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  1. During MUP, di ko naisip na Gumabao ang mananalo, I was rooting for Ms Bohol, Ms Davao and Ms Paranaque. Rabiya was is the radar but hinde for the title, maybe in the next years kasi bubot pa talaga sya. Looking at the winners now and those ba makakalaban sa MU, napapa isip ako na sana si Gumabao na lang talaga nanalo, kasi mas may laban tayo.

    Kainis lang kay Gumabao eh ng attitude masyado nung hinde nanalo. Buti nahimasmasan agad at hinde tinuloy ang pag attitude.

    Pasalamat na tayo kung mkasali si Rabiya sa Top 20.

    • Red flag for Michelle Gumabao. Nagpa-plastic surgery na at lahat pero hindi pa rin kagandahan. Nag-lockdown na at lahat pero katawang kargador pa rin. Nag-Binibini na before pero pageant patty pa rin ang sagutan at hindi sincere. At higit sa lahat, may attitude at may false sense of entitlement. Buti na lang at hindi siya ang nanalo.

  2. Now that we are at the tail-end of a pandemic, and chances are at the doorstep of a yet deadlier variant, are we expecting a change in MUOs template of a winner? In this milieu of stringent travel restrictions, strict social distancing, and stern crowd limitations, humanity’s only up-close-and-personal interconnectivity is via the internet. The New Normal are now online shows, online conferences/meetings, webinars, online classroom education, online church services, online shopping, online banking. What does the New Normal demand of an MU beauty? I believe it is the beauty that glows online more than in-person. A beauty that radiates online is one with high intellect and backstory reflective of strong admirable core values. In this crifical times, these are precisely the tools for the MU queen to be a role model, a harbinger of hope, and a rallying point — a truly confidently beautiful -and beautifully confident human being!

    • It is perhaps providential that Zozi Tonzi, a person of high intelligence and strong core values took the crown during the onslaught of this pandemic. Despite the limitations, she refused to be intimidated by restrictions—she reached out, cheered, shared ideas and thoughts, and celebrated beauty with her supporters via the only available media and App at her disposal. For this, she deserves a huge congratulations from the entire global pageant community.

    • I just hope MUO should consider setting up a customized interactive online infrastructure for its future queen to effectively reach out her followers, coordinate global initiatives, launch fund raisers, execute events marketing, or even for MUO to embark on merchandising business. Its Business Development Department should be able to figure out the feasibility of such a project.

      • @Flor, good Sunday dawn (it’s 5 a.m. here). I believe, that’s not difficult in the business community. Pageantry is a global industry. It should come up with a demand-driven cyber-powered App or platform just like Amazon, Uber, and even our local Lazada, that revolutionized the way we do business. Leveraging on technology, the business architecture nowadays is to put your products and services as closest as possible to the consumer, and to deliver them as quicky as possiblke in real-time. With Apps, some manufacturing companies change their business model and go direct to the retailers who order online (bypassing layers of middlemen), pay online and track their deliveries real-time. I know for a fact that in the Philippines, there are App developers who can do Apps according to the business model you prescribe. I’m sure MG knows ahat I’m talking about.

      • Whoever can be the first to come up with a demand-driven cyber-powered App that interfaces in real-time with its millions of followers wo4ldwide will certainly rule the universe, the world, the earth, the international (sic),… the what-have-you! Just like how Amazon revolutionized retail trade, Uber revolutionised passenger transport, DHL revolutionized logistics, and Zoom revolutionized conferences, trainings and classroom instruction. Pageant organizations need not come up with a platform at the scale as this, but there is no limit to creativity to reach out to its global audiences within the bounds of business feasibility. Only then can pageantry be truly relevant and self-sustaining.

      • Ang oa ha. Pageantry especially in the west is a reminder daw of 20th century. Archaic and irrelevant. Tas may pa global initiative2 pa sinong maniniwala dyan. It will work in third world countries Latin America and some parts of Asia. Europe and most of US doesn’t take pageantry seriously tbh.

