13 comments on “Kelley Day is gunning for the Philippines’ 2nd Miss Eco International crown

  1. Best of luck, though I don’t see a winner in her.
    She looks to skinny/frail ✌️

  2. Whoever wrote this “short story” needs a crash course in creative writing.. there is always wisdom in the saying “less is more..” Haaaay!!

  3. Hi tito norms! Is this your longest post ever? 😆 Parang medical books lang s dami…hihihi

  4. That green wallpaper at Manila House is much like those you find in middle-high-end business hotels in Milano. Memories for me, yet again. 🙂

  5. I think she will do well, not sure about the pageant’s appetite towards crowning another Filipina.

    • Sana manalo sya, since sabi nga ni serge, she’s a complete package. I’m sure keribels lang ang pageant fans kung Pinay ulit ang manalo considering na minor pageant lang naman ito.

      If she wins, it “would’ve” been 3 consecutive years, kung tinanggap ni Maureen Montagne yung crown after Miss Peru was stripped off her title.

      • Tito Norms, I was reading from my cellphone. So umpisa pa lang, diko na magauge yung haba nung article. I started to scroll down. Interested aq because I like Kelley. Scroll, scroll, scroll, not knowing na wala palang ending 🙂

  6. Kelly is a complete package. Pretty, tall, well-proportioned, intelligent, and talented. She has a very strong chance of bringing home the country’s 2nd MEI crown.

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