13 comments on “Chelsea Fernandez wins Miss Bikini Philippines 2020

  1. I just hope she is more professional in her ways. We were the organizers of Miss Silka Tacloban won by Gabby Basiano.

    As outgoing queen, she was supposed to be interviewed for product and pageant related stuff. She gave us a headache. In short, no interview since we had to go back to Bohol, our base.

    But yeah, she is way way more gorgeous in person. I have to give that to her. Congrats iha

  2. Maganda siya!!! Pwedeng-pwede. Para siyang Ruffa Gutierrez-Alice Dixson-MJ Lastimosa rolled into one.

  3. True indeed, our country, the PH, has many reserves for MU, MW, MI. Chelsea is one of them.

    • Yes, a Ruffa look-alike, which is good.

      Very dainty ang dating nya sa above pic. Parang delicate flower! Pero para namang opposite sa title that she won, Miss Bikini Philippines:)

  4. Is Chelsea FERNANDEZ somehow related to Pops? They have facial similarities.

    I take it back, with all the enhancements and procedures done to Pops, they may not be related at all.

    World Peace.

  5. Congratulations. An addition to her already strong credentials. She must cross over to either of the 4 major national pageants(MWP,MUP,BbPil, or MP)

  6. Congratulations, too, to Elda. I quickly viewed the pageant page when the second episode was released. She had thousands of votes! I recall I said she was “heart breaker” when Tito Blogger posted on them… 🙂

    Atty. Saclot must be happy with Chella’s finish. Bodes well for Danna Joy (at MWP).

    Chelsea’s gamble paid off! Good for her.

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