11 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Dress Up in Thai Traditional Costume

  1. love her video…it’s very engaging and you can see Sam B’s bubbly personality. Good luck Sam! sana talaga maiuwi mo yung first MGI crown for the Philippines! all out support ako sa’yo! 🙂

  2. And she was given the golden top too…. Gold is pretty regarded in Thai culture, no?
    Great job Sam and happy final day of quarantine!!! Rampahan na hihihihih

  3. Hindi pare-parehas… Some (like MGCambodia) got the ‘trousers’. But, wrap-top is the same 4 all.

    Tulad niyan. MGCambodia had pantyhose. SamBer, as we see, had a slip on.

    Pa’no na lang kaya if Sam got the trousers? ‘Di kaya tinembrehan sila ng org beforehand which they’ll each get – SKIRT or TROUSERS?


  4. Well done Sam! ! She finished in time with grace and poise.

    @Flor. Yes! To add degree of difficulty, Dressing up like geisha complete with make up with time limit would be fun. He he he.

  5. Ang T-I-Y-A-N. T-O-N-E-D. Just like Iris (2016) & Demi-Leigh (2017). Kainggit!!!

    She finished at 4.50, leaving a comfortable ten seconds to model her efforts before the video ends. Bravo! By the halfway mark (2.50), skirt was neatly in place. Struggled a bit. But great recovery.

    There seems to be a lesson to all these time trials – Introduction, Thai Food, now Thai Costume. For me, it is this – AS SO MUCH HAS GONE VIRTUAL, WE NOW FIND A LOT OF THINGS UNDER TIME PRESSURE BECAUSE WE ALL NEED TO BE ACCOMMODATED AT ONCE.

    I guess part ng training sa Camps ang magsuot ng jewelry/accessories at lightning speed and on your own, which is not bad considering nga naman ‘pag competition na, everything is madalian and H_ll can break out…Imagine if this were at MI. “Dress Up in Kimono”…Will twenty (20) minutes be OK?

    • (Cont…)

      Guys, LIKE!!! NOT “heart” or “care”. AND SHARE. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, please. 😦

      WE ARE DOING THIS FOR SAMBER. Huwag matatapos ang pageant sa 27th na iisipin ng sinuman’g kinatawan natin sa anuman’g patimpalak na wala man lang sila’ng suporta mula sa’tin.

      Angkol can take the monetization for all I care… At least, SamBer seems to be enjoying her quarantine… Isipin niyo na lang ‘yun’g mga kandidata’ng wala’ng suporta; imagine how they feel. We should be grateful. And it’s NOT Thailand’s fault they managed their SARS-Cov2 response better than we did. We are to blame for our own… Huwag bitter. It reflects on us.

      Baka mag-Poll din sa Eco… We will rally as well for Kelley… Wonder if MU will also Poll, tho…?

      • When Flor Tula gives a regal command, we must follow.

        I mean who else on this board, apart from Tito Norman, commands such universal / worldwide global / international / & even grand international reverence & respect?

        Sige na nga, i-LIKE ko na ang videos ni SamBer.

  6. Strong, independent woman, Sam B! Happy International Women’s day!

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