27 comments on “Binibini Graciella Lehmann: the Morena Mangyan

  1. sorry ha but the transformation is it’s a thumbs down for me. nasaan na yung “a true Filipina is comfortable with her own skin” if ang mga candidates ganyan ang ipinapakita?

  2. If the photos were my only basis, a big NO from me.

    I don’t know how she looked like before, but those photos above are hideous. Over photoshopped and filtered. The make up is so thick that you can cut a knife through it. And the fake contact lenses? And the fake, drawing-like, countered hair that makes her look like an RuPaul aspirant.

    Girls and handlers, if you have real beauty, you won’t need that much makeup and filter.

    World Peace.

    • I agree with you Thomas. I don’t like the idea that because of make-up, the girl looks
      beautiful. Because make-up should just enhance the beauty, not transform.

  3. Ewan ko, parang mash up ni Apriel Smith and Maria Gigante. Yun ba ang peg???

  4. Hindi naman talaga s’ya legit na morena. Halata na ovenized ang kanyang tanned skin. This makes me wonder tuloy if we still can sight a truly brown-colored girl sa beauty pageant without any single iota of aesthetic work. Nakaka-miss din makakita ng natural beauty na pageant girl.

    Right now I am seeing Pauline “Ponggay” Gaston as a potential girl to enter a beauty pageant soon. I find her naturally beautiful. Maganda na s’ya in her sporty look, how much more kapag naayusan pa s’ya. She is tall, morena, and an Ateneo graduate.

    I haven’t read any article saying she’s interested in beauty pageants, but who knows? Her sister had a taste of beauty pageant in UST, and she may consider joining the nationals. Winner itong babaitang ito because she has Kobe Paras as the love of her life.

    That’s all.

    • @ana. Nakakaloka ang description mo. Ovenized! Ha ha ha
      Gaston sisters were both crowned Miss Young ideal Thomasian Personality. Interestingly, Pauline was crowned by her sister who was the outgoing MYITP. Beauty Really runs in their genes as their mother was 1984 MnP-Asia Pacific. Therese once joined Miss Manila and landed one of the runners UP(although not quite sure about this). Between the 2, Pauline for ME has more potential to be a national Beauty titlist, if properly groomed.

      • Serge, thanks for the input about the Gaston sisters. Since their mother pala had once tried a beauty pageant, malamang, eh, ipu-push n’ya si Pauline to try MUP. Her recent graduation pic showed na nagpa-brace na s’ya, it means she gradually makes it there. I am sure they are aiming a natural smile at hindi na sila magresort sa palakol smile. Mas marami kaseng disadvantage ang veneers kesa advantage, sa trulili lang. Soon enough, she may join a beauty camp. I bet my purity (char), mananalo ng title itong merlat na ito. I see Miss Ireland Universe 2019 sa kanya. Gusto ko ang rawness ni bakla.

        That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund MUP ba, Mareh?

        The Camp! The one that oversaw Bella, Alaiza, and Telle.


        They take in no more than three (3) at a time. Isa na si Ponggay. Two more…Can you suggest pa?

    • I luv her Transformation!..
      Just to segueway a bit…
      Tito Norms, i just think,Vickie has to personally announce the truth regarding her Binibini status.
      Not that she must…but rather,..her loyal fans,who were with her through her pageant journey thru the years,..deserve naman sana to know. Perhaps,she might be waiting for the BPCI to give the OFFICIALL ANNOUNCEMENT,ergo the tightlipped scenario on Vickie’s part.

    • Are the Gaston sisters descemded from Victor Fernandez Gaston, son of the sugar pioneer of Negrosz, Yves Leopold Germain Gaston of Lisieux, France and Prudencia Fernandez of Balayan, Batangas?

  5. Hi if you are reading this I like the Thalia look when you were in Mahalta

    • I don’t think she is. They’re not related as confirmed in her past interview with madam Norman. 🙂

  6. A tall polyglot jet-setter who’s Half indigenous tribal Filipina and half Jewish American?! …. Sounds like she could be our next Miss Universe Philippines….

    • @ Closer2Fame Precisely! Doktora Adee deserves a good successor, if not better. 🙂

      • I still prefer those are beautiful even without the make-up. It’s obvious
        pinaganda ng sya ng make-up. Yong gandang di na kailangang ipaliwanag gaya nila
        Vickie, Honey, Hannah. Well of course, di naman sa ganda talaga ang labanan dito. It’s
        how you communicate well, your personality, your heart and charisma.
        Speaking of Vickie, Tito Norms, did she already confirm about backing out?
        Never read or heard anything from Vickie herself. I believe it’s still a go for her.
        She’s not the type of person who easily gives up, unless her age does not already allow
        her to compete in any international pageant.

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