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  1. All this talk. That the 2016 class of MGI was a relatively weak field…

    Sana pala, kung hindi si Ariska, si Madison na lang. Ta’s, Reserva Primera si NC. 🙂

    Angkol regarded NC well, if photos then are any indication.

    If PR will win this year, Fabiola Valentin isn’t too bad a prospect, either. She could have upended Madison at their Nationals two years ago. Fabiola, imo, is MI material!

  2. ‘Hoping for the best for Sam! I always feel sincerity from her. Parang well liked din sya, in and around the pageant girls. Parati syang may positive comments sa Instagram accts of the girls, which I find endearing, considering na competition sila. Parang “what you see is what you get” sa kanya; always bubbly, always with a smile, and pageant ready!

    Good luck!

  3. Sam definitely has a great chance to bring us back to the top 5 finish. A crown is also not impossible, thinking that Venezuela will pass it on to another powerhouse, giving Nawat that type of momentum to gain more popularity in the pageant world. And Philippines, being a good English speaker will be tremendous.

    Lastly, geographically, it make sense to crown someone from Asia due to the pandemic’s travel restrictions and issues. They at least can focus on traveling locally and promoting the brand in Asia Pacific which makes a lot of sense as well.

    I hope Nawat is reading my comments….hihihihih

    • @ 4M Great, po, for bringing it up! 🙂

      Angkol will oblige his new queen to stay in Thailand; after all, the pandemic will make a quick trip back home to her country tricky… So, it makes some sense to crown someone who isn’t from afar.

    • @4M

      Totaly agree! Crowning Samantha Bernardo fo the Philippines is timely and relevant to the pandemic.

  4. in my opinion, Sam B is our best rep Physicaly at MGI… Best swimsuit and possibly best in runway….
    She also has the same level of comskills as Parul Shah or more…

  5. Bakit parang lumalabas lagi si Nicole C whenever may lalaban sa MGI? Feeling nya sya mgpapanalo ng delegate ng Pinas?

    Di rin naman sya ganun ka articulate to start with. Nadala lang sa hype, tapos ayun feeling na sya.

    Di ba ng coach din sya kay Sam Lo, oh anyare??

    • Di masyadong articulate? Mag face off kayo sa Q and A Dear. Have respect she was the best performing Philippine candidate in history and many would agree she could have been our first Grand winner if hindi na politika. Don’t take it against if di naging successful candidates after her.

    • I youtubed ang mgi performance ng Nicole kasi magaling daw ang com skills niya.
      Bagsak naman pala sa final Q&A.
      Sinubukang magpabibo by choosing Trump and it backfired on her 😅
      Baka silent DDS din pala si self-proclaimed pageant guru/coach na yan ha.

    • Yes, seems like everyoneBy this time has noticed her mentoring may not be as good as expected. She does have a lot catching up when compared to other pageant mentors.

    • I think it’s because she is the one who received the highest placement in MGI so far but I think the performances of Parul and Elizabeth Clenci were better and more MGI prototype

  6. Malakas Laban ni Sam.
    Very fluid magsalita
    At physically , Mukhang ready na !
    She needs to have a happy disposition on stage .
    Wag fierce , wala namang nananalo na fierce .

  7. Except for the part where she commented on Nicole’s Q&A performance at Grand , I think Sam did really well .
    I have high hopes !

  8. Here follow the attributes of a good mentor.

    1) Knows when to come in, and pull back.
    2) Will only say what is necessary for that moment, not needlessly volunteer/divulge information.
    3) Desires for her/his apprentice/student to exceed her/him in the end.
    4) Will immediately rectify errors herself/himself caused.
    5) Lives an exemplary life. Practices what is preached.

    This has nothing to do with whether or not the mentor is the top expert in the field. My goodness! So, ibig sabihin it is only possible to learn good tennis skills at the Nadal facility in Spain? Sabi nga nu’ng isa’ng negosyante’ng Fil-Chinese, “if I applied for a job at my own company now, on the credentials I had back then, I would not be hired”. His business is currently an ASEAN leader. 🙂

    There will always be students hungry for and open to “brain expansion”. There also will be no shortage of people who are happy to share what LITTLE they know, in the hope it helps even a BIT.

    Domo arigatou gozaimashita…Now, give me the crown please, Admin dear. Kasi feeling Wynwyn.

    • Flor, #3 in your list of items above is something that makes teaching such a noble and fulfilling profession. I am always extremely happy whenever my former students get to build successful careers far beyond what I had expected them to be capable of.

    • True, but NC isn’t that good a mentor either. Seems like everyoneBy this time has noticed her mentoring may not be as good as expected. She does have a lot catching up when compared to other pageant mentors.

      • @ Jmgonzalesme NOW, I can say what I had in mind…

        … But before I do so, comments such as yours are valued as it hints at NC to re-tool, so she can be an even better mentor.

        But, HERE’S the thing I wanted to say kahapon, nag-second thought lang ako. And I’m sorry if I ruffle the pertinent feathers. Or, whiskers.

