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  1. The problem with MUP’s strategy of posting about Rabiya late in the game is that people are going to expect the best all the time. There will be segments that will nitpick everything with the excuse that “well, you had all the time, this is all you’ve got?” card… Oh well, you cannot please everyone esp in Pinoy pageant community.

  2. A good photo should not only show one’s physical beauty but should reflect one’s beautiful mind and soul. What then is most beautiful in this time of pandemic? Is it the fierce you-don’t-mess-up-with-me look? Is it the cutesy I-enjoy-being-a-woman look? Is it the calm yes-we-can look? In her latest pics, Rabiya’s compassionate spirit and calm demeanor shine through that physical frame. Confidently beautiful!

    • Brilliant comment scorg! I can’t agree more. I also believe that It is her inner beauty more than her physical beauty that will catch the attention of the judges, MUO, and her fellow contestants.

    • @serge, and her inner beauty easily radiates through camera lens. In this time of the pandemic, when social distancing, large gathering restrictions and other health protocols restrict travels, appearances, fund raisers and other social functions, a successfuk reign of an MU queen will mostly take place in virtual reality. She who projects well online would be the most effective harbinger of hope, rallying point, and role model for millions who until now reels from the fallout of this pestilence. Rabiya’s inner beauty shines through her physical beauty, in-person or online.

  3. Mga vecks. Kahit anong lait nyo Kay Rabiya ay sure top 10 yan. Depende na sa judges at performance ni Rabiya sa gown competition kung isali cya sa Top 5.
    Why? Di pa bayad Ang IMG Kay singson. Depende na rin sa napag usapan ng 2 party kung Top 5 talaga dahil sa demand ni lolo but I’m sure gusto ni lolo na panalo c Rabiya eh c lolo pa kung mag utos ay wagas🙄😆
    Wait na lang tayo. Pero sure ako pinakababa Ang top 10 Kay Rabiya. Kawawa nga lang c Gazini dahil KF cya at alams na Divahhhhh. May nagsabi sa IMG “Di namin kilala yan, bahala na kayo saan nyo sya ilagay” hihihi Divahhhh kalokah mga vecks🤗🙄😆
    Avangan din natin kung may 2 dugong Pinoy na judges at alams na na may nililuto😱
    Kaya huwag nyong laitin c Lola Julia na cooking show Ang MW dahil marunong din magluto c Lola Paula 😳 ok hihihi cherette.

    • @ bong700 … If and when the alleged new MU owner/investor/partner makes an entrance, then that’s reasonable assumption that Gob CS is finally paid (in full). After all, when you buy a company, you assume responsibility not just for its assets but also for its liabilities, right?

      By that time, he will no longer have any sort of influence on the results… Or, hard times for us!

      (We probably should take advantage of this “debt situation” while we can.)

      (Kaya siguro pumwesto na si JG sa MUO by aligning with the SGP & NPL ND’s. Come what may, he could use it as some kind of credential as far as helping in MU’s brand-building abroad. Pogi points, ‘ika nga!)

  4. Reading through the comments below, I am surprised that there are still some readers who don’t find this photo beautiful. (I just hope it was not [overly] photoshopped).

    Mababaliw nga talaga ang handlers and contestants with differing opinions and suggestions from readers.

    On one hand, we want to trust the girls and the handlers that they know what they are doing given years and years of experience. But at the same time, we also want to give our honest, constructive feedback for them to improve.

    Gabito na lang : if unanimous or majority of the comments are similar (ex. The horrendous hairstyle of Samantha Bernardo), then it must really be the truth. If mixed comments, then the handlers can just trust their experience and instinct.

    As Ate Vi would say “damaged you do, and damaged you don’t”. Lol.

    World Peace.

  5. Kawawa naman si Rabiya, all the surgery, fillers and bad styling she’s getting. She is getting worse by the day as she gets more “training”. She has a singular tone- she lectures. Poor management from her camp. Kawawa naman kung pinapaasa siya.

    • Dapat kasi they focus na lang kung ano ang meron si Rabiya, which is personality. Ang ganda ng personality nya. Very vibrant, masaya, approachable. Dapat yung styling is yung magaan yung abot kamay ng fans and viewers. More on floral and tones of pink and yellow. Then soft curls and nude or neutral make up. Hindi nya need magpa enhance. Lahat ng candidates ngayon is on the fierce and edgy side. So dapat dun tayo sa pakabila para maiba at umangat. Kasi gusto ng team ata nya sumabay sa mga glamazon which is hindi yun ang personality ni Rabiya.

      • Yes,her management is transforming her into someone who is obviously what she is not – not even by a single winning point in judging. They’re molding her into a “what”, something that’s a gaudy projection of her very simple pristine personality. I loved her MUP swimsuit presentation for it was very innocent – almost reluctant, but very alluring. Alas, she has left all of that behind.

  6. Maganda naman pero hindi pa din pang MU level. Hindi lang look nya but as overall. Yung styling kulang maski yung photoshoot. Maski yung sa swimsuit.

  7. She’s very beautiful, but she registers as passive in her shots. She needs to ignite like Pia and Catriona and serve smoldering confidence.

  8. Kalokah. Ka-toxic talaga tuwing MU/MUP ang post/paksa. Lagi’ng hati ang opinyon right down the middle…


    Blogger Boss, tomorrow shall be the Day, no? GET EXCLUSIVE RING-SIDE! Better yet, sama ka paghatid sa NAIA. Anyway, malapit lang house mo sa paliparan’g pandaigdig. Sasama si DC sa Egypt?

    (This is so OT.)

