9 comments on “Jerelleen Rodriguez: One more try for Miss World Philippines

  1. The Philippines is indeed a treasure throve of holistically beautiful women! Such is the case that a non-win in a national pageant is no indication that one is less endowed physically, intellectually and spiritually. It just indicates that one’s projected attributes did not match the judges’ idea of the qualities that should fill in the percepual template of, say, MW or MU. And there’s the rub. In this year’s derby, is MW still clung to the same old traditinal template of its queen? I believe,at this juncture where the world is stIill at the tail-end of the pandemic (hopefully!) and in the throes of a looming battle against COVD variants (God forbid!), MW is seriously considering a template change. Maybe more emphasis on commanding presence online and in-person, more emphasis on intellect and talents that could move millions to action via internet and traditional media. Or maybe even raise funds via online and personal appearances.

    • So who could best represent the Philippines at MW? An educator? A broadcaster? A hotelier? A health worker? A community organizer? A top student? A TV personality/ entertainer? A fashion model?

  2. I like her… but there is always something wrong with her styling… I do like her in the swimsuit and the green top…

  3. She had improved a lot!
    That’s a body to Die for…
    proportional and well toned!
    She will Win this time😊👍

  4. There must be something about her that’s why she became a candidate of bbp pilipinas before
    I understand that nothing wrong w trying but if I were a lady in my mid 20s I will just concentrate on my career. Probably try pageantry at 23 if Luz Valdez thank you at least naging candidate

  5. Of Rodriguez and Nava, I am getting KLM-SGF* (the latter also a UP alum) vibe. FILLER. Sorry. 😦

    * – MUP 2020 alums from Region 5.

    As it stands, only ACDM stands sure of not going home empty-handed. That she is favored by fashion designers is already a reliable hint… And of course, GK. 🙂

    (OK lang kaya kung Princess si Sirene? Kinakabahan ako sa bata’ng ‘yan. Baka mag-cave in sa pressure.)

    Parang gusto ko’ng ipadala either si Asha o si Julie sa Continentes Unidos…

    My RHF is IJU. Non-negotiable. CLOSED.

    Eco?… Will depend largely on whom Dr. Amaal Rezk gives her “two thumbs up” to.

    Multi? Dito kaya si ACDM? Para masindak ang mga hosts?

    Philippines-Tourism? Lincoln, puwede…

  6. Im sorry but I think her chances are slimmer this time with higher quality women already feature earlier. Good nonetheless!!!

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