13 comments on “Re-Introducing Binibini1 Samantha Alexandra Panlilio

  1. Just like Resham and Sam Lo, she has a big chance to trounce the prettier candidates.
    But she is very pretty too
    A potential MGI Or Globe

    • @ Fabian Reyes You just pitted her up against the BIG camps’ current flag bearers. Do you agree these two are prettier than ‘SamPan’?

      Hannah Arnold of A&Q, whom Nias Pilar (Globe) wants.
      Maureen Montaigne of KF, whom Angkol Nawatt (Grand) wants.


  2. She is well-spoken. I will not be surprised if she will win a crown.
    My wishlist before to try Binibini was her cousin, Patricia Borromeo(RIP). So sad, she was gone too soon.

  3. Para syang si precious Lara. Since blogger is 5’9 .estimated height 5’5. Runner up finish

  4. I thought she’s a Janicel Lubina or Cara Subijano caliber, but she’s just another pretty face.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she’s a very pleasant, humble and kind girl, and coming from a well-off clan, equipped to join pageants such as BBP.
    However, her type is dime a dozen in this country.
    Thank candidate #1 but a BIG NO.

  5. Erratum.

    Nicole, not Samantha, Guerrero. I’m sorry. 😦

    I recall, apat sila ng A&Q at the time, parang the four directions – Atty. Patch (Bataan, WEST of Manila), Aya (Pasig City is on the EAST-ern edge of Manila), Nicole (Ilocos Sur, so NORTH), & Lo (Cebu, SOUTH of Manila).

    Since Nicole is Ilocos Sur, can she be successor to Adelma Krissel Benicta? Hence, MUP 2022?

    • Nicole Guerrero is your typical 1st generation Asian American white washed immigrant na sabaw. She’s a valley girl. Ang sabaw. Lumaki sa states na walang sense ang mga sagot. Malaki sana potential

  6. Oh, that was noice. 🙂

    May hawig sila ni Rowee, no? Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g head shots…

    I didn’t know the Panilios are also in real estate development.

    King Blogger, you drive? Or, you have a driver? Same day ‘to as the dinner with Rabiya, no? This was afternoon tea? I like good old-fashioned Lipton tea-in-a-bag…

    These Fil-Am candidates… Naalala ko ‘yun’g 2019 batch. Mayro’n din. A&Q. Samantha Guerrero? Anyare na du’n? Does she have sufficient residency na? Will she try muli? Ta’s, ‘yun’g fi-neature mo earlier na Stephanie (?) Lincoln, Fil-Brit right? Nasa ‘Pinas siya now? Or, she screened for MWP virtually? Si eager-beaver McDonnell, eager pa rin? Ang MMP 2021, kailan mag-sta-start?

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