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  1. owwwhaaa.. (sorry eto na naman ako sa color.. haha).. i thought yellow is sam’s color.. but seeing her in pink in the two recent photos posted here by tito norms.. parang i am loving her in pink.. she gives me a fresh but also classy royalty vibe still. in my opinion, i feel the color pink tend to make one look young and at some point the queenly vibe is sacrificed.. but NOT for Sam here.. she looks fresh, contemporary, modern but also classy(ic).. hmmmm.. loving this on her. go sam. 🙂

  2. Ito na ang sinasabi ko noon na padinner ni Nawat katabi pa si Eva na Kain lang ng Kain habang c Paraguay ba Yung winner that time na kasama sa table ni Nawat ay chika ng chika Kay Nawat at sa ibang girls na kasama sa table while c Eva ay tahimik at Kain lang ng Kain🙄 tapos sasabihin nya na dapat nasa finalist cya hellowwww🙄

  3. Here are the next set of awards!

    Best in Hand Hygiene

    Social Distancing Queen

    Miss Pandemic

    Most Creative Face Mask

    Best in Indigenous Face Shield

    Sanitizer Queen

  4. Angkol crowned last year what is traditionally considered the best sash anywhere – Venezuela. Never mind the alleged home court hosting angle. I, personally, wished for the 1st RU instead…

    … Still, she was met with tepid reception, even by the Thais. Angkol should see the lesson.

    And maybe he needs to change his Impressum. It’s hard to stop wars that exist only in the mind as figment of whimsical imagination. Quite the contrary, he may need to DECLARE WAR, on…

    (… Bahala na siya kung anu-ano ‘yun. Kung tutuusin, MARAMI’NG puwede’ng iwaksi/supilin.)

    Unless, of course, he’s only in it for the short-term ticket sales, to H_ll with the branding. The guy’s just incredibly lucky, I reckon. And luck is very attractive, if addictive. Maybe that’s it – sheer buzz.

  5. Her styling at Ever Bilena 2019 and 2020 has been my favorite so far .
    She needs to tan a little bit and change her hair color to something darker

  6. Wag kayong umasa na mananalo ang Pilipinas dahil malamang nakarating na kay Nawat kaartehan at pagmamagaling nyo. Dami nyong puna dami nyong reklamo para naman papakinggan kayo ni Nawat. Kaiinisan lang nya kayo at damay si Samantha Bernardo.

    • @anonymous3, no big deal losing in this senseless pageant. In fact we shouldn’t waste resources and delegates on this pageant.

  7. I agree with the comments : Top Arrival? What kind of sorcery is this? What is next? Top Departure, Top Breakfast eater? Top ambush interview ? Ali-top-top Award? Lol. Anything to create some buzz no matter how cheap sounding. STOP THE aWARd!! Please.

    Having said that, I am also not a fan of her styling in this post. The positioning of her ankles looks painful. Her make-up made her look retokada. I’ll say it again, in her bad photos she looks like Gisselle Sanchez (which is not good at all).

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas (Siyempre, kung may top, may b____m.)


      I enjoy the novelty/audacity-if-gimmickry. I love the levity, which is a luxury the BIG’s will never ever have. They’ll be too busy being ‘high’. And besides, it’s all Angkol’s money. Siya masusunod lagi.

      (If the cash/sponsor-strapped MUO is wise, they’ll watch closely for lessons. Because the burden of putting on an even better show in May is theirs! ‘Wag nila’ng sabihin ‘di nila kaya’ng tapatan anuma’ng kaya’ng ibato ni Angkol ko…)

      • @Flor, you really love your “Ankle ko”. Hahaha. A Top 5 Departure will be an excellent sequel to thisTop 5 Arrival. It will be another novel gimmick to drumbeat his pageant in this home-quarantine-weary world. It is a spectacular way to dramatize that the pageant recognizes the spoils of war, so that huamnity will forever “stop the war”. Could abything be grander than that?

        Gosh, i’s early dawn here and my creative juices are just flowing.,,

  8. Dapat pala, ‘Best in Late’ si SamLo.


    I just want to share that pageant love seems to cross brand boundaries. I saw MG Philippines put up an ad on a SamBer video in YouTube. A couple of the country’s acclaimed racers take an MG stock unit up to its paces against what appear to be customized muscle cars… Not a bad finish, and the two expert drivers give it their thumbs-up.

    (Will Philippines pageant fans make a viable customer base for MG? Kayo, Blog Man, would you buy a unit yourself, po? Or, gusto niyo regaluhan kayo ni Boss fafa MG?)

  9. Top arrival? What load of nonsense. This pageant never fails to make me laugh. Very shallow. And the prize is dinner with a megalomaniac? Yet some people actually buy the nonsense. Oh well lol

    • Si Nawat may pa-beauty pageant ikaw waaa as in wala! Si Nawat sikat ikaw hindi. Si nawat may pera ikaw waley. Si nawat pinag-uusapan ikaw never nangyari. Ikaw pa rin ang mahirap at kawawa compare to nawat. 😆😝✌️

  10. So funny that even the candidates’ arrival has to be ranked! Isn’t it silly, MGI? Ikaw lang MGI… nag-iisa ka. I don’t think the Big 4 pageants would do the same, kasi nga napaka-ewan ni Nawat! Ma-gimik na may pag-OA ang datingan just like trip to Jerusalem, whoever takes the available seat is guaranteed for the next round game.

    • I wouldnt be surprised at all if there will soon be a Top 5 Departures Award for pageant non-winners. Such would be a practicable way to dramatise the “stop the war” advocacy of MGI!

  11. Grand Entrance Award with a “private small dinner” prize? But make no mistake about it: the dinner is with the owner of the pageant. Who knows the dinner will give Sam B with a peek into the owner’s grand illusion of “world peace”. This is an opportunity indeed that rarely beckons on an aspirant.

    • Or rather, the “small dinner” may hugely give Sam B with a peek into the owner’s grand illusion of “stop the war”. What a great privilege!

  12. I don’t like the styling
    Trying to be Thai is not gonna win her points

  13. Somethin weird about the skirt.. but ok….

    Anyway, I hope she wins!

  14. Hindi pa naman ‘ata ngayon’g gabi-i mismo ‘yun’g dinner, ‘di bala Super Blog? If I recall correctly, Ewa, too, was in that small dinner with Angkol back in 2018… So yes, way to go, Pi(_)noys! 🙂

    Two weeks pa sila’ng naka-bubble sa Golden Tulip Sovereign. I am TOO EXCITED for the Swim Desfile-Showdown Prelims in Phuket.

    MGMyanmar was buoyed by host votes, right? Kasi, I heard/read something about a Taiwan-HK-Thai (informal) alliance in support of de-fanging the junta in Yangon… I wonder, though, if hard sanctions from the West will be enough to ‘stop the war’… Maybe Angkol can work wonders…

    Ecuador and Philippines will be OK with Puerto Rico, Argentina, & Guatemala for the Final Five.

    • @flor if u know Sam b sabihin mo wag lalafang gaano aayaw Ng tyong malakas lumafang. Eva was enjoying the food that time

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