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  1. Natutuwa talaga akong panoorin si Thailand.
    Like ko na rin sya. Parang may personality sya like Miss Gen San or Miss Manila

  2. I keep watching all her challenge videos coz it has content…she does not only perform the challenge but she also seizes the opportunity for the viewers to hget to know more about her, Filipino culture and her advocacies. In all these videos, I find her very authentic and entertaining and she just finishes just right on time!

  3. Ganda ni Sam without make-up. She looks a lot like Heart Evangelista. She has this Asian classy mystic.

    • Yaaas! you got it…I was thinking of the celebrity she looks like…it’s Heart 🙂

  4. Miss Universe candidates should be taking down notes!

    According to Shawn of MUO, there will be modification in the format of MU,

    After the success of Miss Earth and this time “virtual challenges” of MGI,

    I suppose, the pattern will be the same!

  5. Maganda pa rin si Sam kahit walang make up
    Pan Laban nya smile .. ala Coco Martin at Maxine M
    Lalaban ng husto si Sam

  6. @ PAQUITA X Patchapon Chantarapadit may be lacking in poise. But PERSONALITY is something she has loads of. 🙂

    @ Closer2Fame Kinakabahan tuloy ako kay Sam.

    Thanks in no small measure to all these years of public speaking engagements, she executes excellently each time! I’ve said as much before (at BBP 2018) – she addresses questions like a seasoned politician. Some found it over-rehearsed pageant patty. Now, we realize its usefulness.

    Mabuti na lang she is able to avoid being robotic by occasionally interjecting jabs of fun in her spiel.

    BUT, we have contestants that precisely because they aren’t as polished, they come across more fresh. My apprehension is that Angkol might favor these raw gemstones to appease an even bigger pageant fan base and avoid this edition being dismissed by our neighbors as lackluster. BECAUSE IT ISN’T!

    But this in NO way detracts from our bet’s merits. Because without a doubt we are certain she will, by sole virtue of vigorous experience, bring it all the way to the end.

    The last time I felt strongly about our Grand rep was Clenci. From arrival outfit in Tan Son Nhut to bumpy-jiggly poolside pasarela at Phu Quoc to her profound answer to the Final Question, I thought it would be a while again before we see premium quality after the double-hiccups that were Patalinjug & Lo. In any case, I am happy that SamBer is finally and fully vindicated (my own words).

    • Buti pa si @Flor Tula, knows that OKkk Okkk , I’m referring to Miss Thailand . Yung iba diyan kulang sa comprehension, galit ka agad !

  7. I like that she was able to achieve a lot on this 2 minute video- promoting environment friendly stuff, still looking beautiful and fresh even after removing her make up and giving the message of embracing one’s imperfection. This makes her relatable and all the more endearing! Good luck, Sam! we’re supporting you all the way.


    • Paquitang Bakla – You don’t have to describe yourself to us. We already know that about you dude.

      • @Smooth Bae @Gul @Fabian Reyes, bago mag react, watch Miss Thailand video.. I am referring to her not to Samantha ! Panoorin muna kasi si Miss Thailand bago magalit!!!
        Nakakalokah !

      • @paquitang bakla, it doesn’t matter who you are referring to. You are plainly denigrating women because you want to. You are just jealous because all you have are your useless balls 🤣

    • Ano po kulang sa comm skills e maayos naman pong magsalita considering she’s not a native English speaker .
      Walang poise at personality ? E sosyal nga kahit taga- probinsya

  9. She looks gorgeous on the first photo…i think that’s what she wore during her fb live last night where Nawat was present and even commented that he can still remember her during the time she competed in BBP 2018.
    Good job Sam B on your no make up challenge!

  10. I think Sam is super relaxed and very at ease. She is probably scoring points with her engagements too so let’s just hope there are no shady business going on and she will walk away with that golden crown.

    This is an opportune moment for Nawat to get the Pinoy fans to talk about MGI especially during the pandemic… It will give him high mileage for sure.

    No pressure, Nawat…hihihi

  11. Have you noticed that Nawat likes slim and sexy girls? Yung payat na sexy (except Ariska). Yung katawan ni Sam, bet yan ni Nawat.

  12. Again, Sam hurdled the challenge with ease and she was enjoying it. She is gorgeous with and without make up. Through these challenges, MGIO is able to observe how the girls are doing with their daily routines. Nawat must have conceived these ideas with Valentina beside Him for over a year due to pandemic. Nawat is looking for a winner whom he can go along well.

  13. Beautiful first photo!

    I like her video too. Not rushing but able to finish on time. Engaging and conversing with her audience. The mention of eco friendly product was a nice touch. But most of all, she is still gorgeous after the removal of make -up.

    BTW, I didn’t know that Wilma Doesn’t is representing Thailand this year. Isn’t she over age? Lol. That crow-like scream near the end was horrifying. Lol. Wa-poise.

    World Peace.

  14. In fairness, she still looks gorgeous without Make-up…
    I have a feeling that if Samantha’s performance is flawless till the last round of the coronation night, Nawat would crown her since there is lesser contestants thus our neighbors could claim that this year is less prestigious.. Hence it would lead our local keyboard warriors to defend her reign and uplift the MGI brand…. at the same time, it would ensure the high level of publicity and controversy that comes with our sash factor… This means all odds are highly in favor of Samantha… and the rest would be upto her…

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