7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 4 Premiere

  1. How is Karen LAurrrie’s communication skills?

    Her chameleon’s face screams future super model/Miss Universe.

  2. Tito Norman, sino pa ba’ng ‘dili niyo pa na-feature sa PN’s? Kasi, gusto niyo ‘ata, ‘yun’g medyo matunog, or ma-impluwensiya ‘yun’g Manager/Handler, no? Para pasok sa jar lagi prediction niyo?

    Pat Babista?

    For Part 2 of ‘Bb’s Back in Action’, I will predict… Ticaro and Rosales, too. And will you do that Holy Week reflection by the candidates, like you used to do, po?

    • Actually, gusto ko primarily yung hindi pa-VIP for guesting. I make an effort per episode so I would be happy having guests who really appreciate getting invited.

  3. There is no doubt that Franchesca Taruc would reach the top 15 on her 1st hey at BBP….
    I just hope she nails her question w/ flyibg colors to at least secure a runner-up placement…

  4. Karen Laurie has the physique very much similar to her Ilongga Sister Queen,Rabiya…Balingkinitan,petite frame….Again,what Rabiya had done to her body right now is the same thing that Karen needs to do.Infact,i see Karen as more flat in the breast department..albeit much skinnier than the Old Rabiya.

    • Yes agree. Kaya nga nagpagawa ng breast si Rabiya not to make her front more prominent. Si karrie flat chested talaga.

  5. I saw these girls personally . Karen the prettiest should put at least 10lbs coz she was so frail the head is not proportioned w the rest of the body of tataba sya mas maganda sya Justine felizarta pinaka bet ko sa 3 . Taruc looks like been seethorn / katryn bernardo

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