16 comments on “Have Faith in Alexandra – your Binibini 33

  1. She’s improved a lot
    Unfortunately , there are so many strong candidates this yr
    Among other candidates

  2. Nice photos but her beauty might only be at Globe level for now… Maybe future Mutya…

    • @ 4M “…(Only) Globe level…”. 🙂

      I would consider it a complement, considering the QUALITY we’ve sent to Albania. ‘Di “only” lang!

      Ann Colis, Leren, Nichole Manalo, Nelda, Mitch. Alexandra would be honored by your ‘faith’ in her.

    The way is see it,..it’s Gab Basiano who can give Hannah some tough competition for that specific crown. 2M kinda bit voluptously slutty fot the part.

    • @ Viggo Bjorn Talaga’ng ‘slutty’, ‘ah…. 🙂

      ‘Sensuous’ na lang, koya V.

  4. And this is how to take photos of beauty queens. Beautiful. Elegant. Pleasing to the eye.

    Tip to handlers: Make the audience (mostly gays) fall in love first with an unknown girl. It is only after that when you can take the risk of doing editorial ek ek with all the ka-cheap and soil, palara, dried branches, and scary, clownish make-ups.

    World Peace.

    • CORRECT! I am starting to like you as a pageant commenter/reviewer because your commentaries make sense. Matino.

      • Hi Paul. Bakit naman “starting” lang… di ba dati pa? Lol.

        Find Peter, Paul. So we can be the three apostles.

        World Peace

    • @ Thomas That was what the ‘Press Meet’ was for. Refer to earlier post on SamPan. Peace, po.

  5. The locale for the shoot is the ‘Casas Azucar’ (something like that) in Bataan, King T?

    If indeed, I recall it was also, at BBP 2018. I have Lemon in mind, specifically… In easy-breezy dress and traipsing barefoot around the gardens, DREAM-LIKE. 🙂

    KF din siya, no? Like the other Garcia? Well, the better Garcia will prevail. Goodest luck 2 both!

  6. I am pretty sure that two of the four crowns will go to Maureen Montagne and Vicki Rushton.

    The other two crowns may go to Hannah Arnold and Gabriela Basiano but then again, they might just receive the 1st and 2nd ru positions so that they can be alternates for any kind of emergency or so that they can join and be better in Bb 2021-22

    Justine Felizarta and Ana Cenarosa are the dark horses who can easily win crowns !

    • @ jaretwrightlover If Nias Pilar will like someone else other than Hannah in your selection, then ‘Bb-Masbate’ should be 2nd Runner-up so that she can easily fulfill @ Fabian Reyes’ wish that she cross over to MUP. (The)Globe likes TALL; look at the reigning Kolcegi! So, not Vicki as she is on the short side. Even though Albania’s age ceiling can still accommodate her.


      I still think A&Q will NOT get the Japan campaign; they’ve held it since 2016 (Kylie, Mariel, Ahtisa, and Patch). BUT, I don’t feel 2M, whom Angkol likes…

      But yours, indeed, is a good selection. Kung ‘di lang sana nag-flip-flop ang MIO sa age ceiling, ilalaban ko na si Vicki para matapos na. ‘Coz if the current roster is any indication, kung sa beauty of face lang, may laban pa si Mdme. Rushton!

  7. I like the beige gown but not the fabric! Parang kumot!

    Fortunately, nadala ng maayos ng model!

    The adjective is right for her — sophistication!

    I saw some snippet of the Binibini swimwear from Maureen and Gabby, I think they are going for a black and gold ensemble courtesy of Doms Ramos!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson The messy creases at the hem, indeed, suggest sleeping blanket.

      The fabric is stretchy; this contributed to the voluptuous silhouette. But THAT ‘bunching’ at the tummy! Only now did I realize something that could have predated that – Madame Gres.

      (Only, of course, that the French couturier did it with obvious genius. This just looks literally pinched/scrunched… Dapat siguro, hindi na lang nag-abala. It’s as if the midsection of the dress got caught on something sharp! The gown would have gotten by with just the slit and crystal embellishment. Like you said, buti na lang keri ni model.)

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