12 comments on “Binibinis Back in Action Part 1

  1. Basiano Felizarta Montaigne Vickie Arnold and Panlilio for the win !

    • @ Fabian Reyes I want to overthink this, po. 🙂

      Rushton is now DQ for Yokohama City; MIO restored the 28-year age ceiling. She might be too short for (The) Globe… Nias Pilar wants Arnold.

      I propose for your rumination this assignment.

      BBP-International > Basiano.
      BBP-Grand > Angkol likes Montaigne, who should be a great follow-up to SamBer.
      BBP-Intercontinental > Either Panlilio or Felizarta would be good follow-up to Tiglao, no? The other becomes 1st Runner-up*.
      BBP-(The)Globe > Arnold. She could quite easily finish better than Leren (1st Runner-up), then suit up to represent Masbate at MUP 2022/3 (once her contract with Deliart Association ends).

      * – (rumored/anticipated fifth crown/title)

      Rushton will be 2nd Runner-up.

      • BBP 2015 pa lang bet ko na yan si Justine Beatrice Felizarta. Maganda ang
        mukha at hinde OA ang pasarela. Articulate too.

        Buti at pinayagan sya ulit ng parents nya to join.

  2. Laurie and Taruc are not going to do well with that level of comm skills
    Justine is a much improved version of Ara Arida . Will she be just as lucky ???

  3. I donot know if Tatum can herself in the mirror
    The make up is horrendous .. her face looks fake

  4. May pagka Eva Green dating ng lady with outdoor background.
    Perhaps it’s her eyes eyebrows.

  5. This post could have been sub-titled : The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

    Distracting (guess who): Bad clownish make up. No chin. Plastic covered lamp. Plastic covered face. Over contoured noses (yes, plural). Chicklet upper teeth. Bad lower teeth.

    Good : They are all articulate. The natural look of Karen complete with trees. Lol. Justine.

    World Peace.

  6. Am sick with “new month, early start” feels. Good morning from Feeleepeens, guys! 🙂

    I want to form a food trip posse with them, with all the food references/statements…

    Mendoza – will use that last 100 Peso bill to gas up and de-stress (which, when you think of it, makes some sense…).
    Taruc – Pampanga is culinary central of Luzon Region 3.
    Felizarta – can’t cook despite best efforts; was introduced to ‘kare-kare’ by Tito T.

    Alam ko na! Blog Man, convince M(Ilo)2x org to host BBP 2022, so Mendoza can show us around, if virtually, to re-acquaint pageant fans to the Visayas’ own food mecca. And perhaps to new dishes that were concocted recently by Ilonggos…. Btw, what’s your signature dish, po?

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