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  1. Let’s show our love and support for Samantha Bernardo by LIKING and SHARING her photo on Miss Grand International’s Facebook Page. ♥️
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    Top 5 highest points will have a special meal with Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil the President and the Founder of Miss Grand International Organization. You can vote from today until 1st March 6:00 pm. (Thailand time)

  2. I may just be not updated on pageant happenings in the Phils. But where is BPCI in all of these preparations for Sam B’s bid fof MGI crown?

  3. BEAUTIFUL SAMANTHA BERNARDO! Norman KINSA MAN NG CAUCASIAN GUY sa PICTURE? MAO na iyang boyfriend? Kung oo, yan din ang dapat gawin ni Isabela Galeria, Michelle Dee at Aya Abesamis. Dapat Caucasian para GUMANDA ang kanilang mga anak.

      • @ Norman Gud Wed PM, Mr. Tinio.

        So, atm Sam ay tenga sa hotel room undergoing the mandatory quarantine stay. But, I suppose kahit virtually she can already get things rolling by getting in touch with the host delegate… May plano ba si Angkol na pa-Zoom or something to welcome her?

        (Who else is on the way to BKK, po? Or, at least who’s all set to fly soon?)

    • Naku, Atong!

      Hindi mo ba nakita mga pica nila nung guy sa FB?

      Jowa niya yan! Oh diba pumi-Pia Wurtzbach din sisteret natin!

      Mukhang daks si Popsy! based sa mga picture nila on the beach! Ahihihi!

      Nagka-jowa ako Caucasian, isang Italiano at isa Australian pero di ko sila talaga bet!

      Mas bet ko mga Vanilla at Chocolate! Oh diba, lumabas nanaman pagiging kaladkarin ko!

  4. She looks elegant & expensive.

    I was worried about the looking expensive part because the gowns she wore in her introductory video were just passable, and not particularly luxe.

    In this departure look, she has stepped it up. It’s understated, but refined & altogether outstandanding

    Well done Team KF!

  5. Boss Blogger, I recall nu’ng Take 2 niya sa BBP, may napag-usapan’g (dito rin, ‘ata, but you can ask Admin to confirm sa Archives) foreigner boyfriend si SamBer. Is this him, po?

    (I saw the video made by P101, wherein she states to the effect that her father is passed on. Tama ba? So, in this photo, too, are mum and bro…)

    ‘Yan nga pala ‘yun’g natutunan ko tuwing nag-tra-travel. WEAR SLIP-ON/OFF SHOES (read : not boots, no laces) to facilitate rapid passage through Security Check. Nagbabaon na lang ako ng socks sa carry-in, in case bugnaw sa eroplani… 🙂

    Buti na lang PAL! But of course, if it’s Suvarnabhumi, first choice lagi ang Thai Airways.

  6. Taray ni ghorl. Susuungin ang lahat makapag compete lang abroad at maging matunog ang pangalan para makasungkit ng mas mayaman. Keber na sa covid basta dapat makapag sash ng Philippines lol

    Pero syempre, kunyari for the country.

    • @babynica I feel she is sincere and determined to represent our country based on her interviews. Looking also at her advocacy, it’s something that she is really passionate about and rooted in her love for her fellow Palaweños. Don’t throw shade at our queens. Be supportive. Don’t be a toxic pageant fan.

    • Nica- what’s your problem dude? Sounds like you are envious – that’s not a good thing. You will even uglier than you already are now 🤣

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