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  1. Worst case scenario, Hannah and Maureen are unable to plane back in time… Then, so be it.

    I will assume the two (2) Bb.’s generating the most buzz atm are… Cartasano and Basiano!

    Both have had a taste of international competition. The Samarena, for all intents and purposes and as far as the majority of Filipinas pageant fans are concerned, was the true winner of Friendship. Like what I like to say, it is the 1st Runner-up who won on points!

    Thinking about it now,.. it is the Rizalana who has more to prove (to herself… perhaps). I think I want to give that second chance to her. This, however, in NO way detracts from the merits of the former. In fact, I think RL Lacanienta could use the extra “pressure” (Mr. Blogger preaches it).

    In addition, I adore the STRIKING faces of Patrizia Garcia and Kimberley Ann Tiquestiques! But,… I will choose the former, the bet of (the City of) Manila, no? Her sharp feline eyes are WOW.

    I will have to amend my 10-Pick as such. I will assume that BBP 2021 will be patterned closely after MI’s template, now that the Japan-based pageant is the top prize.

    BBP-International > Basiano, Ticaro, or Cenarosa. The first Independent, the next two KF, right?
    BBP-Grand International > Garcia, KF.
    BBP-Intercontinental > Cartasano. Kasi daw, cartasanongcrownkeri, Independent. 🙂
    BBP-(The)Globe > Felizarta, Independent.

    Runners-up – Mendoza (A&Q) and Rushton (KF)

    Ortiz (Independent, the former MBP) and Tiquestiques (KF) complete this selection.

    That’s one (1) for A&Q, five (5) for KF, and four (4) Independents.

    (Anyway, A&Q would surely recover their investment at MUP, MWP, and… why not Mutya, po?)

    Pair should be given an endorsement deal by a major BBP sponsor regardless of placement.

    Spoilers for Ortiz and Tiquestiques could be Taruc, Rosales, or… Parrenas (Jamaica Ambal vibe).

    • Flor PLEASE HUWAG mong GAWING RUNNER UP (he, he, he…) si Vickie Rushton. Magpapakasal na siya kay Jason Abalos at Binibini beauty title na lang ang kulang. Echos!

      • @ bonsaihater Thank you for the update, fren.

        Then, Montaigne will be 1st Runner-up. Mendoza will downgrade. And Rushton will have to slug it out with her spoiler sisters to stay in the Top 10.

        Three (3) things come to (my) mind…

        1. I MAINTAIN MY POSITION THAT ONLY TWO OF THE THREE KF FLAG BEARERS WILL CROWN. Sam B has been appointed; good for her.
        2. I am very tempted to finally give Vickie a chance to compete internationally. But the winds seem against her! MI increased its age ceiling, only to retract… (Much to our collective consternation). @ Paul keeps insisting she must settle down already… I now see her as KF’s Aya – HARD SELL.
        3. We’ve held out for Maureen, insisting that because she’s a MUSA alum she’s worth the gamble. Fine. Let’s give her the benefit of any doubts. GIVE HER THE ANTICIPATED FIFTH CROWN.

  2. Mukha’ng may nakatadhana’ng mag-three-way showdown sa MUP.


    Clue : all three are A&Q.

    If, indeed, I expect something similar to “Najera-Vargas-Mendoza” when Vietnam hosted MU.

    • Flor, Ahtisa Manalo SHOULD BE ADVISED by A&Q to JOIN MWP INSTEAD of MUP. Her communication skills are NOT enough for MU. Pwede pa siya sa Miss World or Miss Supranational.

  3. I know Justine Felizarta is WELL liked by people in the BPCI because of good attitude aside from being beautiful, intelligent and having excellent communication skills. I hope she will be given one of the titles.

    Justine just needs the RIGHT PACKAGING/STYLING: beautiful gown, appropriate make up, attractive hairstyle, improved pasarela, etc.

    • yes! i also like Justine Felizarta as I find her beauty very Filipina. She has what it takes to represent our country in an international pageant.