    • Anong problema FLOR kung hati ang opinyon ng mga tao rito? Ganun talaga. Hindi ka pa nasanay e mahigit isang dekada ka na rito. He, he, he… Hayaan mo lang magbalitaktakan ang mga tao. Patunay na kahit papaano may DEMOKRASYA pa rin sa ating bansa. Echos!

      • @ paul No, I haven’t been here that long. 🙂

        But, you are correct. Few pageant brands ignite democratic exchange of views like MU.

        After all, the day people no longer talk about you is one for worrisome concern. Obviously, not the case here and now.

        The primary task of diplomacy is to ensure talks do not stall. Because once it does, trouble brews.

      • Flor chill, chill lang ta uy! Mainit ang panahon… summer, summer na. he, he, he… ligo 5x a day. mis ya Flor.

  9. Iba talaga nagagawa ng affiliation sa isang organization. You cannot say your piece objectively. I used to admire Norman for his unbiased views. Ngayon? Nah.

    • The YOU get OUT of this blog dude. Don’t let the door hit your stinky ass on the way out🤣

    • Don’t you throw shades at him. You have to understand that Tito Norms is a pageant fan in the first place and will always be. He is entitled to his own opinions and preferences.

  10. Rabiya’s photos show she can be sexy in her swimsuit, then regal in her profile and evening gown. She proves she can look youthful to mature when needed.

  11. If this is all she’s got , I’m worried
    She looks like of the any of the TY girls from South Asia Africa and the Caribbean

  12. No handicap , number one in Asia-Pacific & Africa !

    My final three : RABIYA ! , Czech Rep , Romania

    Rest of top 5: Chile , and ? usa maybe

  13. I love the editing especially her jawline area. Nawala because of the gaining weight. Pwede naman ma thermage yan sa Toledo just like what they did to her nose and breast.

  14. Wow, wooooow!!

    Rabiya is seriously aiming for the fifth MU crown for the country. Her improvement is manifesting that. She now looks a cosmopolitan girl who can confidently stand out from the rest of the girl aligned on stage.

    I know Mr. Jonas Gaffud has been carefully giving her Midas Touch on Rabiya. I feel that Team MUPO’s goal is to give its inaugural winner a higher placement in MU. Thus, it’s not far-fetched that Rabiya can make it in the final 3. That’s my gut-feel for now.

    One constructive criticism on Rabiya’s photos here and in the preceding post: She looks uncomfortable. She seems holding off her fierceness. I want her to unleash that. Methinks she wanted to smize, but couldn’t get its correct execution.

    That’s all.

  15. Oh ano ngayon dun sa minura pa ko ng **** dito!

    Nung sinabi ko na maliit yung balikat niya at flat yung chest niya!

    Magkakaroon ba ng development?

    Oh ngayon! Malaman na dibdib niya at balikat niya confident na niya na nailalabas at Hindi na niya itinatago ng buhok!

    Mali ba pagiging pranka ko?

    Buti na lang marunong siya mag-decipher kung sino pakikinggan niya!

    One finishing touch na lang din,

    Iwasan niya nanlalaki yung mata pag sumasagot siya ng tanong,

    I got the point na as Instructor kailangan yon para sa mga estudiante to stress her point and to stress her authority pero,

    sa close door interview, it might send a wrong signal sa mga panelist and she need to end her statement with a smile and eye contact!

    • So Claire, ikaw pala dahilan kaya sya nag improve? Laking pasasalamat sa yo ng sanlibutan dahil sa yo, confident na sya, malaman ang balikat at dibdib! Lol. (Tigilan din ang paghithit ng katol Claire. Lol).

      But I agree with you, nandidilat sya when answering a question. It gives off the impression she is agitated or easily rattled. Or pa bibo. Both are not enticing at all. One more area for improvement – – c/o Claire.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas. What’s the effect kung maghithit ng katol(mosquito killer you mean?).Nakakaloka!. Ha ha ha. I am curious!

    • Mga walanghiya sila Jonas & the MUP organization, they really should resign.

      Napaka useless pala sila without Claire’s feedback.

      I think they should all resign na & have her do the actual work of training, developing & finding resources to fund all that.

      Buti nalang they have Claire to utos them how to do their jobs.

    • Parang confirmed na kung sino tong Claire na to. Eto yung madaming kaaway sa IG. Madaming pa Chichi at super patola sa mga Indonesians.

      • @MY OH MY!


        Mama J’s #1 hater siya.

        Sa tingin niya, Mama J can’t ever do anything right. It’s like Mama J is Meghan Markle & Claire is the Daily Mail.

        Lahat mas alam niya compared to Jonas.

        Jonas get no credit for anything at all, except when things are palpak then that’s when she takes out her bat & takes more swings at Jonas.

    • Alam niyo mga beks, even before instagram become a hype, there is already normannorman!

      Even Lavinia started as commenter here! We even use to send direct messages before two years in IG! But all things must come to an end!

      Norman has a reputation in the pageant circle! Beauty queens read his blogs!

      There’s a lot of pageant page in instagram and facebook and each post contains hundreds of comments! Some of those comments are truth, half-truth, exaggerated or just plain naughty and they come from people using different handle!

      But unlike here, there are consistent commenters who don’t change their name no matter how funny it may appear to other people! Nababasa naman nila yan kung sino yung consistent sa pagbibigay ng comment and I’m sure Norman know it too! They might even be talking about us (commenters)!

    Love the aura – Lara Dutta meets Megan Young – BRAVISSIMO!

  17. BEAUTIFUL! The most beautiful shot so far. She looks like Penelope Cruz here. She looks gorgeous with mouth closed. Congratulations.

    Now I know the two front teeth / overbite are what irritates me with her looks.

    World Peace.

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