7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 3 Finale: Appointments with Pageant Glory

  1. There are topics here in this blog that don’t draw a lot of interests to many. Just like this, I am the 3rd follower who give comment (but not directly related to it). I noticed if the subject matter is about MU, MWP, BBP or like the recently written about Sam B. and Aya, followers tend to actively engage and share their (positive or negative) comments….regardless what’s on their mind.

    • @ Adrienne ‘Yan, tuloy. Napa-post na’ng ‘di oras ‘yun’g Stephanie Lincoln…

      Of course, this will be posted. De rigeur, a given. After all, it’s Blogger’s own vlog. 🙂

      (He must be of such stature in the pageant media/coaching/judging/screening industry that wordpress can now afford to indulge him the OCCASIONAL low-traffic feature… Learn from Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki the virtues of “ma”. For without it, we shall all become numb from all the BIGS’ busyness!)

  2. These girls are lucky. To represent the country in an international derby( though minor) is something to be proud of. These are very good training grounds also if they plan to join major national pageants in the future.

  3. Wala si Ella Andreassser? Parang Irene Esser ang arrive ng name. 🙂

    Alimuren is serving PLENTY of Leren vibes. Hope she does well in China, so that the experience can help propel her ambition to one day compete at MUP. She can, as early as now, find an AP.

    I will assume the three separate tourism pageants are geared towards promoting the potentials of the respective host venues. But yeah, Denj is lucky; Turkey is TOP.

    (That being said, there are parts of China that are just jaw-dropping in both beauty and tradition. I hope this will be the case for the rest.)

      • @ Norman Good day, po. It’s “Feb-Ibig” week (credits to GMA-7) as we approach the Lunar New Year weekend. 🙂

        OT. S4 will finish 2 May, right? Right after the 27 April announcement of the MWP 2021 Roster. Will the Finale therefore feature your favorites? Will it have both girls (Miss) & boys (Mister) na? I’ve not heard Ann Palmares; hope you will like her enough to be included… Tempra, dahil utay-utay ‘yun’g reception niya sa MKuyamis episode, parang gusto ko’ng marinig ulit? Or, why not devote an episode for the Eco-Teen Filipinas bets? For the boys, I will assume na-kontrata niyo na ‘yun’g Fil-Hispano footballer Muntinlupa City-based… And the taller ladies, po, kasi I feel we can prosper in Multinational apart from our so-far petite template (Senoron, Mugford, Daza de Leon); a REGAL-QUEENLY intellectual will surely impress the Indian hosts (a’ la Marina Benipayo/Michelle Yeoh).

      • … And is THAT Andreasser in the photo, serving plenty of shoulder a’ la Ahtisa, po?

        Very promising, if the photo is a reliable indicator.

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