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  1. So, Mr. Tinio,…

    Wala’ng media ta’s limitado pa ang seat availability. How (else) will MUO make money on this, po?

    ‘Eh, if the reactions of our USA-based commentators are any indication, not too many Pinoys will be very excited to go… Mahal ‘ata sa venue.

    Baka mangyari ne’to, parang MUP. You have to pay to catch the online updates. Of course, there will be the broadcast partners like Telemundo. But, shouldn’t they probably do more?

    I doubt makalilibot ang candidates; pandemya nga at essentially bubble rin mangyayari sa kanila.

    BILIS ng panahon! Naka-1st quarter of the year na tayo at approaching the anniversary of our lock down (15 March, no?). Si Kelley, ‘di po ba ay 14 or 15 ang tulak for Egypt? Next week na ‘yun.

    (I am utterly delighted by the Independents at MWP 4 Feb Screening as a whole! Like you said of JR, fraiche na fraiche… A&Q noobs, bordering on somewhat-tranny-ish angles ang initial arrive… Sa KF, only Tarrayo excites me. Kahit HINDI na siguro i-field sina Manalo, Sutton, at Cortesi; dito pa lang, may mapagpipilian na. Any news if the Continentes Unidos franchise is firmed up na, po?)

  2. @ serge What MUO must accomplish is to get the USA’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to agree to expediting VISA’s for the candidates. Once that is OK’d by the relevant bosses, titembrehan lang nila lahat ng embassies at consular offices nila, at madali na lang… Whether a connection in high places in the current political administration will be helpful in that regard? Hopefully….

    @ Anonymous Let’s give credit to Amanda for gracefully handling the ‘demotion’. What can we do? We all knew as far back as the MUT 2020 pageant that Thai society, in general, is probably not as free as some of us would imagine or want/expect it to be. That being said, MANY other countries are probably of the same grain (perhaps, even us!). And neither being Thai citizens nor politically-astute analyzers, we should not dissect the matter too much right now. Peace lang. 🙂

  3. Most probably, Latina Ang winner🏆dahil sa florida maheld🙄
    Again, hanggang Top 5 lang Ang Thailand dahil sa dami ng magagaling sa interview like Rabiya hihihi 😊

    • @ bong700 I very much doubt Chalisa Obdam can exceed Paweensuda’s performance.

      But I think we can more or less agree Rabiya can finish better than Gazini.

      Latina? Sure. Basta deserving-convincing at kaya’ng makihalubilo sa mga Americans-at-large. After all, MU is STILL an America-based brand for the most part.

    • Please do not forget that a Filipina once conquered Miami Beach, FLORIDA at one point in history!

    • Violence?…. The role of the police to prevent it… Buti nga watercannon lang… Gusto ba nya magka stampede or coup d’tat?! Buti naman natangal sya… Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  4. Which leads us to the million dollar question?

    Who among the candidates has a US visa ready to proceed to travel?

    Cerrado pa mga US Embassy ngayon!

    All National Director should have a back up candidate!

    Baka mukat-mukat mo, all set na yung candidate, i.e. ready na Traje de Noche, Traje Tipico, pasarela, etc. tapos biglang visa denied!

    At this early dapat planchado na lahat including the visa of the candidate! My friend is waiting for her interview since 10 months now! Sa dami ng na-cancel na interview sa US Embassy, marami rin silang backlog dahil hindi naman refundable yung application fee, kaya good luck na lang sa interview slot!

    Dapat rin, at this time, kumukuha na sila ng airline booking with flight on 30 April because you may never know what new quaratine procedure or travel restriction may newly arise from point of origin to point of destination, not to mention the layover (kung meron man)!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson OR,..

      … If none of the four ‘Reservas’ have running US VISA’s,..

      … APPOINT someone with a green card.

      (I know you know who I am referring to, po. She ‘cheered all women’ at Tokyo City Hall Dome.) 🙂

      ROM can be instead sent where a VISA won’t be required. Costa Rica? Or, Nepal?

    • Since MU is owned by a US Org and the event will be held in US, I think the US embassies will give priority to the delegates of participating countries. MU candidates are no ordinary citizens.

      • Besides, I think MUO will help facilitate the visas of the delegates. It has numerous connections.

  5. OMG! Miss Universe fever is on and I feel it!!!

    What a spectacular venue of the pageant. I mean this venue is decent enough than last year’s. Wow, as in wow!

    MU fans can’t wait for the season to arrive. Candidates have long prepared for the pageant, kaya I expect that this is going to be a tough competition.

    Among the MU candidates, the countries frontlining the competition remain the same. And, honestly, I fear that South Africa is at it again. Ang galing ng pageant guru nila, inaaral niya ng maigi what look will suit best to their candidate. May pagka-Oxana Fedorova na ang Miss Universe South Africa.

    Well, hindi naman papahuli ang ating Rabiya. I am sure her team is not complacent to give Rabiya a decent placement in MU. Naaamoy ko ang pasabog ni bakla. Let’s wait and see.

    That’s all.

    • Not expecting much from Ahas and Kweens. Iba kasi pag kinain na ng sistema. If lumaki na ang ulo and pera pera na lang.

  6. this is a far cry from the Doral, Florida stage in 2014….i’m excited!

  7. what a shame due to the pandemic they won’t be able to fill the capacity of the theater… they should have chosen a more economical site … this could have been the venue for the 70th Miss Universe Pageant later this year in Dec or Jan next year !

    • i think they’re reserving the 70th celebration on a foreign venue…heard it would be Costa Rica.

  8. Wow! If I were a candidate, I will give my best shot on that stage. The venue will really bring out the best in me. Go Rabiya! Give your best shot girl!

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