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  1. Mine is the 50th post. Go, go, go Samantha Bernardo! Sana makapasok ka sa Top 5, okay na ako considering Angkol’s temperament and allied issues.

  2. The curious case of Aya Abesamis. Charot.

    Reading how she was wantonly dropped from competing MGI, I could not help but comment on this post, breaking my silence from quite a long hiatus as Norman’s avid commenter here. (Just an FYI to the newbies: I have been the Ana Winter since 2014, and have become Ana Winter-Lund due to my marriage to a Danish guy😉)

    If any of my co-commenters can remember, I said last year that Aya should not be destined to compete at MGI. I thought her type isn’t Nawat’s cup of tea. She should have been sent to Miss Globe instead, after all: (i) she is the prototype of this pageant, especially a lady with regal bearing, sophistication, and an outstanding fair complexion, and (ii) she is nearly getting to the age cap in beauty pageantries.

    Aya’s MGI journey is sandwiched by two Sams. She got the BbP-MGI crown via a hand-me-down privilege from Sam Lo, and now she passes it on to Sam Bernardo as Nawat’s “the chosen one.” She was bestowed a crown for nothing. What a wasted beauty, indeed.

    Nonetheless, Aya’s case gives a fair reminder to beautiful ladies who show reluctance to enter the pageant arena. First, join the pageant as early as possible lest you know you are no longer age-qualified. Second, if you think you are really not into beauty pageantry, set aside the idea of joining, so you won’t see yourself wasting time and effort like Aya did.

    To Aya: Beauty pageant is not an end-all be-all of everything. I hope you can move on quickly and walk away from the pageant world with a head up high.

    That’s all.

    • I agree, In my opinion, the unceremonious bypass on Aya gives the BPCI’s slogan a pathetic twist– “Togeteher we heel”.

      • Spot on, Scorg. I think through this shaky event, BPCI will learn from its mistake. That’s all.

    • Welcome back Ana Winter-Lund. IKAW TALAGA ang DAPAT na GAWING MODELO ni Aya Abesamis. Nag-asawa ng European (Danish in particular). MAGHANAP na SIYA nang mapapangasawang good looking (WHITE) European or North American para magkaroon siya ng SARILI NIYANG VERSION ng Catriona Gray, Rachel Peters, Laura Lehman & the like. He, he, he…

      • Paul! Aya can do well looking for a Caucasian guy. I am sure she is a catch and a prize because she exudes a primera Filipina class every Alpha Caucasian is looking for. In my case, I am not fairly complexioned beauty, but, girl, my Danish husband was stunned the way I project during our case conferences. Perhaps, he liked my wit more than my looks. Hihi!

        That’s all.

      • @Ana, what I know from my Scandinavian male friends when I was a student in America is that they like tan-skinned black-haired women. In a country of blondes and whites, I guess, black hair and brown skin is excitingly exotic. Plus the natural Filipina wit, wisdom and commanding presence, you must have swept your husband off his feet.

      • I dunno, pero siguro nga kung super tanned ako, may dagdag na appeal sa hubby ko, dear. Pero according to him, my personality worked well on his taste. He even said na grabe daw ang sense of humour ko. And when we became a couple, lalo s’yang na-in love. Ang husay ko raw. Char! And I must tell you this, my hubby is a winner, too. He is huge in all aspects. Hihihi!

        That’s all.

      • I’m happy for you. Your marital bliss shows in your commentaries– never abrasive, never combative, always civil and humble. I hope you write more in this blog, if only to provide balance to the many irreverent smart-alecky gayspeak that litter the comment section.

      • Thanks, Scorg. Before naman I fell to my hubby’s nest now, ilang beses din akong pinaiyak ng mga naging ex kong Pinoy. Nand’yang may inibig ako pero, ramdam ko, ginawa akong sugar mommy. Meron pang isa na nakasalubong ko sa Glorietta may kasamang ka-date, kunwari hindi ako nakita! Kaloka. And ‘yung last ko, nanjo-jombag naman. Supero insecure at tamad. Kaya siguro swerte na ako this time at s’ya na ang last ko. Plus factor na lang ang looks n’ya, bhe, kase super loving n’ya, generous, at humble. Besides, ang sarap n’yang mag-cuddle. Charot. Hihi!

