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    • @ DIVA BAKLAVA Mareh, I am feeling you! 🙂

      ‘To’ng Neil na ‘to, he reminds me of an employee at the Procurement Department of a government agency I dealt with long ago. Jusko! Easily, one of the most beautiful guys I’ve seen in the flesh. Like Rab’s bf, maputi-makinis-matangkad-may tindig. But imagine a somewhat Western version – rosiness in the cheeks, chiselled nose, and glossy-soft-wavy jet-black mane. Chubby. Hayst!!!

      He possessed a soft-low-deep-gentle voice, stood straight, and in particular the blue-green ‘baller’ band he had on seared into my memory. I asked him about it. “From your GF?”, I asked. He said it was from his parents working in Japan; it was to represent an advocacy organization his ‘rents’ joined…. He was neatly/immaculately dressed. ‘Oh, ‘di bala? P-A-G-I-B–I-G.

  1. I would love for her to crack the top 5 again but I think a top 10 finish would be a step in the right direction after Gazini’s missteps in 2019.

  2. yey. we are now seeing her sporting a different hairstyle (and make-up as well, a pretty relaxed dress down vibe).. in a ‘white’ printed top. nice. excited to see her different looks in the coming days. 🙂

  3. Rabiya is taller than I thought. One of the guys is tip toeing while wearing platform tennis shoes haha!

  4. On the first topmost photo,that angle…Rabiya subtlely projects a Megan Young-Queenly vibe…On her photo alongside Tito Norms,i can feel a Gul Panag,Ms.India vibe on her…HINDI NA SYA MUKHANG NENENG PROBINSYANA plucked from the proverbial backwaters of the Philippine islands downsouth.The TOTAL TRANSFORMATION IS VERY EVIDENT! LUV IT!!

  5. Mukhang nagpapapayat ang BF ni Rabiya.
    May nagbago sa kanya mula nung una kong nakita sa video ni Tita Lavinia (interview kay Rabiya).

  6. Louie Heredia is into pageants??? Hmmm may lalabas kasa sa closet??
    I will be happy for you if you will..

    • Madam, matagal na siyang out of the closet. Panahon pa ni Jennifer Barrientos.

      • Ay ganun ba, sorry Madam di ko knows.
        Ngayon alam ko na. Im happy for him.
        I love the “Nag Iisang Ikaw” song

  7. Why was Butch Francisco not in this gathering ? Aren’t Louie and Butch “close friends”?

    Good that Tito Norman explained that the other guy is Rabiya’s beau. He could have passed as as member of that all male barkada.

    World Peace.

  8. A bunch of beautiful people.
    Rabiya and Neil make a lovely couple.
    Rabiya has to interact with some pageant experts to get valuable tips from them

  9. Sponsored ba itech ni Louie Heredia?

    May group yang sila Louie na puro mga pageant lovers! Kaya madalas kasama niya sila Coring, Patty B at Marina B! Sabi nga ni Madam Coring, united with one passion…. pageantry!

    Anyway, going back to Rabiya, sa lahat ng naging Miss Universe Philippines if not of all beauty queens, siya yung pinaka-receptive sa criticism! Others are really stubborn!

    Pero tignan mo naging result, makipaghampasan na talaga siya ng balakang! Ang ganda ng abs niya, putik! Maintenance na lang ang kailangan!

    Even her pasarela maganda na rin! Fine-tuning na lang sa mga transition! Tulad ng pivoting of legs when you made it through the center, transition of hands to waist! Facial expressions! Mga ganun! At dahil puro flat studio yung mga training ground nila, aralin rin niya kung paano bumaba ng stage na parang anghel! Just like what Oxana did na kaya naman naging highest swimsuit score in history!

    The greatest challenge of all is her reasoning skill! Communication skill, she has it already since day 1! She need to have a clean slate! She need to let go of her personal bias! She need to organize her thought like a diplomat without sugar-coating but more on positive scripting!

    Former Miss International, Daniela Giacomo mentioned that the Miss Universe will be held in Miami Florida! Kung dun man, alam naman natin na Florida is synonymous to “The Latin State”!

    At higit sa lahat, blooming na blooming talaga si Norman Tinio! Parang nasa 30’s lang ang peg!

      • @ Norman May boyfriend din si Gazini, ‘di po ba? OK din ‘yun… Low-key. 🙂

        There’s something about Neil (here) that just sinks in very nicely… I really cannot say the same about the other MUP’s from 2015 to ’18 (the medical doctor – then the race car driver – then the travel/fitness/social media monster of 2015, the runway model of 2016*, the provincial governor of 2017, and the CTS Runner-up – then actor of 2018), as their guys tend toward showiness, kasi nga mga public figure somewhat… There were times they seemed to out-stage their queen. Not Neil.

        * – the current is from a well-to-do family and they are set to marry, no po? Ice cream ba negosyo?

        Blogger, ‘yun’g mga ‘visita’ mo mamaya, tanungin mo kung if in relationships na sila. If wala/hindi, pakitanong kung anu-ano ang mga DAPAT isaalang-alang ng mga nag-opt for ‘singularity’. Tyvm!

  10. Ano ‘yan’g entree niyo, Tito Boss? Looks like high-end spring roll. Indeed, winter is ending. 🙂

    Ampugi talaga ni fafa Neil. Tangkad pa. Being a SARS-Cov2 medical front-liner, he should get vaccinated against this virus before long… Good for him.

    (Speaking of tall-and-handsome, maybe just for a change of pace Mr. Norms will do individual features on a few more promising applicants for MrWP 2021 at the Screening…)

    Less “teacher/academic” means less preachy and story-telling, no?

    Where is Rabiya staying? At that condo unit she won for herself as MUP 2021, or still bunking in with Kimberley and Pauline? Is she already using her MG SUV? Does JG give her pocket money?

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