22 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Portrait Shoot BTS

  1. She better slay the National costume competition…
    It’s the only thing I love with this cringey pageant…
    I can’t wait!

  2. Most of the commenters here agree that Samatha is doing right from ear to foot EXCEPT the hairstyle. The facial structure is also affected by the inappropriate hairstyle. SO PLEASE FEEDBACK this hairstyle problem to Samantha and her team. PRONTO!

  3. From neck down lang ang maganda. Anyare parang ang haggard nag fez nya dito. Bawi na lang sa sunod.

  4. Hoy mga Vacklash. Bet ni Nawat Ang hairdo ni Sam dahil big fan ni Cher c Nawat kaya Go lang Sam🤗
    Pang Grand Ang beauty ni Sam. Puedeng Ang looks ay Sweet, Sour, Hot and Spicy, Dumb, intelligent, Smart, Queenly, Rebel, or in short a Chameleon. Divahhhhhhh 🤗 kaya puedeng shut up na lang hihihi. Congratulations KF😊

    • Is this actually true? Nawat is a big fan of Cher?!
      I don’t wana sound gullible but Samantha does look like a younger fresher Cher w/ more Asian eyes and bigger boobs….

  5. A grand look for Miss Grand International!
    Brava SamBer 👏👏👏
    She looks very international, yet sexy and couture!
    Keep up the great work SamBer – girl, bring home that damn crown!

  6. ang chaka nya dito, anyare?
    okay naman nung nka quarantine sya bakit
    ngmukhang matrona paglabas?

    to her stylist: wag na po uulitin yan

  7. Sam is very versatile for sure… but, of all the looks that she’s sported in Bangkok so far, this is my least favorite. The hairstyle is not suited for a pageant — or this era.

    • I agree. I love her from the neck down. Panalo talaga! But not so much the hairstyle. I don’t even want to say that her beauty is polarizing because she’s uber gorgeous (flawless skin, styling is on point, total package, for sure). But her hairstyle is always what makes it or breaks it for me. Parang sya lang ang pageant rep natin na masasabi ko yun. Nakasalalay sa hairstyle!

  8. I love her gown, shoes, and earrings. She blends perfectly with the background. If the goal is to achieve a fierce look, then it is a big YES for me.

  9. Not loving the hairstyle. What is she aiming for with this look? Simba? Chaka-khan? Nazareno?

    Yup. She looks dated (remember that zig-zag ironing curl back in the 80s?), and a two-bit contravida with this look.

    World Peace.

    • Lol that’s exactly what I was trying to say
      Humaba ang Mukhang nya
      Labanan ng aurahan ang MGI
      But at the end of the day , yung pleasant at queenly pa rin ang nanalo
      Sam needs to keep it in mind ni

    • Maka-80’s naman?

      Huwag mo naman ibigay sa kanila generation ko!

      It’s circa 1990, which they call the frizzy hairstyle or zigzag look and naging talamak din ang shaggy hairstyle which we call shagilid ang gupit! They also call it the unbraided hairdo!

  10. this can be a possible evening gown at Miss U semifinals competition any day … so different so outstanding !

  11. Para syang contravida
    Sam needs to dress up and behave like the leading actress , not the supporting one .
    If she has to be sexy from neck , she needs to try to have a a PG 13 hairstyle . What’s wrong with a ponytail or something clean?

    • Fab-B, I think she is just calibrating with what the owner wants!

      Alam mo naman si Anne Cole, medio allergic sa mga sophisticated and demure!

      Kaya tama lang timpla niyang ganyan!

      Nagkita rin sila ni Sirene Sutton sa BKK and nag-TikTok pa ang mga Merlie thus I think Sam is enjoying her stay there with plenty of support group!

  12. This reminds me of Pia’s styling at the ball. Fierce, modern and sexxxxy!!!

  13. The gown and the shoes – WOW! National pageant contenders should learn from Samantha Bernardo and her team. Congratulations!

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