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  1. Tall smart beautiful modelesque.. sounds like the perfect formula.. I feel like I need to get to know her more for a more to see if she is trully desserving for any crown… Tito Norman… what is her full name? That could hopefully give us some clues…

  2. ‘Will start evaluating candidates featured by Tito Norms using the following criteria (with five being the highest) using the limited information given:

    1) Facial Beauty:
    2) Body / Built / Posture / Carriage:
    3) Styling / Make-up / Acceptable shoes (!) based on pics posted:
    4) Credentials – based on Tito Norms write up
    5) X-Factor / Comm Skills : Will remain to be blank until exhibited.

    1) Facial Beauty : 3.5
    2) Body / Built : 4
    3) Styling : 3. Thank God for those shoes and unique swimsuit color that complements her skin tone. Big No No : Dried , brown sand and truck inside a studio. She looks like a cat playing inside a litter box. Lol.
    4) Credentials : 4.5

    Average: 3.75

    • @ Thomas Hey, great analogy with the cat! I would add, “a cat in Gaultier bustier”. 🙂

      • IKR. Who in his right mind would want to associate (this early) a candidate with germs and dirt? Ok sana kung natural beach setting. E mukhang pinatuyong lupa at tuyong tree branch. Dinala sa studio, pinahiga si girl. Pinahimas ang lupa. Voila… Editorial ek ek. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • LOL and she looks so uncomfortable lying on that bed of sand like as if she knew it looks awkward. She’s pretty in the last full length shot… but when you see her in a group setting (like the line-up in swimsuit with other girls), I’m surprised she does not stand out enough. For MWP, a lady needs to have the “IT factor” to stand out from the rest effortlessly.

  3. If manager nya is Mr Vergafria (tama ba spelling?😁), sure crown n ito…kaso sayang ang mga quality girls kung sa mga puchu-puchung pageant lang mapupunta.

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon De Mesa is like Lincoln (earlier post). Both apparent noobs. Hence, we cannot say at once how they’ll fare in combat. Looks good on paper, though. At least, Anna is a local

      Ang mukha’ng mandatory kay ALVegafria, papayag ka’ng maging talent niya at therefore susundin mo lahat ng utos niya’ng awra’t kareer sa ‘yo.

      I think, too, at this point ALV must give Dr. Amaal Rezk (hope I did not misspell and my apologies if I did) the courtesy and privilege of cherry-picking who amongst the applicants she likes. 🙂

  4. Norman emphasized, “your blogger can attest to her excellent communication skills.” So she is NOT the likes of Abesamis, Cortesi, Ganados, Galeria, and Medina. MAAYO KUNG ING-ANA KAY MAO NA ANG ATONG KINAHANGLAN KARON sa mga beauty aspirant. KANANG EXCELLENT DYUD and communication skills and at the same time GWAPA POD. He, he, he…

  5. She’s so lovely, pwedeng-pwede ito internationally kaya malaki ang chance nya sa MWP crown. Kung di rin lang MWP crown ang mapapapunta sa kanya eh mag-BBP or MUP na lang sya next year. Wag sa ME or Mutya kasi very local yun, sa Pinas ka lang lalaban dahil local orgs lang yun. By the way, I like her legs, hindi mascular! Iba talaga ang may natural height, regular heels sapat-sapat na! Boom na boom ka ate!

  6. Pwede sa Misses Supranational, Eco International and Multinational. Pero parang hindi ito ang type ni JM for her Miss World. Good Morning World!

  7. Haba Ng leeg ni girl. Pwedeng pwede maging beauty queen. Ganda Ng bone structure

  8. Intelligent, Tall, Well-proportioned body, with pretty face, and a professional ramp model. These are attributes of a beauty queen. Definitely, she is a very strong crown contender.

  9. Pretty but not distinctive/remarkable. Yung maalala mo face nila even after you close your eyes – Pia,Megan has that. Same with Venus, MJ, Maxine, Ariella, Rabiya or sa celebrities – Liza from ABS and Kate Valdez/Faith da Silva from GMA. Pwede sya sa Supra but not Miss World. If I would judge a beauty pageant, 50% dapat ang weight ng beauty of the face, 25% on figure/elegance/poise and 25% personality/communication skills.

  10. I can see some similarities in her Facial bone structure— with Angel Aquino…

    • @ Viggo Bjorn Tumpak! 🙂

      I wish to add, Angel Aquino softened somewhat with some Nelda Ibe.

      Multinational for me!

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