13 comments on “Anshika Sharma: Miss Universe Nepal 2020 bats for Education

      • Real Talk : She is the tallest and most beautiful girl in Asia and Oceania region.
        Her advocacy is the same with Rabiya and seems prepared and May pa video pa.
        Her pasarela and communication skills is quite impressive as well!!!
        Palaban na ang mga kapitbahay and I think Rabiya will be having a hard time to take the lead in this continental group !

        Wag magalit… nagsasabi lang ng totoo. Dont be a blind fanatic !

  1. in some angles, she looks similar to Ma. Isabel Lopez.. nice advocacy, and a touching video.. it’s time for other Asian countries to shine.. Go Nepal…!!

  2. OMG. Unique advocacy. Pati ba naman paniki gustong i-educate? Wow. Good luck bats. lol.

    World Peace.

  3. Congratulations Norman. Your reach is getting wider. Global reach is not a remote possibility!

      • @ Norman Aside from SF & TPP (that’s ‘Direk’, right?), who else joined you, po?

        The stuff is very Democratic Party! If she won MU, an audience with Prez Joe B. is not far-fetched.


        I learned at Lavinia’s that Rabiya will leave a month in advance for the USA. Granted the travel difficulties, will JG train Anshika, Rabiya, and Belle Bernadette together THERE? And which other countries will join in? Smells like the pre-MU 2020 international episode of PN’s in the brewing!

  4. Her thick eyebrows are throwing me off a bit. Her beauty is exotica… Some may like it and some may not. But she has a strong advocacy and Nepal has been gaining grounds lately in MU.

    I think Cambodia with her personality, and education could be the one to look out for as a squeaker semi finalist.

  5. Is it just me or she looks Filipina? Like our BBP winners a decade ago? I love that they are becoming more & more competitive…

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