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  1. Mr. Norman, naalala ko tuloy… ‘Di ba supposed to compete at Supermodel International si Karen Laurrie? Pero, someone else went… Ano nga ba’ng dahilan at ‘di siya tumuloy? And who subbed?

    • Flor, Karen Laurrie chose to compete in Miss Iloilo instead. She won Miss Iloilo Binibining Pilipinas in the provincial pageant after. The Supermodel International gig went to Tatyana Alexi Austria above.

  2. Tse! Di pa sya lubos na maganda. Wag pilitin. Ang layo nya kay Sofia Senoron na 17 years old lang din nung manalo (both local and international) at ilampaso sa Q and A si Glyssa Leian Perez.

    • Mukha kayang bata si Sophia Señoron. lol Deserve ni girl crowns niya, but she’s forgettable.

  3. She looks like Janine Tugunon. She has the potential to win a major crown but why target the Miss Teen Eco when we just won the title last year. Is she gunning for a back to back? It would be a waste to send her to that pageant.


    1) Facial Beauty : 4.0. Filipina beauty at its best. I agree though that at 17 years old, may igaganda pa yan. Give her two more years and we might have another Ms. Universe potential.

    2) Body / Built : 4.5. Tall at 5’8.

    3) Styling : 3. Good. I always give points for classy shoes and no wrap-around shawl in swimsuit. Beautiful first photo. But yes, the last photo was hideous : She looks like the resulting child if Alaska Milk Boy and Ronald McDonalds mated. Clownish make-up with milk mustache.

    4) Credentials : 3.5 Understandable if the only credential she has at this point was being the Philippine represented in some modeling contest. But Makati Science HS grad is already an achievement.

    5) Communication Skills : Remains to be seen / heard. But we will take the blogger’s opinion that she is well-spoken.

    Average: 3.75

    World Peace

  5. Whoever got the concept of Tatiana’s make up in the bottom photo should be punished. Para s’yang uminom ng mAlaska. Kakalokah!

    That’s all.

  6. It would be a great disservice to beautiful young achievers like Tatiana, Anna Caress and other credentialed aspirants to be hawked as “Fresh Filipinas for the World”. MWP should driop its cringeworthy slogan– now!

  7. Wow… isa pa rin tong pwedeng-pwede sa MWP crown. Sana makuha nya yung MWP crown pero kung hindi, mag-BBP or MUP na lang say in the future. Good luck hija!

  8. Intelligent, Well-proportioned body, with modeling experience. Another strong crown contender.

  9. Why aspire for Miss Eco Teen when one can well qualify for MW? I know all aspirants are gunning for the MWP crown. This girl has the brains (Makati Science High School stude), the physical beauty, and am sure the admirable core values of a Filipina. So go, go. go— conquer MW!

    Incidentally, Ma. Caress de Mesa of a previous post is another shoo-in for the MW crown– beauty, brains, and good character.

    I hope this edition will be a rich harvest of candidates that will again seal the country’s title as Beauty Powerhouse of the World.

    • Agree…that’s my point. Sayang mga quality girls tas mapuopunta lng sa mga puchu-puchung pageants na very much forgettable.

  10. She looks well-proportioned. I’d also like to think that she hasn’t bloomed yet. May igaganda pa itong batang ito. It’s a good start for her to try pageantry at that age, so she can gain more experience in this field. Huwag lang s’yang mabalintunaan sa kakasali. I agree, she fits the bill for Eco Teen crown.

    Among the screenees at Miss World, the one who stood out was the tall girl model who looked posh and polished. She has the Miriam Quiambao-vibe. Look at her face, neck, arms, legs, etc. I thought she was screening for MUP. Therefore, she joins a wrong pageant. If she is reading this, girl, please prepare for MUP. Malaki ang laban mo at potential to be the country’s rep in MU. Tingin ko naman sa’yo, brainy ka. Kaya you go, girl.

    Her name pala is Jasmine Umali, per my research.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Napag-usapan na po siya. Our @ Closer2Fame did a THOROUGH background check, as usual… 🙂

      Hop back to the MWP 2021 Screening post/s. Hopefully, comments have not yet been zipped.

      Back to the subject of this post…

      (Mr. Tinio, pagsama-samahin sa iisa’ng PN’s episode ang mga “tinedyer”. Para magkaalaman na.)

      • Hi, Flor! I had to read back pa for me to see your discussions about Jazmine. I respect C2F’s opinion, but I think Jazmine’s political belief does not make her less of an intelligent woman. Let’s judge her on the competition proper on how she regally handles questions, political or what not, under pressure.

        I also stalked her photos on social media platforms. She resembles Christi McGarry, especially dun sa haba ng pagitan ng mga mata, and I find that very exotic.

        That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Speaking of political leanings-seemingly, I am reminded of Asya Branch. 🙂


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