8 comments on “Could she be tailor-made for Miss Supranational?

  1. The only model tailor made for Miss Supranational is

    Sirene Sutton!

    Tignan niyo nga naka Top15 sa BInibini ng walang camp affiliation!

  2. Exaggerated naman yung description sa kanya, MOT models lang siya,pinajamababang level ng modelling agency sa London. And she is short, 5’6 kaya nga pang MOT lang ang beauty niya.

  3. … And said a funny post in Fb few years back, “Tzu. Shih-Tzu”, a furbaby replying to James Bond at a pub. 🙂

    Apparently, Ms. Lincoln has no residency,… yet… Looking Indian-ish, I certainly wouldn’t send her to Multinational. The locals would find her plain, for sure.

    Supranational, according to Lavinia, is sweet mannequin to Grand’s runway diva. Is she, po?

    Ang naiisip ko talaga for Poland, either young Aubrey Miles (Perlyn Cayona) or youthful Anna Bayle (Noreen Victoria Mangawit).

    I.. FEEL.. Charm! Yes. ALV, endorse her to JG to become ASM’s successor (which will give her time to rack up the requisite residency). Prosperous Vietnam will drop their jaws in awe of her.

    • Besides, I doubt “has walked runways all over Europe” would still excite Andre Sleigh and Boss GPVL, Europeans themselves.

      If anything, any pageant organizer would veer towards discovering and launching a new face at those runways, and not exactly someone the model agents and fashion press have seen before.

      I would keep her in Asia, hence Charm. Or, why not re-direct to MAPI (c/o Boss Fred Y) or Scuba? Also, MBU as possible successor to Tajaran (in which case, Harlijk Mirasol should know).

      I wonder if she’s also Karen Gallman mold? If so, at tall naman, kay Nias Pilar/Deliart. Options, po.

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