        The reason I did a hiatus from here, e, dahil sa medyo na-umay ako sa pageant. Another one is anxiety brought by this pandemic at ang administration nating walang kwenta in combating Covid-19. The last thing is may matindihang laban ako for the last three months. I led a business team in salvaging a business unit ng isang global company where I am a consultant. Now that my workload is a little lighter, back to normal na ako dito. Ano na ba ang latest sa Miss Universe? Kalokah!

        That’s all.

      • @Paul. Aya does not need to look for mestiso guy. She has found one and he is very desirable.

      • Thanks for the acknowledgment, Tito Norms. Hopefully, I can see more exciting topics here on your blog, so I can engage more. 🥰

      • Commenters like Ana ang nakakamiss sa blog mo Tita. Hindi yong nagmamagaling, inggitera at condescending. Iisang creature lang naman ang ganyan dito sa blog mo. Anyway, how i wish makatagpo rin ako ng kagaya ng partner ni Ana. Yong “large” in everything that matters.

      • Thanks, Chezka dear. I know you’ll have yours at the right time. Kahit hindi “big” basta paliligayahin ka. Nand’yan lang ‘yan sa tabi-tabi. Tapos ‘pag dumating na s’ya, girl, dapat performance level ka at wala kang “no” moment. You know what I mean. Tapos at your regular days, dapat you look mysterious in his eyes. Panalo ‘yun, girl. Hihi!

        Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Mmmmwah!

    • Welcome back Ana Winter-Lund!
      These are what I can say after seeing the entire picture:
      1. BPCI did not held a live event last year because of health reason. In effect, They did not send Aya to Miss Globe for the same reason, otherwise, that would contradict their slogan” together we heal”. I can understand the decision of BPCI since health and safety are their utmost priority.
      2. Was Aya really willing to travel and compete last year considering that was the height of pandemic? Maybe she was reluctant. And I can understand Aya also if she was.
      3. If I were BPCI, I should have staged a mixed virtual and physical event last year, just like what MGI will be doing this year. But I am not BPCI, he he he. For me, amidst pandemic, life has to go on but with adjustment of course.
      4. Now that BPCI understands the behavior of corona virus, they already know what to do. In all modesty, I have understood how the virus behaves since middle of last year.

      For me BPCI cannot be fully blamed for their decision, I entirely blame it on Covid.

      It is ok for me if Aya could not compete, being a crowned Binibini is already a big honor, bigger than being able to compete internationally.

      • Your points are valid and reasonable. Yes, I agree with you that being appointed as BbP-Grand Int’l 2019 is already an honor… Thanks for welcoming me back, sweetie.

  3. Oh di ba, kapag ganito yung topic eh talagang maraming followers at syempre marami ring kuda! Nagsisilabasan ang mga pageant fans… love it!

    • Dunno why you got a lot of thumbs down. Totoo namang far from impeccable yung writing ng announcement. ‘We appreciate both their efforts, perseverance and understanding..??? Oh man…

  4. Mga friendships. A chunk of the bbp girls na matitira di na pwd sa gusto nila na pageant so Yun mga fave natin ma bagets expect na Lang natin maging inter ph at mgi pH. At expected ko more than 5ang aalis so mga 30-33matitira vow

    • Until now, my heart goes out to Vickie…is her age only eligible with the BBP-Globe title? 😦

      • Kim jae yes only for bbp globe. Kindly read Norma. Response to Paul in the other thread about ladies not sure to join

  5. sana lang di na bitter si angkol nawat sa mga pinoy. problema kasi kay angkol namimersonal. dinadamay ang mga pinay candidate sa galit nya sa mga pinoy fans. goodluck kay samantha pang mgi naman talaga ang datingan performance nya.

    • I guess since they have a brand to protect they take time to deliberate and decide which is in some situations not ideal since the preps of the girl to represent is impeded. In the end, we have all figured it out and they just confirm.

    • Natagalan ang BPCI sa pag-release ng official statement for these two following reasons:

      1. Si Samantha ang GUSTO ni Angkol (at walang magawa ang BPCI), at
      2. Awang-awa ang BPCI kay Aya.

      MGI could have accommodated AYA even with her age limitation given that Angkol WAS NOT ABLE to STAGE the pageant in 2020. Aya’s case should been considered by MGI. But NO because Angkol has OTHER REASON. I think Angkol DOES NOT LIKE AYA for REASONS that I HAVE STATED in this blog site for A NUMBER of TIMES. At ayoko ko nang ulit-ulitin pa.

