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    • @ Anonymous Also, if I might add, po…

      LIKE niyo rin mismo ang page ng MGI (‘yun’g may ‘tsek’); baka ma-invalidate ang votes. 🙂

      LIKE lang! Huwag ‘care’ at ‘heart’. Your friends who may have committed the error, tell them. Tyvm.

  2. One of the best Filipina rep na ipinadala natin sa mgi. Not expecting too much as we all know may pagka psychotic si no-need-to-mention. Paasa na naman yang tao na yan e may galit yan sa pinoy fans. But I wish her goodluck.

  3. Overall, her communication skills are good enough. Constant practice (daily conversations in English to sound spontaneous) and additional speech coaching are needed to improve further her speaking abilities/skills leading to the pageant night. Will someone also coach her on pronunciation (including the word ‘temperature”), please? Thank you. Good morning to all.

  4. Let’s show our love and support for Samantha Bernardo by LIKING and SHARING her photo on Miss Grand International’s Facebook Page. ♥️
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      • @ aj & @ ECE Parang “Hell’s Kitchen”, ba? 🙂

        But if it’s also there at Golden Tulip Sovereign, I would SO… Their Chinese food offerings look good enough to (beep!!!).

        For sure, on sheer number of votes, Karisma (Indonesia) will join SamBer with Angkol. I recall Mr. Tinio made a post (last year) on MGI(ndonesia) 2020 going virtual a’ la lock-in (at a hotel, too). Ivan Gunawan holds the country franchise, no? At least, dedicated national selection, if reality show…

      • @ aj and @ ECE Yuck indeed!! 😆 Suggested menu: spicy amplaya ( you-know-who’s “fondness” for pinoy fans and his “goodwill” towards ME)

    • I liked and shared already her photo. Sad lang, ang daming nagHEART and nagCARE….yung likes lang ang counted (5 points) tapos mababa tayo sa SHARE (10 points) as compared to Indonesia. Sana palitan nila into LIKE para ma-count vote nila and ma-share pa kahit i-only me yung select audience or share through message. let’s have bayanihan and not ugaling talangka for Sam B!

    • it’s head to head between Philippines (77k likes and 1.3M shares) and Indonesia with 48k likes and 1.6M shares atm….sayang yung 50k HEARTS natin, hindi counted, hope they change it to LIKES 😦

      @flortula and @manuelq it’s gonna be one helluva dinner! slay Sam B! slay!

      • Yes!!! Pageant fans unite! SHARES have higher points….LIKE- 5 points, SHARE-10 points…voting is until March 1.

  5. Next time ayusin muna suot na damit bago mag-video. Yung kanang balikat di malaman kung bakit nakalobo yung damit pero sa kaliwang balikat flat naman.

    • LOL!!!! Stop being so shady veks… hihihihi….

      I used to say pic-CHUR until my friends started making fun of me in the US… hhihihihi

    • @C2F- again, hindi mo ikinaganda yang mga hanash mong ganyan beks. haha. Support na lang natin ang dyosang si Sam B! 💚💚💚

  6. My gosh. Pangalan pa lang ng hotel – Golden Tulip Sovereign – panalo na. 🙂

    Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g isa’ng hotel na tinuluyan ko… Palatial! With really noice garden in front. I don’t recall the name, nor in which part of the city it was. It wasn’t along the BTS route; you had to take the “tube” (their MRT) to get to a BTS station. A short walk away was a BIG night club. In the opposite direction was a supermarket where I chanced upon COLORFUL-SWEET-GUMMY-SOFT pastries having no English label, were inexpensive, and ended up as “pasalubong” for opis meyts.

    (This, in addition to my Patpong signage comment in the earlier MGP-SamBer post, are part of my many wonderful memories of the “City of Angels”. Kaya Boss Tito, isa’ng araw share notes tayo.)

    • @flor share ko Lang Yun sister ko may 3rd eye nag stay kami sa hotel Beverly naloka ako dami nakita si sister. At Alam ata nila na nakakita sya nakita ko gumagalaw Yun door know kahit walang Tao. We booked a condo na may 2bedrooms sa loob. Don’t let me start on Phuket sa dami Ng nakita nya na mumu

      • @ bonsaihater ‘Ay, yeah… I’ve heard/read somewhere na Phuket is “spiritual”. Thx 4 sharing. 🙂

  7. She is gorgeous! I love this look on her… and her make-up is on point. She’s not as eloquent as I thought she’d be but, thankfully, proficiency in English is not a requirement for winning MGI anyway (based on past winners). I look forward to her daily looks and can’t wait to see her compete onstage. She’ll do great!

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