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  2. Norm, care to comment on the socia media rift that is happening in the Filipino pageant community? With some people expressing “worry” kuno to MUP not handling Rabiya’s prep to the tee, there is building tension that could implode very soon.

    I’d love to hear your honest opinion on the matter as you probably know more that those folks.

    • This much I can say, 4M. I have first-hand knowledge about Rabiya’s preparations. Both MUP and Aces are neither amiss nor scrambling in preparations for MU.

      I know that the pageant community wants to be constantly updated on everything. But let us exercise patience.

      • Thank you for that insight! I feel that some of the social media accounts are just feeling “left out” with nothing to post about Rabiya to increase engagement in their own accounts thus the frustrations. Ika nga, walang pasavogue kuno to discuss.

        I do like the more covert strategy, by the way. Calm and quiet. We’ll see. Hoping for a positive surprise in April to see if the preps really are worth waiting for.

  3. Tito Norman , ano sa sa 3 facts ang totoo?
    Your statement does not make sense

    • Lou: The scar on her knee
      Tracy: Asking a fellow jeepney passenger for 7 pesos to pay for her fare
      Luigi: Travelling without adult supervision as a minor
      Apriel: Not knowing how to swim

  4. Apriel should join MWP to get Supra
    Tracy and Lou have a good chance to do well the next time they join a national pageant . Both of them speak really well.

    • Of the four ladies, Lou has the least chance of winning a national title. Chinese looking beauties are not really considered beautiful in this country (until now).

      Tracy and April have have BETTER chances of winning national titles if they will join Cory Quirino’s Mutya Pilipinas. BPP, MWP, MUP & ME are not really good these two beauties.

      As for the lesbian, I still do not know what national pageant is for her. Declaring publicly that you are a lesbian and/or bisexual and joining a national pageant don’t do well in this country. I mean as of the current time, maybe in the near or long future…

      Many of these Cebuano beauties are soo… OVERRATED. Ganados is a classic example. IF LAVINIA, ADAM GENATO or even Norman give (uber, uber) praises/commendations/laudations, most likely they are doing PR work for these beauties and (most) likely the latter end up as “thank you girls.” OUTSTANDING EXAMPLES are ABESAMIS & GALERIA, two of the MOST FAVORED by Norman.

      Please consider this post as a constructive critique. Thank you. Good morning to all.

  5. My comment has nothing to do with this particular post of Norman and I do not usually like cross-posting from another blogsite. Being a Miss Universe fan and after reading this particular article from Jesson Capuchino of Sashes and Scripts, I feel quiet unnerved but Jesson makes his points clear. Thinking about how diluted the discussion of and posts on Rabiya from the MUP organization and its partner sites and the supposed “cramming” of her preparations, it does make fans worry –

  6. The ladies are fun to talk to.
    Beatrice should try nationals too. I Love her arms. Toned
    The rest should cross over.

  7. The ladies featured are charming , articulate and beautiful. I guess Cebu really is a force to reckon with. I particularly like Tracy Perez.

    But what surprised me about this interview was the quotable quote from the host : “Parang mga anak ko na yan, hindi ko pwede asawahin….kung naging boys pa yan!”. Lol. kaka-shockl! Lol.

    World Peace.

  8. AGAIN, OVERRATED CEBUANAS like Ganados. They better join Mutya Pilipinas for higher chances of winning. Slim chances in they join BBP, MWP, MUP and ME. The lesbian I do not know where to go.

  9. Oh…mygosh. Beatrice is right. We are in our Quincentenial – 1521~2021! And just as we are deep into our first SARS-Cov2 pandemic anniversary. And with two (2) Cebu-originated strains. 🙂

    The reigning BbC is lesbian? Well, there is little doubt in which Nationals she will jump in. 2022/3?

    Mag-Na-Navy siya, no? Si Teresita Ssen, Army no? Both are A&Q, no?

    (G. Tinio, ‘yun’g isa’ng pa-teaser niyo na nag-CTS last year na mag-Na-Nationals, will MUP din?)

    I recall both TMPerez and Hakenson were MWP 2019 Finalists… LDPiczon, LOVE her energy!

    Unlike the MKuyamis episode, this one had no ‘Bosing’ guest… Nag-decline ang BbC org po, Sir?

    I liked that year where they were in all-black for the Finals Evening Dress. Looked very sophisticated. With Aberrasturi and Lo, no? Was that 2018?

    BbC, with sashes like “Alegria”, “Asturias”, “Cordova”, “Medellin”, “Ronda”, “Santander”, and “Toledo”, is the Philippines Regional that feels like a Nationals in another country, no?

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