17 comments on “Jehza Huelar Simon: A Mother she will become soon!

  1. Ang haba ng mga daliri ni PJ hihihi! Anong size kaya ng paa nya?
    Congrats to both of you.

  2. gusto ko yung naka-white sya…very divine..parang syang bride ulit! hehehe

  3. It’s a baby boom for 2018 Bb Pilipinas queens. Karen, Eva, and now Jehza. Congratulations!

    • @ serge Speaking of the 2018 batch,…

      Panlilio-Gumabao, Abalos-Rushton, and Milby-Gray need to start something soon. 🙂

      SamBer is competing atm, though we know she has jowa. Manalo, bata pa naman at gusto pa natin’g… manalo.

  4. I am sorry to say but that matrona hair-look (tease) is not fetching at all. It has aged her a lot. And that copper tent made her look like a sofa.

    The other photos are beautiful.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas You must be in the habit of reading magazines on high-end interior decorating. 🙂

      (I will not mind owning a Le Corbusier – inspired furniture piece! In copper alloy for timelessness.)

    • i agree! am not buying the matrona look! she still looks young and fresh even if pregnant with the other photos.

      • @ Kim Jae-kyu Thanks so much for bringing up that ‘still-young-and-fresh-though-pregnant’ thing!


        Now I can share this…

        A now-not-too-young international socialite of Far Eastern origin said, “every age has its own rules. There is simply no sense in trying to look like a young girl”.

  5. L-O-V-E that bronze (looks more copper to me) caftan! Very NYFW. 🙂

    Juices! ‘Pag nagkataon at makuha ng junakis ang height ni fafa PJ, pageant agad. Haba pa naman biyas ni Jehza…

    All the very best to the family-to-be.

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