17 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Think (baby) Pink

  1. Pinaris mo naman katawan mo sa kanya. May kurba sya kasi babae syang tunay. Ikaw feeling babae lang pero baklang palakol ang katawan.

  2. Sam is one of the most versatile among the present pinay beauty queens when it comes to look transformation. She can transform at will from fierce to sweet and to in between.

  3. i like her styling here…it’s subtle but sexy as it showed her curves and assets.

  4. Sana maiuwi ni Sam yung corona but not the VIRUS ha! Go go go Sam! 🇵🇭

  5. Guatemala and Argentina so far
    I haven’t seen many of them
    I think Sam B has lost too might
    She looks a lot better with some meat on her bones

  6. Korina Sanchez talaga nakikita ko sa kanya lalo na pag medyo malayo ang shot (2nd pic). I do not imply anything… Just my observation.

  7. Kalokah mga vecks 🙄 Ang tatangkad pala nila Mexico Ecuador Indonesia na kasama sa Grand Knight Dinner table ni Nawat😳
    C myanmar at Sam lang Ang pandak😱
    Pero Di patatalo c Sam sa kinang at mapapansin mo talaga c Sam 😊hihihi

    • Samantha Bernardo is actually quite tall… 5’8+
      It happens that the last winner is gigantic hence the other countries used her height as peg for their new winners… Anyway, it’s not just about the heigh, it’s all about the whole package…. Except for Catriona & Bea Rose, Samantha is actually taller than majority of our top tier International Pageant winners…

      I love Samantha’s performance at the dinner w/ Nawat…. She was bubbly but also classy…
      If Nawat doesn’t like her then it’s his problem not ours. 🙂

  8. I like this styling. Minimal, chic but uber sexy with her twin peaks hopefully doing magics to Nawat…hihihihihi

    Anyway, is Nawat straight or gay? I am not really sure.

  9. Samantha is definitely the most beautiful girl we sent to this cringy pageant… The only thing I like about it is the national costume competition where in contestants are really bringing it… I hope she showcases some beautiful singkil fan dance moves… I can’t wait for her to slay them all! 😁🤩😘❤💗💞💓💕

    • Hindi noh! Mas maganda si samantha lo inalat lang! Malamang nga top 10 lang si sam b. Dami kayang maganda at tall at pang-model na type ni nawat.

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