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  1. Pasali rin sa question? Me significance kaya sa Florida ang May 16? May 16 din ang date ng Miss Universe 1997 nuon when Brooke Lee won. Miami naman ang venue.

  2. If ever she will really join MWP, it’s going to be a big gamble on her part since she is already established…she has brought so much honor to our country by placing twice and considering those who screened for MWP this year are quite strong…a mix of fresh faces, pageant veterans, models and those under ALV…so, it’s gonna be one helluva competition! bjut should she decide to join, I will support her because we know she can deliver..subok na!

  3. daming malakas ngayon sa MWP not to mention mga alaga ni ALV….so, it’s a no for me.

  4. Another great Pinoy beauty along with Maxine
    Classy without even trying
    Too meek to win MU but I think she can make top 5 at MU just by virtue of her beauty and good attitude

  5. wag na! baka ma-Michelle Gumabao ka pa! ok na accomplishments mo sa pageantry as Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2015, Miss Globe 2019 2nd Runner up. Then, Myra-E model ka pa. Try new things.

  6. Rest na! Time is up already. Give others a chance. Its time to venture into something else other than a pageant contestant.

  7. Sana MUP na lang kung pwede pa age nya. Gandang Pilipina, may chance sya

  8. To the question about the “most successful Miss UST batch.” I think it’s the batch that produced Jeanne Therese Hilario (Bb. Pilipinas-Maja ’89), Gem Padilla (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe ’90) and Milagros Javellosa (Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism ’90). MIss UST batch ’89. Hilario (then reigning Miss QC too) won Miss UST (representing the College of Engineering) with Padilla and Javellosa as her runners-up.

    • @twinkle. 1989 Miss UST batch was also successful but not quite as successful as the 2010 batch.

  9. She’s also an amazing Filipino beauty .
    And she comes off as very responsible and reliable . I think this will count for something if she ever gets that honor of repping our country at MU .

  10. Lacking bubbly personality and superb comm skills,
    Her chances of surpassing her previous wins are slim.
    But I like her dedication . She really works hard to represent the Phlippines the best way possible .
    Who knows where this may take her ?
    So go, Leren Leren Sinta!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Thanks so much for bringing up that ‘bubbly personality’ thing! 🙂

      Another Bb (this current roster) has also made efforts to make herself better known to pageant media. She said something which I think merits consideration.

      “People think I’m suplada kasi ‘di ako madaldal and all that”… Or, something to that effect.

      Yes, it takes much self-confidence to put yourself under public scrutiny (as in joining a pageant). But I think we have to put an end to this mentality that loquaciousness is mandatory and that to be quiet is weak/meek-ness. After all, like one of us said, the ignorant preach. Ergo by extension, the wise know when to shut up and let the fools be themselves? Game! I’ll be ‘le fou’…

  11. I doubt she will be Lola Julia’s cup of tea so she will probably be a Supra or Eco-bound if she wins….

    Undoubtedly beautiful but there’s a lot fresh faces out there too who are just as hungry as hers.

  12. why not Miss Universe Philippines if she is still of age ? looking great in black

    … MU trivia : name at least two MU winners who wore black when they were crowned during MU finals night … follow up question, name at least three MU winners who wore green … Good Luck !!

    • This is fun. What is the prize?
      Wearing black: Riyo Mori and Karen Baldwin
      Wearing green: Amparo Munoz, Kerry Anne Wells, and Georgina Rizk

      • no prize , just for fun … I think Lebanon wore a ocean blue type middle eastern style gown , like for belly dancing …. a winner who wore green was Australia , Jennifer Hawkins

        during the black & white televsiion era, perhaps there were more but … we cannot know …

        you got right the two in black ( Mori and Baldwin )

      • @jaretwrightover.
        Name the Miss Universe who was considered as the queen of fire and rain.

      • Another trivia. Tuloy tuloy na. Although out of topic
        The most successful Miss UST batch? And why?

      • I don’t know about miss ust …

        guess on queen of fire and rain … I wager it is Ieda Vargas of Brazil MU1963

      • Queen of fire and rain is Deborah Carthy-Deu, 1985 Miss Universe. During the 1985 Miss San Juan, Puerto Rico, the venue caught fire and she had to wait for 5 hours for her crowning. At another local pageant where she was also the winner, it rained so heavily that the venue got flooded. She also contracted chicken pox but was able to recover in time before the 1985 Miss Universe pageant. Deborah had been hounded with tragedies but still emerged victorous.

        Most successful Miss UST batch was 2010
        Winner- janine Tugonon became 2012 MUP and 2012 MU first runner -up
        First runner -up- Cyndi Miranda became 2013 Bb Pilipinas-Tourism and semifinalist in 2013 MTQI
        Top 4- Aya Abesamis- 2019 Bb Pilipinas-Grand international

    • @ jaretwrightlover Ano ‘yan, po? Pa-tease ni Psychic G.?

      Naku! Parang ’70’s – ’80’s ‘yan’g winning colors na ‘yan. At Americas & Europeans.

      (16 May 2021 should reveal a crescent moon… Do you like chartreuse-colored Swim and black-velvety-not-shimmery Evening Dress with STRONG red lips for ROM, po?)

      • just for fun … another trivia , has there ever been a MU winner who wore a brown or purple gown ?

      • MU72 Kerry Anne Wells wore a printed gown with a mix of brown and green, as far back as I can remember.

      • Zozobini Tonzi and Zuleyka Rivera- golden brown?
        Sushmita Sen- light brown?
        Purple? I do not remember.

    • My trivia about Miss Universe? The 5 countries who made in the top10 in 1994, were also called in the same positions in 1997! 1. Sushmita Sen and Nafisa Joseph 2. Minorka Mercado and Marena Bencomo 5. Lu Parker and Brooke Lee 6. Ariana David and Denny Mendez 7. Domenique Forsberg and Victoria Lagerstrom, all in 1994 and 1997 respectively!

  13. Leren is A&Q no, po?

    (Bakit ko bigla’ng naisip na marahil ay napusuan siya ni Doktora Eco?)

    Mr. Tinio, would you say this rumor is on the same level as when you blogged about the possibility of Jamie Herrell joining BBP 2019/20?

    My mind is still fully open as far as Eco-International 2021 is concerned. I won’t mind at all if Leren gets the assignment… And now that we have begun ‘March-ing’, how are the days leading up to Day’s departure, po? Any teasers/spoilers for us on that matter, our dear sweet Blogger?

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