15 comments on “Will the remaining Binibinis get their new assigned numbers?

  1. International— HANNAH ARNOLD
    Grand—-Maureen Montagne
    Globe—-Gabby Basiano
    Intercontinental—Karen Laurie
    Runners-up: Felizarta,Sam Panlilio,Pat Babista or Cariño

  2. still grieving for VR’s exit to BBP. I wish her well and I do hope she’s ok.

  3. What is everyone’s thoughts on the swimwear photoshoot like Miss Venezuela???

    Not a big fan here….

  4. I hope MUP returns to Binibining Pilipinas
    MUP is not good as a stand alone pageant
    And Binibini has lost its significance after MUP’s departure . It’s not worth going to Araneta for anymore.

  5. Mga vekay, nagpa-presscon si Mareng Stephanie na sa Puerto Rico na nga daw ang ganap ng Miss Mundo sa Noviembre! Sino na bet niyo magsuot ng Philippine sash?

    Dapat coronahan ni Arnold eh trilingual man lang na marunong mag Espanol at ang awra mala-Latina! Char!

  6. International = Karen
    Grand International = Mauereen
    Intercon = Hannah
    Globe = Gab
    Runner up = Honey

  7. Do you think the Miss Earth PHL franchise is now with BP? The Miss Earth PHL organizers usually lists their provincial, municipal and city participants/candidates by early or late December. What do you think Norman?

    • Miss Philippines Earth remains as a profitable pageant venture for Carousel Productions. Hence, I seriously doubt that they will give up on the national franchise.

  8. No more along Vicky
    Bbp mi = Maureen Montagne kf flag bearer
    Mgi pH= Karen Laurie madam a q favorite
    Intercon = gab basiano
    Globe hannah or honey
    Hail the queen kf or an independent can only be mi ph
    Why why? Di ko na mgi si mau it’s Bec di na pasok age nya sa mgi next yr unless ipilit Ng angkol
    No more along vicky buti na lang ayoko Ng ma heart broken sya

  9. The show must go on. The Bb Pilipinas legacy must continue which is finding the most beautiful woman in the country

  10. Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Karen Laurie Mendoza or Patricia Babista
    Runners Up: Mercedes Pair (humanitarian reason) and Samantha Panlilio ( kay paborit at relatib man ni Norman), Oki na Flor? He, he, he…

    I recommend other candidates to apply for Miss World Philippines because ALV is offering 8 titles.

    • @ paul I will acknowledge your selection. I’ve made my case before. I’ve nothing new to add.


      (I really hope BPCI firms up a fifth franchise soon enough! It can absorb your reserve for Intercon.)

      I hope Honey Be Parrenas, the last Bb (by number) stays on. I’ll be sad if she is unable to continue… I will assume among those who’ve finally opted to throw the towel in is Gila Salvador; I would not like to look insensitive to the plight of employees whom I had to lay off due to the hard times by continuing with my pageant journey (not that she has. But being the business person she is and with a lot of money put on hold, it’s wise to pull back for the interim. Like what Norms said.)

      • I won’t be surprised if BPCI resurrects the Bb. Pilipinas Tourism title just to lock in a titleholder in place in anticipation of a new franchise that might still be under negotiations.

  11. Mga veks!!! Our dear Aling Vickie supposedly backed out!!! Oh Em Geeeeee…..

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