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    • yes! it was tito Rodgil who trained and urged her to join over and over again.

  1. Myanmar is now at war. The military rulers are killing youth demonstrators. This stop-the-war taglined pageant should have been the perfect platform for action against all forms of repression against liberty, democracy and justice. To see the country’s rep in some lip-pouting trying-to-look-cute poses is a cruel insult to the Myanmar people who are counting the casualties of fratricidal war day by day

    • @ scorg 🙂

      …. !!!…. ‘Di ko masabi.

      (We know you understand… That there might be things we do not see… Or, maybe not.)

    • @Flor, if you cant say it, here it is: MGI’s tagline is patently political, whether the owner recognizes it or not. Trade wars, culture wars, corporate wars, conjugal wars– all belong to the realm of politics. That said, MGI’s “wars” cannot be nibbled away in some 2-minute Thai food samplwrs, and cannot be sugar-coated with the glam of “Top 5 Arrivals”. And as in this unfortunate photo-bomb, can only add to the excruciating pain to the victims of some ongoing civil strife. We want to celebrate beauty? MGI prescribes “Stop the wa!r”.

      • @scoorg I agree that it’s political. I remember Katarina Rodriguez’s BWAP video was disqualified since it dealt with the war in Marawi though her advocacy was on peace education but in one of the interviews of ALV, he revealed that MW Org didn’t want anything to do that talks about wars and politics and her video just did. So, I guess same goes with MGI…better they change it to something that is apolitical.

      • @ECE, you’re correct. The “Stop the war” advocacy is very political. But the die has been cast– the tagline has been assosiated with MGI. No amount of downplaying will erase the slogan from the MGI brand. MGI may just have to continue its lip-service to the ideals of peace. Or else, the pageant may rebrand along other less-controversial apolitical advocacies.

    • @scoorg if you come to think about it, even the voting on social media is insensitive to what’s happening to Myanmar since we know in the news that their internet connection is being cut off so they can’t fully participate. So, I hope they come up with something that would show support and solidarity to the democracy that the people in Myanmar are fighting for just to live up to their pageant’s advocacy which is “Stop the War and Violence.” A lot have died already…..I even heard about this story of a 19 year old girl named ‘Angel’ who got shot in the head during protest. 😦

      • @Kim Jae-kyu, I wish during the finals of this pageant, it devotes a one-minute silent prayer segment to remember the victims of all wars and atrocities, be it in Myanmar, Yemen, Uyghur (China), Iraq, Armenia- Azerbaijan, etc. That way, MGI’s tagline may have some redeeming values…

  2. Usapan ng mga baklush sa FB tungkol nga dito kay Samantha,

    Ansabe ng mga bayot, ilang araw lang daw yung preparation ni Sam since she was appointed for the MGI competition pero nakapagpapagalaw ng maraming paandar bago umalis na feel mo pa rin even if naka-quarantine siya sa cuarto!

    Eh samantalang daw si Rabiya eh mukhang puro sariling sikap ang nangyayari! Parang hindi mo daw mahagilap sila Jonas and Shamsey! Na parang ginagatasan lang ang Merlie para sa mga event invitation tulad niyang chicken resto recently pero pagdating sa paandar at training nung bata eh halos walang suporta!

    Ang maganda lang dito kay Rabiya, kahit group of friends lang ang back up niya,lumalaban talaga! Kahit kulang sa paandar, mina-maximize pa rin niya yung time niya to be committed for the competition! At hindi nahihiya na humingi ng tulong for suggestion!

    I believe that if within this week, hindi pa rin natin nakita etong sila Shamsey at Jonas na sinusuportahan etong si Rabiya dahil palapit na yung competition, dapat mag-unite na ang sangkabaklaan to request from Miss Universe Organization to return the Miss Universe Philippines franchise to the Binibining Pilipinas Charities!

    • This makes me sad but I totally agree with you Claire.
      If this is the way Jonas and Shamcey handle our representatives, the MU franchise should be better be relinguished to the BBP Charities Inc.

    • Yes please, return the franchise to Binibining Pilipinas!

      I miss the drought years talaga, as well as the Cumbia outfits & the Barazza gowns that were pure class.

      And let’s be honest. No-one trains our Bb Pilipinas Universe delegates to clap elegantly in the background while missing the cut more effectively than BPCI. They are the best at this!

      Again, how dare Jonas & company bring honor & pride to the country by breaking the drought & winning the MUP crown after 42 years? Who does he think he is?

      Let’s sh-t on Jonas some more for working quietly behind the scenes & not revealing all training & preparations for the cameras since, well, the competition proper hasn’t started yet so paander is not necessary.

      • Yes While I agree with you, Sayang lang at nahandle na ni Jonas ang MU after it’s heydays. MU is not relevant na now. Palubog for short. Not profitable. Mediocre production for the past 4 years, even the Bangkok is not really good when you compare it to ’05 and ’92. Tas tambay mode mga winners sa New York even before pandemic.

  3. Hi all! May new MGI Challenge! ISA lang ang mananalo per group. paki-LIKE lang po and SHARE, Sam B’s photo. LIKE- 1 point, SHARE- 2 points. Huwag po HEART or CARE or WOW kasi hindi yun counted. ATM, 14k na yung mga nagHEART, CARE at WOW. sayang yungmga votes na yan for Sam B. Currently, talo tayo sa Indonesia.

  4. It doesn’t make sense to have them move rooms (now with a roommate) when they are already settled in their first room.

  5. I love her look! She looks very classy. There’s a new challenge posted on MGI fb page. Please LIKE and SHARE Sam B’s photo. The most number of LIKES and SHARES per each group will be declared as winner. Sam B is currently second behind Indonesia.

    • Hi all! paki-LIKE lang po and SHARE. LIKE- 1 point, SHARE- 2 points. Huwag po HEART or CARE or WOW kasi hindi yun counted. ATM, 14k na yung mga nagHEART, CARE at WOW. @titonorms pakipalitan po yung vote nyo to LIKE. Naka-HEART po kayo. thanks.

      • yes! many votes are being wasted because they choose HEART and CARE. LIKE only.

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