  3. May nakalimutan ako. DAPAT WALANG Lu Sierra. Not even a single second in the MU video because she is a B____ and an I____. He, he, he…

  4. I want Rabiya to do well at M U
    But it’s hard to see that considering Mexico PR Brazil Peru Chile Romania have excellent candidates
    Pero libre naman mangarap. So ok lang


  6. Ara was a thank you girl at MEP
    So I’m not worried she did not make the cut at MUP 2020

  7. Rabiya is like a combination of Rina Messinger (Israel) and Lara Dutta (India) when she projects … very stunning ! watch out Universe ! but this year’s competition is very strong even with only just around 70 candidates so far !

  8. Not unless makikita ng MUO n ok lang sa mga Pinoy n magreign si Rabiya ng 7 or 8 months… bka sakaling ibigay sa atin ang title. pero sa dami ng mga reklamador and mga memasabe lang sa Pinas (isa na ako dun LOL)… bka ibigay n lang ng MUO ang title sa USA or countries like Cambodia, Canada, or Chile… or a country n may history n rin ng short reign like Panama.

    Nevertheless, Rabiya will still be a runner up. ‘yan ang hirap n a “Catriona Gray” was our last winner. panu mu un susundan? wag naman sanang mag-ala Margie n it took 42 years bago makakita ng kalevel nya.

    Excited for this edition of MU… tantanan nyu ‘yan! Manunuod din naman kau for sure!

  9. Hopefully, the successor of Ms Tunzi is someone who can provide significant advocacy for this pandemic times. Someone who can make pageants relatable to the health crisis we are in now.

  10. My wishes for the 69th edition of MU:

    1. Sana may bonggang opening dance number;
    2. Sana gwapo at puti ang bagong host paired with a beautiful presenter;
    3. Sana kuning side commentator si Catriona kung hindi man judge;
    4. Sana ibalik ang special awards: Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality & Best…;
    5. Sana wala ng continental groupings;
    6. Sana ibalik sa TOP 5 at hindi lang top 3; and
    7. Sana makapasok sa top 5 (or top 3) si Rabiya Mateo.

    • I am almost certain Cat will be a judge …

      & I wouldn’t be surprised if the host city is chosen to be Nashville in TN where MUSA was held …

  11. Be as it may,

    Kabado pa rin ako kay Rabiya!

    Jam Magno has a viral video explicitly disliking her! It happened after Rabiya’s virtual interview where she was given a question about woman running for Presidency! May point naman si Jam, yun nga lang, the way it was delivered parang ang taray ng dating eh puede ka naman mag-criticize ng hindi degrading ang dating!

    Her latest pasarela where she was wearing a green skirt with large puff sleeve is average! It’s not a stand out!

    Pag dating sa political issue, parang personal ang attack niya considering na local issue pa lang yan eh paano na kung world politics na ang usapan like the Myanmar military coup or the cases of Rohingya or drug cartel in South America or the blood diamonds of Africa, maba-bash ka talaga diyan!

    As a spokesperson of the organization, you have to consider the impact of your opinion to the overall image of the brand! Kaya nag-stand out si Catriona among other candidate because she can neutralize political issues but at the same deliver convincing answer!

    If the pageant is on 16 May, most likely they will converge on 16 April so by the end of the month or maximum mid March, Rabiya should already have a US visa. She mentioned one time in her interview that she is still hoping to meet his father in the United States, medio red flag yan sa interview!

    I still want Michelle Gumabao for this edition of Miss Universe and Rabiya for the December edition. Good luck!

      • on rare moments talaga nag aagree ako kay @CatrionaFan

        Jam Magno’s only point is to malign Rabiya through the perspective of DDS trolls. We shouldnt give her any credit na para bang ligical ang arguments nya kasi hindi talaga, kahit saang anggulo ko tingnan

    • Sino ba yang Jam Magno na yan. Does he/she have the official SAY in Rabiya’s destiny? Will his/her comments affect in our rep journey and outcome in MU? Again, sino ba yang Jam Magno na yan? Kung si mareng Paula Shugart pa ang nag-comment baka napa-believe pa ako!

      • My take on Rabiya’s view being female as President:
        She made sense. That will leverage her campaign for MU actually. MU is looking for a candidate who is empowered, somebody who will take a space in the society and cement it.

