7 comments on “Meet-and-Greet with Binibini Alexandra Faith Garcia

  1. Her advocacy which is rabbit farming is very relevant nowadays. Rabbit meat is healthier alternative for pork as source of protein. If she wins, she could make full use of her title as platform to educate the public on how to raise and propagate rabbits.

      • @flor. Though, kambing meat is more healthful compared to pork and chicken meat, but I do not like the taste of the former. rabbit meat is tastier than chicken meat, as claimed by rabbit farmers. We should give it a try.

      • @ serge I am thrilled! Haven’t had rabbit. 🙂

        (I think goat is most like lamb…)

  2. ‘Alex Faith’ – if I could call her that and I hope she won;t mind – is as far as I know the third (3) Bb of the 2020-21 Batch to put together a ‘Press-Meet-&-Greet’ since resumption of pageant activities.

    Mr. Blogger, aside from the obvious Grilling (Q&A), what else happens at an event such as this, po? Para ba ‘to’ng final defense ng thesis/dissertation na pakakainin ‘yun’g Panel? And tokens are expected?

    (So, the Press do their part afterwards by featuring the candidate in their respective online domains. How to quantify the return on invested time, effort, & money by the lady/handler? Yeah, it would ideally make the bet more popular. Or, reinforce-recall past achievements… Pero, parang ang hirap-awkward, kasi I imagine there are contestants that will bring in Press like flies to a carcass on the strength of charisma or sheer beauty alone and others na kawawa naman if no one shows up… Or, does everybody (you pageant media guys) always show up, whatever it takes?…)

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