      Again, BPCI should have sent Aya to Miss Globe last year. Another pagkakamali ng organization.

  6. Samantha is a great candidate for MGI & I wish her the best of luck.

    I really hope her handlers will prepare her to be as competitive as possible, especially in terms of her styling. Her camp always falls short in this department because remember how cheezily they styled their 2014 & 2017 delegates at MU? Tapus their delegate at MU 2019 peaked at National Costume, then had no sparkle left for the remainder of the pageant.

    In order to win MGI, we must treat it as the alpha pageant it is aspiring to be. That means the costume & gowns & candidate MUST stand out. I almost feel like our delegates & their teams have been half-assed with their preparations for MGI. It’s almost as if we think our candidate can just show up & win by wearing the Philippine sash. It seems that because so many of us see MGI as a upstart minor pageant, we look down our noses & think it is not worthy of our very best.

    That’s why Pinoy fans turned on MGI when Eva didn’t make the semi-finals. We’re so entitled. We thought Eva deserved a placement even though, as beautiful as she is, she awkwardly tripped in her mediocre gown & had this preachy way of delivering canned pageant-bot answers during interviews. Plus the design of her national costume was just lazy & forgettable.

    We think that being the Southeast Asia’s pageant powerhouse, we have nothing to learn, especially from Indonesia. But look how they prepare their delegates for MGI. They respect MGI and GO ALL-OUT, no stones unturned. I consider Ariska’s evening gown to be one of the most iconic of the last decade. As much as I love Nicole Cordoves, if I were being purely objective, I can & will say that Ariska truly deserved to be the winner of SEA’s first MGI crown.

    So if we want to win MGI, we must, give Nawat & his pageant due respect & send a delegate who prepares for MGI as she would for an alpha pageant–displaying the best of Philippine design & competitiveness & charm & beauty & styling.

  7. pag nanalo si tita samantha
    siya na ang magkokorona sa april dun sa bagong bubae

    share na lang sila ni tita aya mag korona

    para happy happy lang

    • Bakit kasi hindi na lang kinoronahan ni Aya si Sam. Para tapos na. Since 2019 si Aya at 2020 si Sam. Kaya lang confirms selection lang to represent hindi sinabi diretsahan na si Sam ang BBP-MGI 2020. Wala din nasabi kung alis na si Sam sa BBP 2021. Anu ba yan, installment basis.

  8. In other words, Samantha was just appointed to compete at MGI. She was not really crowned. Aya is still the reigning Bb Pilipinas-Grand International. BPCI is fair to Aya for giving her the priviledge to crown the next queen. I am looking forward to that moment that she will relinquish her crown. That moment will truly be endearing.


    • Because nothing can top the “classiness” of Bb Pilipinas.

      I mean, who can surpass the Divi-couture of Cumbia gowns, plus nothing is more high-end than Jag Jeans (vomit, nope).

      Also, Araneta Coloseum is so much more refined & alta than that trash pit, the Baguio country club.

      Really, how dare that indio Jonas disrupt the order in which landowning mestizos like the Aranetas have the God-given right to monopolize the franchises of international beauty pageant?


      Imagine, breaking the 42 year drought at Universe, winning our 6th Miss International & winning the first elusive Miss World crown for our country (surpassing even Bb Pilipinas’ record at World)? All for the honor & glory of the country?

      Ang kapal. What nerve.

  10. So, parang si Angkol ang nag-“select” (Hihihihh…). At tinanggap na lang ng BPCI.

    For Aya to be accorded the privilege of crowning the 2022 rep is due courtesy to her. I support! Indeed, she is the higher-ranked national queen-on-reserve. It’s like making Natasha Joubert do all the work while Thato Mosehle sits pretty. 🙂

    Fifth (5th) crown… Mr. Blogger, mawala’ng galang na. Any “chirps-from-little-birds” if Organicacion Continentes Unidos is shopping around for a new Filipinas franchisee, po? (RIP to JdV.)

    • Correct Flor – si Angkol TALAGA ang MAY GUSTO kay Samantha Bernardo kaya nauna pa ang official announcement ng MGI kaysa BPCI. Dapat kasi pinadala na ni SMA si Aya sa Miss Globe last year, another WRONG DECISION by SMA/BPCI. Anyway, move on na si Aya in FINDING A GOOD LOOKING WHITE GUY (European/North American) to have beautiful/handsome children. She should follow the footsteps of Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Daza.

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