10 comments on “Riana Agatha Pangindian for Miss World Philippines

  1. Great body and beautiful face
    She needs dental work so she can smile and shine like a queen

  2. Guys, ‘eto’ng mga fini-feature sa blog will make up the Guest List at a PN’s pre-MWP ’21 episode!


    (Siya! Si Hazel Ortiz na lang kaya mag CTS 2021? Tutal, nanalo na siya ng MBP. 2013, right?)

    OT. Scuba is steadily re-surfacing… ABANGAN…

      • @ Norman Great, po! I want to nitpick, kasi sabi niyo she will draw from her experiences at previous pageants she joined… Paratingin sa kanya ang mga sumusunod.

        1. ‘Pag sinabi’ng “one color (to symbolize an empowered woman, or whatever)”, ISA LANG. She tends to have several ideas floating in her head when addressing a question. That’s the mindset of a teacher (like Kara McCullough, RAP taught Science, right?) – lagi’ng may nakaabang na bala in case a smarty-pants pupil suddenly goes ballistic. SHE MUST LEARN TO EDIT REAL-TIME.
        2. I wonder if she’s aware of a bakery that’s been around since at least WW2 which was included in a book of esteemed Manila bread-cake-pastry establishments. I went. The “langka turon” was YUMMY (“ube” and “pandan” variants occasionally available). They also sell round birthday cakes with icing so garish in color Goldilocks would be stunned. 🙂
        3. Do away with “vuelo” phrases like “Good afternoon, I am…” or “One thing I learned during this pandemic…”. GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! “I am RAP…”… “I learned the value of staying connected… I missed my friends dearly…”. EVERY MILLISECOND COUNTS. Cut the blah-blah.


      • (cont.)

        Sakit din ‘ata ni ROM ‘to? ‘Yun’g tipo’ng makuwento?…

        It’s a nice approach, kasi it makes you seem/feel approachable (twice used the same word). Problem is, makain sa oras. Both ladies must get something like Leadership Boot Camp courses to transition them to “beast mode” – few words, but lethal. May ganya’ng module ba A&Q/MUP?

  3. The problem with this girl is the ABILITY to stand out from a pack of beautiful and competitive contenders. Not that beautiful and so she NEEDS a KIND of PACKAGING & STYLING that will make her SHINE on stage. Her team SHOULD FIND WAYS on how to do that and teach her the RIGHT (unique) package, style, ways and techniques in pageantry. OTHERWISE, matulad lang siya sa iba dyan (there are so many of them to name) na paulit-ulit na sumasali pero hindi nananalo because they have not learned from their experiences and mistakes.

  4. Once twice tama na. Alam ko passion nyo yan. Pero hindi lahat ng passion natin ay gusto din tayo o nakalaan sa atin. Minsan din kailngan maging practical.

  5. Modelisque, with well-proportioned body, with pageant experience, and well-spoken. She has a chance to get a crown this time.

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