6 comments on “San Juan, Puerto Rico for Miss World 2021!

  1. Being a pageant powerhouse , It is about time that Puerto Rico will host MW. It is about time also that Philippines will do the same.

  2. Huwag masyadong seryosohin ang Miss World dahil maraming kalokohan dito. Puerto Rico ang host country, most likely Latina ang magwawagi or an African. India lang may magandang prospect among Asians. Kahit sino pa ang ipadadala sa 70th MW anniversary, i have this feeling hindi natin panahon at teritoryo. Focus tayo sa Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Globe, and even “smaller pageants” such as Miss Eco International and Miss Multinational because we have better chances of winning on these beauty platforms.

  3. (I’m sticking with Jo-Ann Flores of Laguna for the title, for now.)

    ‘Eh, ang boys, Boss Uncle? Saan at kailan sila? 🙂

    Please tell ALV to get the following, po.

    1) The guy who appeared in the Jollibee short film, “Hero”. A tall Pinoy beauty with divine facial bone structure!
    2) The Fil-Italian non-placer at CTS 2020 and now mouthwash endorser.
    3) Him on the Poten-Cee billboard along C5, northbound… Looks biracial.

  4. Whatever they say, it’s boring and the selection of the winner is obscure.

    • True. I’m still hoping the Philippines win another Miss World title just to join Venezuela as the only nations to complete the Big Four pageant cycle at least twice and the rest will be just gravy.

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