45 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Departure outfit in Manila, arrival impact in Bangkok

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      LIKE also the official MGI page (the one with a ‘check’ icon), as failing to do so might invalidate votes…?

      LIKE lang! ‘Yun’g frens niyo na nag-‘care’ at ‘heart’, tell them to change it at once. Twelve (12) hours to go.

  2. She bears some resemblance to miss grand Thailand 2019, Coco Lee. No wonder Nawat is so fond of her.

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  4. Iniisip ko kanina… ndi kaya masyadong pangMiss U ung level ng outfit ni Samantha?

    Then i realized, bka un ang gustong makita sa atin ng MGI… that MU level ng preparation.
    Kahit papaano, malaki ang ginagastos nila sa pageant n ‘yan so gusto nila eh nasusuklian naman un.

    Just saying!
    Sana manalo nga siya.

  5. Ano ba yan? Bakit ang ganda ganda ganda nya? Pang-MU ang datingan ni Sam B. 🇵🇭

  6. Glad to see people at the airport follow standard social distancing procedures.
    Even the presenter properly distanced himself. Very professional.
    Best of luck to Ms. PH.

  7. Mas OK sana kung nag-attempt man lang sana sya magThai greeting. It will be more appreciated. Wala tuloy yung connection.

  8. I understandshe’s wearing a mask and her waving the flag on one hand, but Why was she not waving to the audience and blowing kisses with the other hand?!.. What was she holding on her other hand?! She should have planned this… Did she not study how Catriona arrived at Thailand?! Body language is a key element here & looking aloof won’t win her any fans…. Kakadating palang and she’s already underwhelming… 😦 She better make up for this dissapointment…. Her whole performance should be flawless if she wants to win..

    • put yourself on her shoes…if she’s holding the flag and her documents, how can you still wave and blow kisses to people? her presence and how she carried herself are part of her performance and she did well…she walked with such poise and class….don’t be too hard on her!

    • Have you tried blowing kisses with face mask on?
      And because of that she is underwhelming and won’t win a fan? I don’t think so. I am sure she knows what she’s doing. Contesera kaya yan! Wag judgemental agad agad.

    • @Closer2Fame If you look at the later part of the video, she was waving. And you have to understand that these are different times as compared to Catriona’s in 2018. Sam B has to abide their strict health and safety protocols. If you have been traveling recently, you would need all the required documents (med cert, certificate of entry, RT-PCR test etc) on hand. Traveling has truly been more challenging these days. 😦

    • @C2F- Di mo ikinaganda yan mga verbal mong ganyan beks. Support na lang natin si Sam B!!! 💚💚💚

    • Bombero Bombero may nasusunog po.
      Tustang tusta na po si Closer hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Ano ka ba bakla! Nakita mong may bitbit. Saan ilalagay ang mga hawak nya sa bag na lagi na lang kukunin pag kailangan? Isip-isip din. May pandemya kaya maraming dapat ipakita at daanan at gawin. Puro na lang suggestion di naman nakakatulong.🤨💉🤔

  9. she was the first delegate to arrive first. She surely impressed the MGI Org. A big step closer towards the crown.

    • Correction: she was the first delegate to arrive in Thailand.
      A big step towards the crown

      • Ano ba yan? Bakit ang ganda ganda ganda nya? Pang-MU ang datingan ni Sam B. 🇵🇭

    • Correction: she was the first delegate to arrive in Thailand.
      A big step towards the crown

    • @serge I think so too….she created a big impact and drummed up excitement for us, pageant fans. I hope she emerges victorious in her long pageant journey…tagal nyang hinintay at pinaghandaan ito. Kaya i’m giving my full support sa kanya.

    • Last time, Philippine delegate Samantha Lo arrived last in Caracas Venezuela for MGI 2019.
      This time, a different Samantha (Bernardo) is the first delegate to arrive in Bangkok Thailand for MGI 2021. Two Samanthas (is this a coincidence) but different strategies?

  10. She’s so stunning! She looks Thai royalty! if you go to MGI fb page, they even have a news reporter to cover her arrival. If last year, ours was the last to arrive, this time, we’re the early bird. All the best, Sam B! have lots of rest while on quarantine.

  11. Touchdown na ang bakla sa Bangkok!

    Sinalubong na ng mga faney ng Santol Station! Charot!

    • She should be wearing a matching designer mask….

      Hindi nakaka glamour ang n95 mask nya… 🙄

  12. Her styling and dress are on point, fit for a beauty pageant candidate who is Thailand-bound. She is so gorgeous

  13. Herr Norman, so if we understood the MGI 2021 Schedule correctly (a previous post here), Sam will stay in BKK in compliance with swab test protocols before making the final push to Phuket…?

    For that matter, any Thai KF trainees to welcome her? And will your Thailand-based pageant media frens, too (I suppose dapat lang siguro…)?

    So, if she took the first PAL flight to Suvarnabhumi (AM), dapat palapag na ‘yon, if it hasn’t already.

    (Herr Norman, share with us one of these days your fondest memories of Thailand, please.)

  14. looove her look! cant wait to see her arrival photos in the land of smiles! Kudos to her stylists and team! She brings in something new and this excites us, pageant fans! supporting Sam B, all the way! bring home that golden crown!


    Beauty contenders (including Isabela Galeria & MWP applicants) SHOULD LEARN from this EXCELLENT EXAMPLE.

  16. Sobrang linis at classy tingnan!!! Best departure ensemble ever. Great job to the designer.

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