12 comments on “Julie Tarrayo for Miss World Philippines

  1. Ang tarray ng hair😂
    I see potentials in her. Sana sumali ulit sya after nyan sa MUP naman or BbP.

    • @ miss tissa If ever, it would be her FIFTH (5) National! She already has a crown to her name – Pintados 2018 – her first, I presume. Wow, imagine that…Winning on your first attempt at National.


  2. 2 crowns lng nmn ang may relevance…MW and MS…the problem is, MW is the ultimate cooking show. Most of the time magtataka ka sa nagiging winner. The rest….forgettable. Reiterating, sayang kung mpupunta ka lng sa mga puchu-puchung pageants. Waste of time, effort money…but kung wala ka namn ginagawa sa buhay, then go!😁

    • Yes, I agree.

      I like her with short hair too, pero polarizing. The advantage of a longer hair is that she can style it with more choices. Parang “you are stuck” sa isang hair style once napagupitan ma. I still think na may chance sya for a crown, maski minor.

    • I agree.. She looks good with short hair but it limmits her styling…. Sponsors would preffer long since it’s more ideal for product endorsements…

  3. The bob made her look corporate-sophisticated. No harm, but why do I prefer the long-hair? 🙂

    If Sirene opts to pass this year, I will be happy to see her attempt to upend Jihane in Poland. The BODY is serving Dimaranan vibe! Otherwise, the eighth (8th) title. Not really feeling Eco or Multi.

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