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    • I’m also excited to find out her fate in Thailand. I hope she will bring home our very first MGI crown. I’m also curious how this pageant will be staged at this time of pandemic. Go Sam B! Rooting for you!

  1. Brasil has a killer pasarela! Like a really fast Sthefany. 🙂

    Sam B is easily the most striking Oriental. She can be the token non-Latina in a presumptive Last 5 with Paraguay (Daisy Lezcano!), Ecuador (if not heavily made-up gives Edymar vibe), Argentina (another Teutonic Latina beauty as the one from the virtual ME 2020), and Guatemala (queen!) ftw.

    The host delegate has transformed beautifully! The USA bet (we here all know her) hasn’t changed.

  2. I think Sam B is destined to be MGI
    She just needs to smile more and stop the irap-irap .
    Those with a natural happy disposition on stage win, not the fierce ones .

  3. I think Samantha Bernardo is DESTINED for MGI. It was not an easy route for her but at the end of the tunnel, the sash/title was waiting for Sam. The STARS (including Nawat & SMA) aligned in her favor. So good luck Samantha to your journey in the MGI.

  4. Hannah Sison should’ve been BBP Grand International 2015. Bakit nung 2012 yung 1st Runner-Up (Elaine) pinadala sa Miss Supranational, hindi yung BBP Tourism (Katrina who eventually represented USA in 2019 and placed 1RU) na never din nagcompete? Pero nung 2015, si Parul pinadala na tapos na ang reign instead of Hannah who is, personally, better than Parul. Pero galing na mismo sa bibig ni MJ na grabe ang favoritism ni SMA kay Parul.

    • Move on, it’s 2021. What happened in 2012, 2015 & 2019, leave them in the past… in BBP history! Peace😀🇵🇭

    • @ Abcde If the org boss liked me, would I complain? At ano’ng magagawa nu’ng iba? L-I-F-E.

      (Aka, successfully getting the job, besting dozens of applicants with more formidable CV’s…)

      Tourism rin lang ‘ata si Ann Colis, yet look what happened to her in Canada. Won. Moll, Shah, and Dimaranan all placed in their respective international Final Fives, so OK na rin! Can we now, in hindsight, consider and so consign Sison as collateral-damage-of-sorts to guarantee placements for those three? Will something similar happen to (beep!) come 17 April? I have nothing against Hannah Ruth. And if our newest Hannah can get back in time, then @ paul will know who my hypothetical three-way-showdown at MUP 2021 will be. In fact, his comment below is additional clue (of course, not involving Aya, as even for MU she is clearly “lagpas-kalendaryo”).

      If Mdme. SMA thought she could do for Abesamis what she did for Shah, then she must be getting rusty, though… @ Adrienne, could you elaborate for us again the widely-perceived poor judgment calls in 2019 as far as titular assignments were concerned, po? 🙂

      Samantha Beranrdo is now fully and finally vindicated. Good for her.

      • @abcde. In defense of BPCI
        Katrina in 2012 was groomed for Miss Tourism Queen International but that international pageant was called off at the last minute. Moll was already appointed to compete at Supra before MTQI was scrapped. MTQI resurfaced in 2013 in which Cyndi Miranda was sent to.
        2014 MTQI was cancelled again which was supposed to be participated by Parul Shah. As a crowned queen with no pageant assignment abroad, she was sent to 2015 MGI instead.
        2015 MTQI was again cancelled which was supposed to be participated by Ann Colis. Instead, Colis was sent to Miss Globe.
        Should BPCI acquires a new pageant franchise this year, I will not be surprised if they will appoint Aya to compete in that pageant.

      • Bit then again, given Aya’s age and considering She was crowned by assumption and not by succession, it is not really justifiable that she would be given pageant assignment. It is still the prerogative of BPCI if they will send Aya to compete abroad or not. I still hope that she will be given pageant assignment this year.

      • @serge

        I get your point, but Parul’s reign already ended in 2015. Pero yun nga, wala tayong laban kasi favorite siya ni SMA. I just really believe that Hannah deserves it more than her.

  5. Thanks a LOT Norman for posting beautiful pictures of Parul & Samantha. The Team of Galeria (and others) should learn from this one. Release pictures that are MEANT for PAGEANTRY and NOT for modelling portfolios and fashion editorials. Pageantry and modelling are related BUT still TWO different worlds.

    It’s NICE to see Parul once again and good luck to Samantha! Congratulations to your team for doing such a good job. Good morning to all.

    • @ paul Kiong Hee Fa Tsai, bl8d. 🙂

      Suddenly realized the prospects of MIG’s MUP swim/bikini shot, the one where her face is naked.

      … Or maybe just the barest of make-up. BEACH/outdoor photos must be au naturel!

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