12 comments on “Asha Gutierrez for Miss World Philippines

  1. Di rin remarkable ang face. So far, it is still Ganiel for MWP. The others can compete for Supra.

  2. Pretty face… Those vitals can still be perfected with regular visits at the gym… I see gr8 potential in this one…

  3. “Asha Gutierrez” sounds like “Daisha Jimenez”. 🙂

    So, it now is quite clear that A&Q reserved its higher-end weaponry for MWP. MUP & BBP got….


    Asha made me imagine how Alaiza might have been when she was still. Or, Maureen for that matter.

    (Wala pa si Sirene nito. Baka mag-overage ‘yun, ah. Please let clear-minds-&-pure-hearts guide her!)

    • Daisha Jimenez could be the next Miss International…

      Just let Vicky Rushton win BBP international win this year…

      In 2022.. Daisha could easily win upto Miss International.

      • @ Closer2Fame Vickie is overage… MIO restored the age ceiling to 28, ‘di ba nga? 😦

        Or,.. are you implying we not place this year (regardless of who we send to Yokohama City), to guarantee the crown for Daisha? Is she even still with KF? As early as now, plan her wardrobe!

      • @Flor

        That is tricky… Daisha Jimenez, a descendant of Spanish(Cos-Gayon), French(Duke of Gascony) & Panay politicians & royalty on her mother side and Tagalog-American musicians on her father side… She is actually perfect for Miss World… but her maternal uncle’s politicial affiliations are more suited w/ Binibining Pilipinas(Miss International)… hmmmmm
        She can also do well w/ MUP if she is under Aces & Queens and be our next MUniverse rep… this is tough… I don’t want her beauty to be put to waste…

      • @ Closer2Fame It’s interesting-if-intriguing, that term – ‘Tagalog-American’… 🙂

        Curious lang. Is it safe to generalize that ‘Ilocano-Americans’ were the first wave of Pinoy immigrants to the USA and therefore have contributed the most to ‘Fil-Am’ ascendancy?

        And you make it sound (pun intended) as if being a musician adds prestige to the lineage. Would you say ALL music genres/forms? How do you feel about Filipinos dabbling in ‘synthetic’ sound (‘techno’, I suppose, is the catch-all term) and have made some sort of name for themselves abroad? A sound derived from the urban & man-made, not from the natural (ie, the howl of a bullet train whizzing past, its sound waves initially compressed upon entry, then stretched upon exit.)

        One thing is for sure. Of all human inventions, only music can match the vastness of outer space. There NEVER seems to be an end to its permutations! It can even go fractal, distilled to the barest rhythms… So much that the Internet has become its most willing-obedient servant.

      • @Flor…. it’s actually her American granpa/gr8 granpa who migrated to the Philippines…

      • @ Flor…

        She comes from a musical family meaning she has talent… she can sing well and play instruments.. which would be perfect for the talent fast track at Miss World… her Caviteño paternal ancestor are actually the musicians who 1st played our Philippine national anthem.

  4. Beautiful though I’m expecting all 5’8 as 5’7. Mesomorph body type ganito sexy sa us.maganda balikat


    Face : 3. One of those who look better without make-up (first photo) vs. the two succeeding photos. First photo she looks the fresh, Ellen Adarnish. So natural looking. The next two photos make her look older and transvesti-tish. She reminds me of Iya Mina. Lol.

    Body / Built / Height : 3.5. Good skin tone. Tall at 5’8”. Lose some baby fats and she’s good to go.

    Styling : 3 . Too much make-up especially photo #2 makes her look she’s auditioning for Season 14. Of RuPaul drag race.

    Credentials : 3.5 . Pageant-veteran. A published author.

    Communication Skills . Still be seen / heard.

    Average Score: 3.25

  6. Facially gorgeous. She just have to shed extra pounds And needs a little muscle toning.

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