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  1. Love some cute oriental beauty. I think she has potential with the milliion-watt smile… She comes across warm and genuine. She needs a lot more training to bring out the best in her.

    Oh I wish there is pic of her daddy for us ogle on….hihihihihih

  2. She looks better sa Instagram nya, when she was thinner. Her face was also more charming. I’m not even saying that she’s big, but mas may dating sya when she was slimmer. Still, a contender, in my opinion.

  3. I am a bit afraid (up to this day) that she might end up with the same fate as her mother. Mary Jane Umali during her younger years competed thrice ( as far as my memory serves me right) in three different beauty/modelling platforms. She was 2nd runner up in 1989 Mutya ng Pilipinas, also a runner position to Lala Flores in Supermodel of the World-Philippines, and a finalist placement in Binibining Pilipinas. BUT never a winner.

    Mary Jane is tall, beautiful and sexy BUT something is lacking with her, hence her placements. Mother and daughter share a lot of commonalities. And something is also lacking with Jasmine.

    Do I find her beautiful? Not really. But she is MORE pleasant looking than Aya Abesamis and Michelle Dee (daughter of beauty queens) who both DID NOT surpass the achievements of their respective mothers.

    However, one thing for sure, she needs to lose (ASAP) those extra pounds. She needs to find a good fitness trainer to achieve a LEANER but still sexy figure. Jasmine also needs a drastic transformation in terms of packaging and styling because up to this date she remains an ordinary and boring beauty contender.

    Good luck to your journey.


  5. Thanks for featuring Jazmine and sharing her unseen photos as well, Tito Norms. I missed your fresh update on her because I was at the outskirt of MM yesterday until this afternoon to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my 💕.

    Now we are getting more of Jazmine’s info. She is indeed beautiful, except that she has not-so-good angle. Look at the headshot, so you know what I mean . She must, therefore, know what angles that best work for her.

    I can’t wait for MWP’s press presentation. There, I will give my honest opinion on how she will fare on her first attempt on beauty pageants. I want to see how she’d be able to carry herself in front of the press people and on camera. For me, she’s getting there.

    That’s all.

  6. She needs a lot of butt workouts…
    Good thing theres no swimsuit portion at MW…

    Hmmmp… still can’t get over the fact that she follows Kakie Pangilinan.. She obviously has little knowledge of Philippine history… particularly her own heritage… So unfortunate…tsk tsk 🙄

  7. Look at the third (bottom) photo long enough and you’ll see Bella Ysmael’s “stretch limo” version.


    RHF, for me. Absolutely. No doubt.

    • No surprise there, Jasmin and Bella are both Sulayman Sri Lila descendants in mutiple degrees… as well as Emma Tiglao, Patrizia Garcia, Franchesca Taruc, etc…
      They are all swimming in the same genepool…

  8. Sending McGarry vibe sya sakin with that space between her eyes albeit to a lesser degree! Nonetheless,she has that Class and Statuesque not- thin-as-reed-type which is fit for pageantry!! Luv her.

      • @ Mikko Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

        Singapore hosted… Wasn’t this also the year of Pebbles Asis at MU? The emcee said of Vince, “…our (ASEAN) neighbor”. Sandro (Venezuela) es MUY GUAPO (dreamy). India is interesting because while he didn’t answer the question he tackled it in a profound manner by showing the importance of knowing one’s proper place in the grand scheme of things and be grateful there are folks like Gandhi and St.Teresa to inspire us (pageant patty but yes, that’s the kind of answer my dear sweet Angkol would completely fall for). PR’s “ode to Dad” is like Resham’s “turn to God”.

        @ Norman Is the outgoing (1996?) titlist related to Dwayne Geldenhuis, who represented SA at two different international competitions on consecutive years and placed in the Top 5 of both?

        Our bet was the shortest in the final line-up. But he exuded the most alpha male aura! He was the only one with both arms/hands on the side throughout (crossing hands/arms front/back can be interpreted as timidity/nervousness/impatience). His, imho, was the weakest Q&A. But his easy confidence (and even the host said so) obviously disarmed and captivated. He S-L-A-Y-E-D.

        (Siguro ‘to’ng Vincent Pinto, looks a lot better in person. We’ve had national guys na hindi kagwapuhan ang rehistro pero sabi ng mga Admins look better in the flesh. Like RRL & MKJB, who both finished well in their respective campaigns.)

        This result looks a lot like the Final 3 the last time Manila hosted Mister International. The result was Trinh Bao (Vietnam, winner), Francesco Piscitelli (Venezuela, Reserva Primera), and Kwan Wai Kin (Hongkong, Reserva Segunda).

  9. Not a Fan of the Pocahontas hairstyle
    I don’t know why many pageant girls fall for it
    She looks a lot prettier in the bottom pic
    If she can talk and I hope she was raised abroad , I would pfefer her to Grishnan

    • Why does she need to be raised abroad?!
      Pia, Kylie and Megan are raised localy and I don’t see any problem… 🙄

  10. Wow! Stunning. Tall, well-proportioned, pageant royalty(courtesy of mam and dad), a PAL flight attendant(must have a good communication skills). Another very strong crown contender.

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