14 comments on “Janelle Lewis for Miss World Philippines

  1. Here we go again with HALF-HALF. Is she wins in an international pageant and British people would get credit for her win, don’t complain!! It all starts from you.
    She came to the Philippines to embrace the Philippine culture, learn the Philippine language, pay taxes to the Philippine govt, and putting HALF to her identity while joining a Philippine pageantry really puts the Philippine identity to questions. Is it hard to describe her as a Filipina or a Mestiza that you constantly attach that prefix-HALF? How do you define a Filipina in a Filipino cultural identity?

    • Ely, sang-ayon sa 101% !!
      Patuloy naming sinasabi ang “Proud to be Pinoy!” kapag ang isang Pinoy ay nagging famous sa isang international arena.
      Ngunit paano mo masasabi
      “Proud to be Pinoy!” kung patuloy na sinasabi ng media na kalahati siya nito- kalahati iyon? Ginagawa lang nating kalokohan-isang biro mula sa mga banyagang bansa. Nakakahiya !!

  2. Parang ang kahawig, ‘yun’g Ella Andreasser na hindi nakasalo sa PN’s S3 finale… Mala-Alyssa Muhlach-Alvarez ang awra. Artistahin-type… Princess na muna.

    • (cont.)

      DANG-CRAP! Look at that hourglass. 🙂

      In the bottom photo, apparent ang Brit blood. Hawig kay Lucy D’Agostino, an English vlogger who is in the country at the moment. Sexy din siya, guys!

  3. May potential she looks raw for now… But she’s GMA so she gets that foot at the door kinda thing with MWP…hihihihi

  4. I don’t know, but for me her total look screams lack of preparation. There is no question that she is beautiful, but still it is short enough to the gold standards of winning beauties. Sana man lang before she decided to join a pageant, nag-effort man lang s’ya to prepare. Otherwise, sayang lang ang pagsali.

    I hope by the time her career is dwindling, Klea Pineda finds time to try Miss World Philippines. I have said this many times, the girl is effortlessly beautiful and is a beauty queen material. She must follow Megan Young’s footsteps.

    That’s all.

    • Klea Pineda- a Lakan Dula, Don Gregorio Manabat, Monmon, Taoi, & Pampulong Gatbonton descendant…
      Sounds like a sure win for this girl in any major international pageant… She could be our next Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss International.

      • Totally agree, C2f. Nagkaka-TV career si bakla at sunod-sunod ang projects kase she strikes while the iron is hot. Sana kahit may mga projects pa s’ya, mag-join muna s’ya. Baka mamaya it’s too late na for her. Daba?

        That’s all.

  5. Thia Thomalla for Miss World-Philippines 2021! ❤
    Carlo Pasion for Mister Supranational-Philippines 2021! ❤
    Clint Bondad for Mister World-Philippines 2021!❤

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