15 comments on “Confirmed: The 69th Miss Universe Host City and Venue

  1. Maybe that’s why they chose this venue even it’s expensive since the girls will be staying for a shorter time. Florida gives the latinas a homecourt advantage.

  2. The show should do away with the final 2 holding hands routine. So cheesy 🧀

  3. Great news.

    But even if everyone got the vaccine, everyone should still practice social distancing and wear masks to be safe.

    Meron daw sa MGI positive sa COVID (Kenya). If she had contact with other delegates and some staff, they should get tested again ASAP.

    • Agree Sleuth, still practice proper health protocol after being vaccinated.
      Miss grand Kenya has Covid? No not ASAP sleuth. Close contacts of Miss Grand Kenya should be tested 7 to 8 days from the day of contact to get more accurate results. They should isolate for 11 days after the day of contact for them not to transmit the virus regardless of their covid test results.

  4. Not touting a network affiliation is puzzling. I hope this will not follow FYI’s Miss USA broadcast. That was easily the worst MU-affiliated production I’ve seen in decades.

  5. So excited about this!
    With covid vaccines being rolled out in the developing countries and soon in the underdeveloped countries and staging of events such as MGI and MU, these are few reasons for celebration. Yes! Humanity is winning against covid.

  6. I feel sorry for the delegates.. of all the places, Florida? Home of soon-to-be no mask nor social distancing required.

    • It’s now $659 per night for the cheapest room. And there’s no guarantee ticket will be available.

      • Correct, Mr Norms. I was hoping that they’d consider Vegas later in the fall, when most would have been vaccinated. It’s a city with built-in buzz, plus tons of options for lodgings within walking distance of any venue.

  7. NEW YORK (AP) – ” …Paula M. Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe Organization, said in a press release Wednesday that they’ve spent months planning a safe competition. It will follow similar guidelines as November’s 2020 Miss USA competition held in Memphis.

    It’s still under consideration whether a limited audience will be permitted to watch in person.

    The Miss Universe competition will air in more than 160 territories and countries across the globe. In the U.S. it will air in Spanish on Telemundo and the English-language broadcasters will soon be announced. ”

    I wonder what english-language broadcaster will be… probably not Fox, & who will be the host ??

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