  4. If Arnold, Felizarta & Montagne have gone back to their respective countries of (permanent) residence, then they SHOULD COME BACK for the final activities of the BPP 2020/21. Arnold is still YOUNG so she can still compete in the next few years in other national pageants. But for Felizarta & Montagne, 2021 is their last year of eligibility competing and they SHOULD NOT WASTE their last or final (hurrah) opportunity in (single women) pageantry. Baka matulad sila kay Aya. I hope some people can give these three girls good pieces of advice.

      • Thank you Norman. I hope Arnold & Montagne will be back in due time. Si Vickie Rushton ba magpapakasal na? I think Vickie is STILL eligible (age wise) to compete for both Misses Globe and Intercontinental pageants.

  5. This move by BPCI is fair to the original candidates who have patiently waited. My prediction:
    Montagne-,Grand International
    Globe- Rushton

  6. Okay lang yung malagasan as long as yung natitira are the excellent ones. Kumbaga, first elimination process. Yung iba maaaring lumipat sa MWP because ALV is offering 8 crowns. Ito ang gustong kung maging kalalabasan sa BPP 2020/21:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – HANNAH ARNOLD (doll like face, sweet, calm/serene, etc.),
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – MAUREEN MONTAGNE (dahil siya ang gusto ni Angkol),
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – JUSTINE FELIZARTA (pretty, good comm skills, & I just like her), and
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – VICKIE RUSHTON (Ibigay na sa kanya dahil after her reign magpapakasal na siya.

    Runners Up: Karen Laurie Mendoza and Mercedes Pair (humanitarian reason)

    Ano tingin mo dito Miss Flor Tula? He, he, he…

    • @ paul Not bad, friend. You gave the top title to Aces & Queens’ best card. 🙂

      I propose the following. Aces & Queens MUST pace this!
      1. Patricia Babista – Supranational, Top Model of the World, or Eco-International 2023/4/5.
      2. Shaira Rona – MUP or CTS 2022/3/4.
      3. Cinderella Obenita – MUP or Mutya-AP 2021/2/3.
      4. Carina Carino – Charm or Scuba 2022/3. Puwede na siguro ‘to’ng by appointment, no?

      Justine is arguably the best-spoken among this batch’s Independents and should breeze through the Head-2-Head…BUT, she MUST be at least taller than Rowee and preferably ka-height ni Leren.

      I will assume Intercon’s age ceiling is 30.

      I will also assume Boss Fred Yuson and Mdme. CQ will start Screening right after BBP’s Final.

      • Why Norman? Are they transferring to other national pageants such as MWP, Mutya, ME or MUP and others? Who are they? Arnold, Rushton and Felizarta? Or is Rushton going to get married na this year? He, he, he…

        If they will transfer to other pageants, I am very happy & more excited for them.

      • @ pau If Hannah’s last PN’s appearance is a clue, then she might still be in Australia as we chat… Meaning, she might not be able to plane back in time… Have Montaigne and Felizarta gone back to the USA and Canada, respectively?

  7. Possible naman na hinde na sila mag add to make the candidates exact as 40 due to the situations. But i am thinking that they will let aya to compete kaya lang unfair ba or fair? if they let her in dalawa sila ni vickie maglalaban sa bbp Globe. But what we are expecting from bbp is to add 2 or at least one title na pwede ang 29 yrs old. sir @norman what did little birdie told you? May additional title ba?

  8. Aawww… Gila, if ever you do opt out, happy trails, dear. 🙂

    Much success in all your business ventures, regardless!

    I would like to hope Pair persists. We all know why it’s vital she doesn’t finish empty-handed. I liked her NatCos, too.

    Ganu’n din MUP, ‘di bala? Nalagasan din? Mariam El Hamid, Chiara Markwalder, and Negros Occidental, among the six (6)… I saw a tally of the reasons somewhere, I forgot the source. ‘Yun’g isa ‘ata, niloko nu’ng Manager niya… Markwalder opted to study, ‘ata… Of course, Vincy Vacallares and Galleria Sorsogon due to SARS-Cov2. Oh, well, look at that! I got 5 out the 6. Lolz.

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