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  1. How true is the rumor that Thia Thomalla is Lola Julias favorite from previous edition. With that said, I think she should really pursue it and maybe she’ll bring home the second crown for us!!!!

    At the end of the day, we need to give what Lola Julia wants: the best adobo with Fresh Filipina for the world! hihihihihi

  2. Ahtisa Manalo – excellent for Miss World & Miss Supranational. Maganda ring sumali si Patch Magtanong sa MWP.

    Isabela Galeria – Mag-abroad bilang nurse at maghanap ng gwapong (white) European/North American na mapapangasawa (follow what Rachelle Ann Go did) para magkaroon siya ng magaganda at gwapong anak. Same piece of advice for Aya Abesamis para magkaroon ng magagandang apo si Desiree Verdadero na pwedeng sumali sa mga beauty contest 25 years from now. Ganito rin ang dapat gawin ni Michelle Dee para maging maganda ang kanyang mga anak.

    Tracy Maureen Perez and Apriel Smith okay din na sumali sa MWP. Lalong pagbutihin ang pag-compete.

    Alaiza Malinao – Umuwi sa Sulop at magtanim ng mga gulay, prutas at halaman para patunayang totoo ang kanyang advocacy project. MAGPAKABAIT DIN SIYA.

    Celeste Cortesi – Bumait na ba siya? Nag-improve na ba ang kanyang communication skills sa Filipino at Ingles? Napatanggal na ba niya ang tattoo at naibalik na ba sa dating anyo ang kanyang LIPS?

    • @paul. Aya no longer need to find a handsome Fil-am guy. She has found one and he is very desirable. .

      • Serge HINDI DAPAT FIL-AM GUY. PURONG (WHITE) EUROPEAN or NORTH AMERICAN GUY PARA MAGIGING MAGAGANDA at GWAPO ang KANIYANG mga ANAK. Gayahin niya sina Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza at iba pang nag-asawa ng PURONG white guys at hindi lang half-half. He, he, he…

        Serge DESIRABLE is NOT necessarily HANDSOME.

    • you got me paul ! he he he. oo nga. but mind you, the guy is really handsome. he has a dominant caucasian features. one of the most sought after fashion and commercial models today. he was also a pageant winner

      • correction: not a pageant winner but handpicked rather to represent the Philippines in an international male pageant.

      • Sila ni Aya Abesamis and John Spainhour?
        Just because they are in a recent photoshoot, they are already together? Hmmmmm…..
        Did Aya saw his nude selfies or somethin?
        Well it is impressive… but they both have dull personalities… oh well, maybe they are a perfect match..

      • @c2f. Being introspective is not akin to being boring. Their idea of fun maybe different from yours.

  3. norman sya kaya yung nasa clue ni sir gerry? After sending Gabriella and paula. they are sending italian speaker again for mwp. if hinde sya. sino sino sa palagay mo sir @norman ang mga nasa clues nya. Just give us whats on your mind.
    1.) abs cbn artist who is popular . My Guess is Michelle Vito
    2.) We loved her during her last pageant. Visayan. MUP kaya? since aces si gerry. Isabel G? Tracy? Parang si alaiza ung love na loved ng most of the pageant fans. pero shes from the camp. baka bumalik sa aces? possible naman.
    3.) a very popular candidate and and a heavy favorite makes the crossover and big come back. it is 2 queens? or only 1? If two. Sirine and ahtisa?
    4,) 2 MWP returnees. One is asha and the 2nd?
    Sino sino po nasa isip nyo sir norman?

    • @ jed Well-loved Visayan of MUP?… Sorsogon is Luzon…

      … Yeah, TMPerez! Also, LDPiczon… You still like Apriel? All three are MUP semifinalists.

      If Mindanao (since “Bisaya”), why not Carol Veronilla, Weam Ahmed, or Perlyn Cayona (puso).

  4. Ericka Evangelista clone. 🙂

    (You guys saw her bridal visions, with Bella Ysmael as muse?)

    Which pageant would her dual Philippines-Italy passport be an asset at? Send her there…

    … But then, too, Cortesi probably has that same passport credential.

    Readers, ano’ng taste niyo? Biracial Cortesi (Marco Poli) or ‘pura’ Kim (Denver Hernandez, who also traces roots to Batangas)?

    • @Flor. i prefer Cortesi and Hernandez regardless if they are biracial or pure Filipino.

    • Flor, “pure” or biracial, the MAJOR PROBLEM with these girls (recently) featured by Norman for MWP has SOMETHING to DO with PACKAGING & STYLING. Kung andyan lang ako sa Metro Manila, gusto kong MAGBIGAY ng lecture on right/appropriate packaging & effective styling with these girls for FREE.

      For example Flor, if you are “pure” and looking very exotic, are you going to EXOTICIZE yourself MORE like Aya Abesamis & Miss Sorsogon? Another case – if you are biracial like Cortesi, why try to look SLUTTY?

      RIGHT PACKAGING & STYLING is VERY IMPORTANT. These girls should learn this thing FIRST (plus GOOD behavior & likable personality).

  5. Pageants are just a stepping stone . …and they do not guarantee success even if you win MU MW or MI.
    So I don’t know why many girls choose this route especially if they know it will only cause them heartaches

  6. She didn’t do well at local pageants . How do we expect her to perform at nationals?
    I don’t even have to hear her talk.
    But since the number of applicants at MWP is usually less than the MWO’s desired final number of candidates , I’m sure she will make it to the MWP stage.

    • Anong pinagsasabi mo Fabian that she didn’t do well at local pageant? HIndi ka ba nagbabasa? She won nga, bruha ka!

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