      • And Rabiya said it with conviction. That is the type of candidate MUO is looking to be a winner.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Hindi maiiwasan’g mam-ersonal ‘pag local. It’s when you go global that you take a more diplomatic-if-conciliatory stance. 🙂

      Even Davonna Finley, herself a Political Science student, said in her MUMyanmar episode that apart from imposing trade sanctions (or something to that effect…), there is little America can do in the current situation there. That it was a strictly domestic matter that the Burmese have to sort out for and by themselves.

      (Then, in my mind, I countered how the USA has “actively” intervened here. Cases in point are at the EDSA 1987 coup and the drones they allegedly flew in the Moslem Mindanao area in connection with the neutralization of JI- (or was it Al-Qaeda?) supported separatist armed groups.)

      Watch again that ‘Preliminary Public Address’ the MUT 2020 candidates were subjected to at that shopping mall, themselves dressed in all-white. Even Mr. Blogger made a post on it, of how the more impassioned candidates drew wild cheers from the fans! This was, if I am not mistaken, just as the youth dissent against their military-run government and monarchy was nearing boiling point… In particular, I recall Alexandra Haenggi (4th Runner-up) bemoaning (?) that academic subjects taken at (minor?) Thai colleges were not credited for admission at their top universities, causing the audience to roar in approval. Is there an accreditation issue there, perhaps?

      And speaking of MUT,…

      G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Preawwanich Ruangthong has apparently already hit the age ceiling herself as far as BIG’S are concerned. Huhuhuhh…. 😦

      Uncle Norman, use your extensive international pageant media network to bring about the following :

      Thaweeporn “Aoom” Phingchamrat (she of the “butt roll” fame) for Supranational.
      Maya Wanvisa Goldman for Earth.
      Emmy Kim Sawyer for MAPI (maybe Mdme. CQ & Boss FY will have to make this possible…).

    • Daming blah blah blahs! para maiprimote mo lang si Gumabao mo.
      Tatak DDS.
      Please move on manang kaya lang DDS ka so you’ll likely won’t 😅

    • Dahhh vayot, kung Top 2 Sina Jam at Rabiya sa MU finals, c Rabiya pa rin Ang papanalunin Ng mga judges lalo na kung c Inday Sarah Ang Isa sa mga judge. Divahhh mga vecks 🙄hihihi

    • It speaks volume about you that you prefer to listen to Jam Magno. Rabiya spoke what many of us fear of expressing. She spoke what our country needs today…honest leaders and women are as capable as men to become leaders. May we no longer be silenced by fear, but be empowered by truth. I support Rabiya and I believe in her.

  12. Most likely the 70th Miss Universe will be held some time between last week ng Jan2022 to March2022 to give the winner of the 69th edition a decent length of reign. And then the 71st edition yung gagawin nila ng December(2022).

  13. So the MU queens have about 2.5 months to prepare! How exciting! I hope they pick NYC!!! Perfect spring weather to hold a pageant.

  14. what happened to March , April ? The 69th MU queen will have the shortest reign in MU history ,,,

    • @ jaretwrightlover Baka mangyari, two (2) queens concurrent. The 69th with a May 2021-22 contract, ta’s the 70th December 2021-22. They’ll have more or less a five (5) – month overlap.

      Is this unprecedented in BIG’s pageantry? Or has something similar occurred in the Minors?

      (I will assume the year-end Costa Rica hosing is a go… Mukha’ng pera na lang ang pinag-uusapan kasi nga as per past blog post, the host country cannot fund it on its own. Baka by then, malaman na natin kung sino ‘yun’g rumored new owner/investor… Maybe the transition is gradual.)

      You still like the Continental format, po? Ako, ayaw ko. 🙂

      • I still like the continental format very much, although I noticed on the wild card, it is always Latina or Asia, with no Europe… I guess for those Latinas or AsiaPacifics who say the continental format is not fair , they should take note that they are always making it up in the Wild Card

    • Who knows, they can always move the date to a later month to accommodate. At least they are doing something despite the pandemic still on and so far, the numbers are trending downward and more and more people will get vaccinated too.

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