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  1. Behind the entertainment value, vlogs like Pageantry Norms contribute to the development of Philippine pageantry industry in terms of subliminal educational content. Behind those light conversations and friendly banters lie a sensitizing element that enlightens the viewers on the holistic concept of beauty that is sweeping across the world. I see in each episode the esence of pageantry, which is basically a celebration of beauty.

    Continue the good work, Sir Norman, with many more entertaining and relevant topics and guests. With the Phgilippines fast becoming to be the epicentre for the development of global oageantry industry, your contribution is going to be well appreciated.

  2. i think your series deserves more viewers than that the gutter and bully titi lavinia na inaaway ang muph social media page hihihihihi my gosh….

    hashtag #titicares hihihihihi

  3. Engaging,entertaining, and fun-filled. The host’s arching of eyebrows, the twitching of his lips, his giggle, and talk laced with gay lingo, add more color to the show. I absolutely love the show!

  4. tito @norman ano masasabi mo sa style ng socmed admin ng muph? i hope everything is well between rabiya. socmed admin and the org. hinahabaan ko lang patience ko since medyo malyo layo pa naman competition and i know that muph socmed contents of rabiya is not the most important requirements for her MU journey. it was the ist impression and way to introduce rabiya how queen she is and she and muph already did that. But people are complaining still. its like they are saying na mas important and content ng muph socmed about rabiya which is hinde naman talaga yon ang pinaka importante diba? and i dont think na pinapabyaan sya. As long as ginagawa nila ung pinaka importanteng bagay for her MU journey kahit wala masyado update about rabiya like photoshoot ok lang naman diba po? siguro strategy talaga but most of the fans are not buying it. May time pa naman to post what they missed. siguro one month before the competition ung plan pasabog nila.


    • @ jed Kiong Hee Fat Tsai!

      Is it possible there are now, emerging, pageant brands/organizations that are moving towards increasingly neutering socmed influencers? Maybe bigger agenda are at play.

      I’m not sure if you understood… 🙂

  5. Bosing Blogger, kaya niyo ba nina Direk GR na mag-stream? Halimbawa, an episode where the guest/s give/s us a house tour?

    Kung gusto niyo, stream niyo ‘yun’g skin care rituals niyo. Ay! Kailangan, may sponsors ‘yan…

    At aasahan namin ang “Getting2KnowNorm” episode – pet peeves, turn-ons, idea of a romantic date, vital statistics, birthday (11 Aug, no?), astrological profile, fave books and read us an excerpt please, fave desserts, fave films/thespians, closet raid (yours) w/ Aurora Tinio as host, etc… 🙂

  6. Congratulations Tito Norms. Will definitely watch your show.

    And nice word play on hashtag “thenownormal”. However, I suggest that for the show to get more fans, you can also use your name Titonorman Tinio:.

    In short,


    #T.TI.NIO! Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. Why I like Pageantry Norms? It engages its guests in light conversations about issues, not personalities. Yes, the guests are all celebrities, and not without their share of controversies, but the discussion dives deep beneath personalities and goes to the underlying causes, implications and impacts which are relatable to the viewers. It delves on intellectual issues without sounding intellectual, nor pretending to be one. Thus the viewers are educated in the process.

    More power and more entertaining and intellectually stimulating episodes.

    BTW, Queentuhan is of the same genre. More power to them too.

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