8 comments on “Samantha Bernardo and the Virtual Sendoff

  1. Watching her interview and Nicole Cordoves’, you see that she’s truly prepared.
    She’s more relaxed and confident now. I hope she wins our first MGI crown.

  2. I thought she was a diva like Bea Santiago
    From the interview , she seemed very humble and coy . I hope she spices up her presentation at Grand . I want her to be more confident and queenly .l
    Walang Irap irap , dapat happy palagi pls!

  3. During the 2018 Bb Pilipinas, Nawat approached Samantha after the announcement of winners urging her to join again. That was a good sign!

  4. I want to be positive . Sana Lang naghintay Lang talaga si angkol Ng mold na bet nya at mananalo si sam. Mukhang magkakasundo Naman sila

  5. She was being resserved for Supra but fate led her to this grand path… I hope she wins…

    To me Samantha Bernardo would be the most desserving to win. She would definitely slay them all!

  6. She has a very good chance of winning.
    The Bb Pilipinas theme song greeted me at the beginning of virtual send off video, The iconic song that has transcended time. It has multiple versions, but the version I like most was during the 2003 Binibining Pilipinas. That gave me goosebumps. I hope BPCI will include the song once again in the production for this Year’s Binibining Pilipinas coronation.

    • The 1999 and 2003 versions of Bb Pil theme songs were the same. The difference was the choreography. 2003 version was better, with the swaying of the hips of the candidates during the segment of the lyrics “ where did you learn to move like graceful palm trees in the breeze”, Gee!, that was iconic! The most memorable for me was the version of Martin Nievera during the Bb Pilipinas gold. While Martin was singing the song, one by one, previous winners came out on the stage. Gee! That sent shivers down my spine. I wish Bb Pilipinas will include the song again in the production for this year’s Binibini. I would imagine the candidates who have patiently waited for this moment together with the reigning queens parading on the stage while the song is played!

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