13 comments on “Ruffa Nava: One more try for Miss World Philippines

  1. LOVE HER! She has such a high fashion look – I’m surprised she hasn’t gone further in previous pageants. Goooo Ruffa! You deserve to be seen on an international stage 👑

    • @ Jaluna Nag-compete na po siya sa international modelling competition, if I recall correctly. 🙂

  2. While the bone structure is fantastic (look at her legs and calf muscles), she looks kinda mature already. The heavy make-up made her look like mom with pre-adolescent kids.

    World Peace.

    • Sana magawan ng paraan ng camp nya na mabalik ang freshness ni Rufa. One of the sentimental favorites ng sangkabekihan

  3. She has a dramatic presence on stage
    If she could only gain enough confidence , she would be my MUP

  4. Ang hope ko kay Rufa, this time, relax sya….I remember whe she was a BB semi finalist nakita ko talga na sobrang promising, pero kabado si ateng. Sana ate, be comfortable in your own skin, kung hindi kayang mag straight English, acceptable na naman magtagalog. So just relax and be comfy. Huy, KF ayusin nyo si Rufa

  5. I see Margie Moran! Is that assessment too much considering na Miss Universe quality si Mam Margie?

  6. I find Ruffa’s beauty classic. Her cheekbones are to-die-for. She is not just styled well. If I were her hair and make up stylist, I’d don her with a Grace Kelly look or, locally, a Hilda Koronel sophistication vibe. Please lang, gawin n’yo na ang best n’yo kay Ruffa. For the love of humanity, this girl deserves a crown, no matter how minor it can get. Bigyan n’yo naman ng katuparan ang pangarap ni Ruffa, fairies?

    That’s all.

  7. The first photo isn’t flattering but the photo during the screening looks like shie is at top form. How old is she? I AGREE sana fresh packaging please for RUFA….she deserved a comeback! And Supra is a perfect crown for her

  8. The MAJOR CONCERN to HURDLE is HOW TO LOOK YOUNG (OR MUCH YOUNGER). Her team should find ways to make her youthful looking specially on the pageant night. PLEASE…

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