        NC is giving her time, ENTHUSIASM, and first-hand experiences at the relevant pageant FOC.



  9. I think there’s nothing wrong with all our reps to MGI for them to be coached on. The one who needs coaching is the owner/ organiser of the pageant whose concept of beauty is so archaic that it gave rise to cringeworthy advocacy like “Stop the war!”.

  10. I am sorry to offer a differing opinion. While Nicole seems like a nice and intelligent girl, me thinks that she has been overextending her runner up win in a minor pageant in a batch where candidates were slim pickings. I find her hosting affected (affectations) as if guru sya ng beauty pageants. And the slight accent (as if hirap mag Tagalog) is irritating to me.

    Find another career Nicole. You’ve been milking this hustle for a long time now.

    Sam looks promising. Relaxed, sensible, pretty in this interview. And look at her waistline!

    World Peace.

    • @thomas you should see Nicole in person maganda Ng milya compared sa pic .she was donning a short hair that time she can never be Ms photogenic and only looks good w short hair I conclude

      • Hi Kimi.

        Nowhere in my post said that Nicole is not beautiful. I am sure she is. And intelligent too. My only point is that for runner placement that happened many years ago, in a very minor pageant where candidates in that batch were meh, she seems to be projecting this aura of a beauty queen expert.

        I mean, wyn-wyn Marquez WON, albeit in a minor pageant too, but i don’t see her projecting this type of persona na Kala mo naman Pia or Megan or Catriona level. Nicole’s comment above about “lalamunin kita sa stage, just you wait” was off-putting na akala mo naman Ms. Universe or Ms. World sinalihan nya, at NANALO sya. Just how many vlog entries can one make about your MGI experience?

        I just find it funny that like Nicole, losing candidates that didn’t even place in a beauty pageant decades ago (read: Joyce Ann Burton) are making a hustle out of blogging as if naman, nag place sila.

        I guess the saying “those who can’t, teach”.

        World Peace.

      • @thomas. Joyce and Nicole are both opinionated. Their Bb Pilipinas titles have been their platforms to express their opinions and have entitled them to pass on their knowledge to aspiring beauty queens. They are both worthy of our admiration for paying forward the priviledges they once enjoyed as beauty queens.

    • This is one of her gigs so yes, she’s milking it. lol

      SHe made a mark for being the brainy type from BBP so good for her.

  11. I met Nicole cordoves in person and ang ganda nya in person. Ka height ko sya .I’m 5’7 1/2 that means Sam b is also 5’7 1/2 . Plus one inch talaga sa bbp. Ok na din kaysa Naman Yun 5’5 ginagawang 5’7 sa mwp

    • @ Kimi95 Speaking of MWP, I saw a photo on Blogger Norman’s FB page of the A&Q bets, in a line-up… MAGANDA talaga ‘yun’g Umali! Ta’s, yun’g Babao at ‘yun’g teen (forgot her name) struck me as really quite pretty… Gutierrez and the much-vaunted (by Tito, here) de Mesa didn’t strike me as much (parang nasa bahay lang). The ladies looked all-natural, sans heavy make-up. 🙂

      Ta’s, MAY ISA PA’NG MUKHA’NG MALAKAS DIN… Will hopefully be given her solo feature next.

      (It was a line-up with Riana, whom we all know quite well by now.)

      Seems the camp fielded noobs for the most part, like they did at BBP. Which makes me think baka HINDI PA ULIT ilalaban sa Sirene…. I now think she will be reserved for her BBP “revenge”.

      • @flor lalaban talaga si sirene . I heard Cynthia thomalla was requested by Julia herself back 2018 so this is just a battle of supra if Cynthia will join

      • @ Kimi95 Parang may nag-comment dito sa blog dati na may commitments atm si Thia sa 7…

        … Well, I guess if she can be excused to re-join for the interim, why not? 🙂

        Supra, Sirene will, indeed, be the one to beat, if ever. I just hope she’s BUO NA ANG LOOB by now.

      • @flor yes I also saw that comment by closer or Claire correct me if I’m wrong. Cynthia contract is tied w Alvin . Alvin owner mwp so Kaya ayusin. Ang important naman kasi sino bet nung mayari which is Julia mw. Sino bet ni nawat mgi coz both contest works na kahit ano score mo important e bet ng mayari

      • @abcde saka ang liit din Yun runner up ni Katarina na honey if familiar ka Wala pa atang 5ft

    • Bakit parang lumalabas lagi si Nicole C whenever may lalaban sa MGI? Feeling nya sya mgpapanalo ng delegate ng Pinas?

      Di rin naman sya ganun ka articulate to start with. Nadala lang sa hype, tapos ayun feeling na sya.

      Di ba ng coach din sya kay Sam Lo, oh anyare??

  12. I enjoyed watching this vlog….queen helping and encouraging another queen. I think she is truly prepared as she is relaxed and confident. I hope she wins our first MGI crown. I support you Sam B!

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