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  1. Girl is pretty
    I just wish she had started early
    I think she’ll win one of the crowns .. probably Eco International but World is fine as well

  2. She has great potentials and its too bad that she is at the end of her pageant journey. I hope she wins one of the crowns. I missed this when I was watching the MUP interviews. She is such a good speaker and very nice personality!! If she is a hotelier I guess that comes with the territory. You have to know how to deal with people and be able to assist to there needs.

  3. The Philippines is indeed a treasure throve of holistically beautiful women! Such is the case that a non-win in a national pageant is no indication that one is less endowed physically, intellectually and spiritually. It just indicates that one’s projected attributes did not match the judges’ idea of the qualities that should fill in the percepual template of, say, MW or MU.

    • And there’s the rub. In this year’s derby, is MW still clung to the same old traditinal template on its queen? I believe,at this juncture where the world is stIill at the tail-end of the pandemic (hopefully!) and in the throes of some deadlier COVID variants (God forbid!), MW should seriously consider a template change. Maybe more emphasis on commanding presence online and in-person, more focus on intellect and talents that could move millions to action via internet and traditional media, or maybe a scrutiny on ability to raise funds via online and personal appearances.

      • Interestingly, scorg, Supranational is also hoping to change their template this year. Adding more substance to the meat, if you will.

      • Sir Norman, a change in template is indeed necessary to fit the requirements of the New Normal. We do not want a “frozen delight” of a queen. If travels, personal appearances, fund raisers and events marketing may be restrictive in the New Normal, the chosen queen should possess a great commanding presence virtually and physically. Towards this end, pageant organizers should be able to deconstruct its business model and provide the infrastructure support to support innovative strategies that will make a queen’s reign phenomenal. It may even develop an App where fans worldwide can link-up with each other and/or interact with the reigning queen and/or collaborate on certain pageant-related initiatives.

      • Thank you, Sir Norman. I know you are all for the development of the pageantry industry. Maybe through your blog and vlog we are able to contribute our humble share towards that end. The business community is fast adjusting to this pandemic. Look at how fast it has developed e-commerce, logistics (small-to-bulk deliveries), webinars, online conferences and trainings, online classroom instruction, online payments, etcetera, etcetera. Pageant organizations should not be left behind.

    • So, who among the outstanding candidates may be a shoo-in to the MW crown in the New Normal? A hotelier? A broadcaster? An educator? A health professional? A community organizer? A top student? A fashion model? A TV personality? Whoever she is, she’s definitely not one of the “Fresh Filipinas for the World”, but one of the “Empowered and Empowering Filipinas for the World?

      • @ scorg Mine would have been a bright-&-pragmatic lawyer from Lesotho. If I’m not mistaken, it was 2017. I don’t know if she placed. But, I liked her during the Head-to-Head. 🙂

  4. THAT, was a GOOD interview! And a nice demeanor. Pleasant, but not saccharine. Yet, TIGHT.


    I found my dark horse for the top title. Do whatever to fix her personal style. San Pablo, be proud!

  5. I am a fan of this girl
    She has great potential
    I hope she gets the training needed to do well in pageantry

  6. I am a fan of this girl
    She has great potential
    I hope she gets the training needed to do well in pageantry

  7. Another girl with POOR packaging & styling. Give more attention of the aforesaid concern to be able to STAND OUT on the pageant night. Good luck.

    • Erratum: TO the aforesaid

      In addition, NO straight hair please. Elaborate hairstyles needed.

  8. Beautiful , Filipina look. But please:

    1) Toes staging a coup d’etat out her shoes.
    2) Groin cellulite (?) sympathizing with the coup plotters, planning their own escape.

    World Peace.

    • @thomas. I do not think that is cellulite, I think that is a prominent pelvic bone. That actually adds sexiness to woman.

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