at ang iyong kapalaran sa finals night!!! Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  3. Mga Vekay!

    May teaser si Kelsey Merritt about her pictorial for Bulgari Perfume!

    Mukhang humihilera na ang bilat sa mga level ni Kate Moss at Isabeli Fontana!

  4. Kita ko sa IG si Guatemala at Kosovo, pamatay!

    Advantage ni Samantha sa dalawa is wala siyang anggulo!

    Kahit saan mong side tignan, symmetrical ang face ni Samantha at katawan niya pamatay din!

    Kung mag-stand out ang pasarela niya dun sa 2 Barbie Doll, abot kamay niya corona!

  5. WOW! You can see the energy of Samantha and how she’s killing the game…she was the only one asked by the host demonstrate the slow-mo pageant walk which is popular in Thai pageants. Me thinks that is probably where Catriona got the idea of making a slow-mo turn. All the best Samantha! We’re so proud of you!!!

  6. We aim for a crown. BUT a TOP 5 finish is good enough considering the last two (difficult) years between Nawat and the Filipino pageant fans, Besides, there are so many beautiful and worthy contenders this year vying for the title.

    • Yes that will be great news but I hope that Samantha wins the first MGI crown for our country.

  7. My prediction:
    Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Kosovo, Venezuela, and Czech Republic

    • So difficult to predict actually because there are plenty of beautiful girls: I will also include Russia and Malaysia.

    • true! this is a highly competitive batch…..daming magaganda and well prepared sila.

  8. FYI for everyone… that particular design is actually the Thai version of the Traje De Mestiza… It’s a Thai costume w/ some European influence assimilated into it. . Hence this costume looks like an Asian version of “The Tudors”.

  9. With respect to the Thai costume…it might not be flattering on the wearers bodyform in the context of Modern silhouettes..but..that is a distinct Cultural nuance,and as such should be devoid of major foreign interpretations.Thai Royalty norms are strict to the core,and in its truest form..remain unchanged even up to this time..The girls wear them as prescribed according to how the Thai Royalty would want them to be…No personalized adjustments on the bodice,accents,etc. Doing such would mean disrespecting Thai culture.

  10. Is it only me or these Thai traditional outfits are just unflattering?
    Too many overlapping cloth and raffles , here & there – there’s a lot going-on.
    The girls look suppressed- I feel bad for them.

    The good part is, all the girls were trying to make it work 👍

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