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  1. Samantha Panlilio is ANOTHER FAVORITE GIRL of Norman. Most likely she will end up with SAME FATE as that of Isabela Galeria & Aya Abesamis. Overrated beauty contenders, as in UBER, UBER JUD.

    • I agree! Ramdam agad kapag favorite ni blogger. Pero planeta, bituin, at kapalaran pa din ang magdedecide hindi ang personal vibrations at frequency.

    • @ paul & @ Jonalyn Hernandez Guys, not all normannorman.com bets met with setback…

      (Three scintillating examples of success were ALC, LMB, & just recently JMH-S.) 🙂

      (Boss Uncle, ‘M’ is ‘Mae’ for both ladies, no, po?)

      As for SamPan here, our T2 made it clear in the previous post in her honor that they are relatives. So, bakit naman hindi niya susuportahan? At mabait naman ‘to’ng bata.

      AA and MIG* he also supported, got less-than-expected results, but we can all agree are nice, too.

      Sino’ng susuportahan natin? ‘Yun’g nagpapamalas ng sungay (clue : initials of the same letter).

      (* – not Maria Isabela Galeria, but also a MUP candidate but at least was a Finalist)


  3. Para siyang naging miembro ng Adam’s Family in stitched garbage bag!

    Ano ba yung concept? Hindi nag-sink in saken agad-agad! Pang Mensa Genius level ba?

    On the other note,

    I saw the pasarela training of Gabby Basiano with RL, umo-Oxana Federova ang bakla!

    Mukhang magiging spoiler of the night ang bilat!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson THAT edition of MU, for me Cynthia Lander’s (Venezuela) was better…

      But, yes. Fe-DO-ro-va Oxana was the Fated One! Despite dethronement, STILL for many.


      (And who can forget Demetra Eleftheriou (Cyprus)? Not easy forget something like ‘those’.)

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mahusay din pumasarela si Atty. M! Banayad. Mala-Evelina Papantoniou.

  4. Oh no. What are these pictures? What are they gunning for with these looks? Elemental look? She looks like a head buried in mud with blue palara. Scary. Parang pugot na ulo na naka lutang. She reminds me of one of the artworks of Phoebe Buffay with that frame. Lol.

    Seriously, I wonder if the praises below are sincere or my taste level is really different. Lol. Seriously, why does one want be associated with dirt and palara at this point? As Miranda P would have said “parched land for Summer?” Groundbreaking.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas MP also said, “florals for Spring. Groundbreaking!”. 🙂

      I imagined it to be clear spring water from a crack in the parched land, as when Moses summoned survival – therefore HOPE – during the Exodus… I really like the contrast between the electric blue of the dress and the rough brown of the terrain.

      (I have a darker-more-sinister vision of this. But, never mind. That will stay under wraps, so to speak.)

    • Your COMMENTARY is correct. Good for fashion editorials BUT NOT for beauty pageant purposes. CREEPY!

      NORMAN PLEASE REMIND Ms. Panlilio and her team TO SUBMIT beautiful and pleasant PICTURES for posting. At hindi katulad ng mga picture na sina-submit nina Isabela Galeria at Aya Abesamis na ang pa________.

  5. Indeed. Any news from Ms Rushton? I feel like she seems to have lost interest when the age limit for MI was not adjusted. That means that Vickie’s highest title is Supra now… So sad….

    I think this girl or Hannah would be good for MI.

    • @ 4M Supranational is with MWP na, po.

      Age-wise, only (The) Globe can accommodate VR in the current BBP pageant franchise portfolio. BUT, Nias Pilar has already made known her preference for Hannah Arnold. Also, Vickie would be too short; review again the case of Rowee Lucero-Sasaluya…

      I don’t think BPCI will give International to an A&Q candidate this time around, too. It will be a toss-up between KF an an Independent! It will fall on who can get on Mdme. SMA’s frequency.

      (I’ve also heard of Rushton’s seeming loss of interest. What can we do? Winds are against her.)

      • omg i forgot about supra being under MWP…. Oh well. I think Vickie should try for MWp instead hihihihi but she’s going to have a harder time that it is the A&Q balwarte…

      • She might be a great candidate for RHA under MWP. I just don’t know about the age, or whether the pageant is still on.

      • (Cont.)

        I just wanted to add that, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve had FOUR (4) A&Q bets to Japan since 2016 – Versoza, De Leon, Manalo, and Magtanong! The last ‘non-A&Q’ was Lubina…? Right, guys?

        Atty. M was Pinay beauty. Comparisons to Pops Fernandez and Leni Robredo (!) arose at the time. I think/feel we can continue with the paradigm for this year. Panlilio, here, can be. But so can Felizarta, (Patrizia) Garcia, (Meiji) Cruz, Tiquestiques, Ortiz, or Ticaro. Good luck to all! 🙂

      • I can’t blame Vickie if she feels that way because she was really aiming for the BBP-Intl title. But, she’s one of those few queens who remained active in her advocacies (Down syndrome, Clean water project, WWF) during this time of pandemic which shows that she’s really sincere with them. She’s active in social media by encouraging her supporters to vote for SamB…Queens supporting other queens ika nga. Sana mabigyan sya ng chance to represent our country in an international pageant before she can move on sa next chapter ng buhay nya.

    • My heart goes out for Vickie…she was led on when initially MI adjusted the age limit. I hope they were more understanding and lenient due to the pandemic. From what I know MI director is a Filipino. 😦 Then, Supra is already with MWP. So, she’s only eligible for Miss Globe with age limit up to 30 yrs old. I hope BBP will offer a new title.

      • oo, marketing manager and creative director is Stephen Diaz of Missosology.

    • How can you say that she has lost interest? Does she have an interview where she stated it? As of now, BBP has no event for them. The last one was the national costume photoshoot and gallery where she did very well. Being quiet about her preps doesn’t mean that she has lost interest already. Cut her some slack!

      • walang ng pasavogue veks…. Titisofpageantry wants to move the baso hihihihih galaw galaw daw aling vickie….. hihihihih

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